beauty everyday

She was beautiful, I would say everyday. She was magic and I would explain, “You are like morning freshness, like dewdrops on leaves. Like the little yellow floral dress with flowing skirt, the pink hat, the white pearl necklace. Like the smell of little roses, the fragrance of lilies, the beauty of orchids. As pretty as the sky, as flowing as the seas. Your breath is so warm, your touch is so soft. You walk like a wish on someone’s praying ground. You heal a heart like a shooting star on a dark night. You are a daydream and I am dreamer. You are sunset and I am a lover. You are so much like life, so much like a gift. You are so much like spring. You are so much like magic.” and she would just smile and disappear for her next season.
—  BINI //She is spring, my favorite season is spring

Minimalism is truly a beautiful, engaging, inspirational, and life changing practice. It truly allows us to simplify our lives and clean up any unnecessary clutter as to leave only what it necessary. Yet to truly embrace the lifestyle of minimalism, we must be ready to sacrifice. We cannot continue to life the consumerist way that society is wrapped around. Instead let us only take what we need and leave the rest, for this will leave room for our minds to dream and wander.


The Art of Me Kyeoung Lee

South Korean artist Me Kyeoung Lee sees beauty even in mundane everyday objects. Her sketches of local convenience stores is a charming and skillful take on what other people might miss out.

Lee has been documenting these little corner shops for the past 20 years. “There were not many things to see and play like these days,” says the artist about her youth. “But there was a time when I was happy to have a coin in my hands and run to a shop and hang out with friends gathered in front of it.