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Hello everyone.

Apologies for the long/unexplained absence. I’ve not been doing very well recently and I haven’t quite had the time to be posting. However, a small update is that I’m struggling very much with my mental health but my studies are going very well. I just wanted to thank you all for your kindness and support and I will try update more regularly from now on!

I hope you are all well and looking after yourself, and I’m sending love, hugs and good study vibes 💗

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hey do you know any good kdramas about friendship?

OMG I’m so sorry for not answering this sooner! I’m currently going through my inbox, so please be patient with me.

Hmmm, good kdramas about friendship… I actually have quite a few to recommend! Just to note, this list is not in any order of ranking… just writing as I’m going and thinking of dramas. Hopefully you find drama(s) to your liking!!

1. A Gentleman’s Dignity

If you haven’t seen this drama… then YOU SHOULD!!! If you’re looking for a drama that focuses more on the friends than the romantic relationships, then this drama is the one for you! It’s about a group of guys and their hardships, relationships, challenges, etc. I thought I wouldn’t really enjoy this drama since it was different from the typical kdrama, but I was totally wrong!! At first, I only watched it for Jonghyun from CNBLUE, but then I ended up loving the drama for what it represented and showcased. This drama is very heartwarming and one of the most memorable friendships I’ve ever watched in a kdrama.

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2. Reply 1997 or Answer Me 1997 (The Reply series in general)

Oh man…. I love this drama SOOO MUCH! UGH, so much of my childhood in one drama lol… I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it, so all I’ll say is that this is a classic drama about friends growing up together. You get to know each of the characters and how they struggle with growing up, relationships, personal identity, etc. The friendship aspect is just as important as the romantic aspect in Reply 1997. There’s also a very nostalgic and realistic feeling to this drama that will make you feel like you’re growing up with the characters too. I also recommend to watch the other dramas in the Reply series too (1994 and 1988).

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3. Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Tbh, I thought this drama was going to be the typical cliche and sickeningly romantic teenage drama… but I was totally wrong, lol. This drama was actually quite deep, despite the funny drama title, that is about a group of boys in a rock band. Likewise, this drama is similar to Reply 1997, in which it’s a coming of age drama that focuses on friendship, relationships, growing up, dreams/passions, and music. I particularly recommend this for those who like Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Flower Boys Next Door.

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4. Coffee Prince

How can I not mention Coffee Prince? Lol. Well, even though the main focus of the drama is more of the romance, the friendship quality in this drama shouldn’t be overlooked either. Tbh, the friendship aspect is really important in this drama because it introduces the love aspect. I’m not just recommending this drama because of Gong Yoo, but honestly, Coffee Prince should be watched by EVERYONE. This drama tackled such important topics and ideas that are important in our society today. Yeah, it has the cliche setting of the super rich kid and normal girl, but this drama dives deeper into the main characters’ relationship and how it came to be… how to form friendships and understand each other — also… most importantly… Gong Yoo.

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5. Dear My Friends

Okay…. so I learned of this drama because it got the “Best Drama” at the Baeksang Arts Awards…. and I was SUPER stingy because I really wanted Goblin to win, lmao. (I still kinda think Goblin should’ve won but that’s another story ahahahaha) Anyways, I HAD to watch this drama to figure out why it won, and omg… it’s such a good heartwarming drama that gives you all the feels. It’s about younger and older people coming together and how they face their challenges, becoming friends, understanding each other, and overcoming their obstacles together. This drama touched on a lot of important topics such as age, abuse, illness, family, and — obviously — friendship. I really liked the realism of this drama, which I believe was the selling point as to why this drama won the “Best Drama” award. The story is very well thought out and propels you to keep watching the next episode. I think this drama was worthy of the award it won and I can kinda understand why it beat Goblin… So give this drama a try :D

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6. Chicago Typewriter 

Do I need to say anything when I have clearly expressed my love for this drama in my review?? Lol… all I can say is that this drama is the definition of friendship, love, and loyalty. I freaking balled my eyes out, not because of the romance, but because of the friendship!!! PLEASE WATCH THIS DRAMA OMG. This drama is about a writer who experiences a “slump” while writing his book, but two important people come into his life and help him write it… while also a bit of reincarnation and time traveling to the 1930s during the Japanese occupation in Korea. If you’re interested, please read my review on this drama to see whether it’s your cup of tea… but be warned of spoilers… 

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Special Mentions: (Dramas I’ve watched but not going to give a brief description)

  • The Time that I Loved You, 7000 Days
  • Beethoven Virus (Yo… watch this if you love Classical Music *.*)
  • Man of Equator
  • Cheese in a Trap (Watch it if you love Kim Go Eun!!!) 
  • You’re Beautiful (Honestly watched it for Yonghwa and Hong-gi)
  • She Was Pretty 

Blind Recommendations: (Haven’t watched the drama but other people have recommended it to me lol)

  • Operation Proposal
  • Heirs (Maybe I’ll watch it someday for Minhyuk…) 
  • School 2013 

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dark rc would you please consider writing about how victor (and the rest of the Russian skate team) had a feud with the Russian hockey team bc of their constant flirting and attentions towards yuuri (who was completely oblivious at the war waging for his heart)??

This has been sitting in my inbox for over a month and I apologize for that, nonny! I wanted to try my hand at breaking through this writer’s block and this prompt was ripe for the taking. It’s not my best work by any stretch, but it’s something at least! I hope you enjoy.


There are few things that give Yuri pleasure—the taste of accomplishment like cinnamon sugar on the back of his tongue after landing a quad; having a comeback so cutting that he practically draws blood; that soft murrf a cat makes when it decides it trusts him; the little green screenshot arrow appearing next to Otabek’s name in Snapchat—but they all pale in comparison to whenever the Russian hockey team visits the rink.

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Ten Women I Have Been Warned Against Becoming:

1. The Girl Who Takes Up Too Much Space, always, her shoulders too wide in stairwells, her hips too big in doorways, her voice too loud in classes. This woman does not understand the art of crumbling, of curling herself tight like the spiral of a fern, soft, delicate, unwilling to reach out the ivy of her fingers to grasp onto what should rightfully be hers. This is a beast, an elephant, a moving mountain and she is capable of flattening you, she is capable of ruining you, she is capable of making you feel as small and insignificant in her life as she is supposed to be. You are this woman’s footnote to history, you are her side note in song lyrics, you are constantly interrupted by her with a witty joke you wish you thought of. I asked what the problem was with being a steamroller instead of a sunflower and I was laughed down.

2. The Beautiful One, the long hair or the slim waist or the pretty eyes or the lips like bowstrings. This woman looks good in everything because she’s confident in whatever you put her in. She’ll cut her hair short on you no matter how you like it, she’ll wear high heels and step on your opinions, she’ll look hot as hell no matter what size she is. See, the reason you can’t trust her is because women like this don’t need your permission, they’ll do as they please and get away with it. They’ll say no to you, over and over. Teach your daughters that beautiful means dangerous, teach them to distrust women who love themselves. Equate beautiful with vapid, equate pretty with stupid, take their power from them. Say they’re vain for their makeup, refuse to see them without it. These women are snakes, they are serpents. I said maybe the problem lies with you being unable to control yourself and was told to get off my pedestal.

3. A Bitch. Women are supposed to be ladies in the street but will tear skin under sheets. I’m told: Never raise your voice. Speak gently. Submit. Hold your opinion against your lips and when you admit to it, make sure it comes out as a butterfly wing suggestion. Don’t disagree. Don’t undermine someone else’s authority, regardless of whether or not they deserve your respect. Someone touches you, just move away from them. Don’t hit. Don’t talk back. Be like the ruins of Rome, only beautiful if you can’t hear your quiet death.

4. The Needy One. I have heard how others spit when they talk about how she gave you everything and you shoved it back down her throat until she choked on it, until she came back crawling and asked you what she did, until her palms and knees were scraped for want of just a little affection - never be this woman, I’m told, because she’s a joke and the joke is that she dared to have more emotion than you did. The truth is, I’m told, the one who cares less in a partnership is the one who wins. I didn’t know this was a competition.

5. The Cock Tease, certified stripper, how dare that girl look like that and not want me to sleep with her. Lust is always personified as a lady in red with a dress slit up her thigh. Lust is sinful because it’s power, it’s not asking for attention - it’s demanding it. I’m told she is the worst kind of woman, that looking good is supposed to be some kind of shame on her kin. I’m told not to leave the house in such a short skirt, not with a shirt so low, not with a lace back, not with high heels, not dressed like that. My lipstick can’t be too red, my hair can’t be too mussed, I can’t just “turn someone on like that and then leave them wanting.” I mentioned that instant gratification actually ruins our psyche and was told that being led on was “exhausting.” I said that there was a difference between purposefully tricking someone into liking you and just being attractive or friendly. I was told there’s also a difference between coffee and tea but both result in caffeine. I said, “I’ve been turned on in class by the girls I talk to but I didn’t expect anything from them,” and they said, “It’s different, you’re not a man,” but couldn’t explain where that difference was.

6. A Slut, obviously ruined by another person’s touch. It doesn’t matter how many people she’s actually been with, it’s all about the rumors she carries with her. Easy. Harlot. You’ll still try to get with her, you’ll still take her into your bed and kiss her and say things you don’t mean - but you’ll defame her name when you talk to your buddies. My father used to say “A slut is fine for the night, but the virgin is who you take home and marry.” Maybe he didn’t know he was teaching his daughter to hate her sexuality. Maybe he didn’t know that every time she’d be kissed, her whole system would shake until she felt ready to combust, shame and self-hatred shivering against her spine. Maybe he didn’t know she’d disconnect emotions and sex because he always told her, “Boys are different, they won’t care about you.” Nobody said to her that it was okay to experiment. See, the funny thing is, I’m a dancer so I know exactly where my center of gravity is. I know how hard I’ll fall in each direction. Yet out of fear of getting hurt, I won’t let a single person inside of my bed.

7. The Soulmate. Never love romance more than you love being cynical. Never show weakness, never like pink, never think maybe you might find someone nice and settle down with them. Someone will find you, I was told, And if you’re lucky, he’ll put up with you when you start getting old. Never be the woman who believes in happily ever after, never be dumb enough to think maybe someone could love you after all of your mistakes. It has nothing to do with whether or not a family is important to you and you’re in a good place where a relationship would make your life better - you’re not a princess. You don’t get married, you settle.

8. The Girl With Strength, who can outrun everyone and who is stronger than her boyfriend. “See the thing about boys,” says my daddy, “Is that you have to let them win.” I sat at home and read stories about Artemis and wanted to become the huntress, too. I wanted to howl at the moon, I wanted to slay the beasts that bested me, I wanted to rule my kingdom with bloody fists. But girls are never athletes, never supposed to be “built,” regardless of the fact civilizations were constructed on our spines and we made homes in war by the steel of our ribs. Never be strong. We are supposed to wilt.

9. The Lady CEO: because if you choose work over family, are you really a girl? How dare you fight your way to the top through every pair of eyes that bore through your blouse, through every meeting where you were hushed by the sound of someone else talking, through every time someone called you “sweetie,” how dare you yearn for something. Is your husband the stay-at-home one? I can’t imagine how that is going. He’s not a real man, after all. I don’t give it long before the divorce. How dare you decide you’re happy being single. Don’t you know you’re supposed to bear children. Where is your honor? Where is your wisdom? Who cares if you are the leader, the best suited for your position, the quickest-thinking, the one who makes the hardest clients come back again. Don’t you see? Across history, women have been terrible at success. They always lose their man in the end. (When I said, “I would rather be a famous author than a mediocre mother,” I was told, “No, don’t worry, you’ll be a fine mommy.”)


—  In respectful response to a poem tilted, “Ten men women have warned me against becoming.” /// r.i.d

‘jon is ice and fire because of rhaegar and lyanna. the song is about him only’


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not here for y’all fuckers cancelling out the literal fire side of this beautiful equation that is daenerys stormborn. he’s stark and targaryen blood, yes. but it’s not all about him at all. it’s never been that way. it’s always been two sides of a story. one of ice and one of fire. 

like y’all think our priestess was pissing around? did you all imagine her saying the words? nah. shut the fuck up, here have it again:

they’re destined. they’re paralleled. they’re meant to join forces and save the world together. and in this case fall in love with each other. those are the facts.

i know deep down that beauty does absolutely not equate to happiness but everything in my brain still equates the two things anyway and it’s ruining me bitch!!! what is the meaning of life if not 2 be beautiful

so with this masterpost i’ll be listing the following:

  • title tracks + concepts
  • awesome b-side songs for different occasions and that have different melodies
  • personal favourite songs and why i think they showcase all the VIXX members talents
  • great OSTs they’ve done in the past
  • collaborations with other artists
  • solos

and hopefully this will give people an idea of the range that VIXX has as a group! so i hope you enjoy!

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hey um yeah quick fuck you to all the books that go “she didn’t care about her looks which somehow made her more beautiful” uh,,,,can yall stop making caring about your looks a bad thing? like buddy i get it you’d rather think of females as effortlessly gorgeous but we’re not, this hairstyle takes work and i look awesome because i fuckign CARE ABOUT HOW I LOOK and while this doesnt hold true for everyone i’d reeaaalllyyyy appreciate it if nonchalance didnt equate beauty

I'm dark I look like a "BoB" are funnyyyyyyy

Am I a Bob?

So because you can’t recognize my beauty, you equate it with that of a man?

Oh, I get it. Your brain is limited and non functioning.

Where I’m from, that’s called ignorance.

But who am I, but just an intelligent “Bob”, because my dark features scare you.

I SWEAR NO ONE ELSE GETS THIS ON THE SHOW. NO ONE BUT DANAI. And that sucks…tbh…because she is me and I am her.

I’m a dark skinned, strong, black woman. I’m intelligent. Can hold a decent conversation. Able to be eloquent in any argument, but my skin color will always be reduced to ugly. Not attractive. Not lovable. Not sacred.

But I matter damn it. I’m beautiful. I’m gorgeous. I’m fucking here and I exist.

Got damn it. I’m a BLACK woman. Through and fucking through.

And that’s all I’ll ever be.

Sanvers Week Day 1 - Intimacy

Pretty heavy trigger warning on this one. This story contains (non-graphic) discussion of sexual violence by straight men against queer women, based on this post about Rick in 2x19. It’s something my gf and I have both dealt with to varying degrees, so please stop in for a chat if it brings things up for you.

She didn’t want to scare her.  

So when they’d first started dating, she’d held Alex’s hand in public with all the confidence she could scrape together, smiling and laughing with her like they were soon to own the city.

She’d tug Alex along when she heard wolf whistles, the catcalls of “Hey ladies, I like girls too, can I join?” She’d walk a little faster, didn’t dare stop, didn’t argue, didn’t antagonise, because it wasn’t just about her anymore, and she needed to get Alex behind a locked door, she needed to get her home now, because she wouldn’t be able to breathe again until she did.

She’d take her out again another day, a better day, and smile like their mere existence wasn’t dangerous. Smile so Alex’s world would stay shiny, so she’d never notice how he crowded them in ever street, even if it was empty but for them. How scraps of his skin festered beneath Maggie’s fingernails when she held her hand.

She didn’t want to scare her. She wanted it to be better for her.

But some nights, when they kissed in the doorway of her apartment, Alex tasted like cheap beer and dynamite. And Maggie wished that she’d liked it, but this thing between them felt to her like it was all white heat and no fire escape, and she may just burn alive in there. She’d let Alex tug her inside anyway. Thought she may as well let Alex fuck her till she came to the realisation that she should never have wasted her time on a liar.

No one’s as beautiful as your idea of them. The sooner Alex figured that out, the better.

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Yuri Plisetsky's Emotional Maturity - Meta/Analysis

I got a question about whether Yuri Plisetsky would ever catch up emotionally to Yuuri Katsuki. When Yuri turns 18, Yuuri K. will be 26. 8 years is still 8 years, but I personally think Yuri will be able to catch up. There’s evidence throughout the series that Yuri grows up fast.


We don’t know the exact details of Yuri Plisetsky’s childhood, but from interviews with Kubo-sensei, we can glean that it involved a great deal of tragedy. To the point that she was worried that if we knew, it would seem like a handicap to Yuri, and she wanted to showcase his strength and growth instead.

So, something dramatic happened in his childhood. My best guess is that it involved his parents. Abuse, neglect, death, or a combination of the three. Somewhere in there, Yuri became the main provider for his family. And at 10 years old, he moved away from home to live in St. Petersburg and focus on skating.

From the get-go, we see that Yuri had to grow up fast. No ordinary 10-year-old boy has “the eyes of a soldier,” as Otabek puts it. This poor kid had to become a miniature adult by age 10. He had to take on responsibilities, learn to cope without family to support him, and manage finances. Even adults struggle with these things.

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Here’s to VIXX, the group that blew me away with their out of this world concepts. Before meeting them I didn’t really pay attention to concepts or teasers…now, I scout the internet in order to decipher every single hint that’s been given. And then you even find out the members themselves have been giving Starlights hints on future concepts MONTHS before said comeback was even announced. So here’s a tribute to all of VIXX’s eras, each one an adventure of it’s own, a new world to explore. I’m so grateful to have met VIXX and very very proud that they have gotten this far. Four years, and counting! Happy 4th Anniversary VIXX~! 

Do you know who I am jealous of? I’m jealous of skinny girls wearing crop tops, ‘cause they know that their breakfast is not hanging out. I’m jealous of the pretty girls, especially those who aren’t wearing any makeup. I’m jealous of the healthy girls who have self control. I’m jealous of the well off because they don’t have to worry about money; because they get everything they want. I’m jealous of the naturally smart because I work too damn hard for less than equal and fair grades.

What life has taught me is: Skinny doesn’t equate to beautiful. You can be beautiful on the inside. The better person is often the person having to work hard.

I know life isn’t fair. I just needed to get this bitterness off my chest.