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Celebrate Aries with loud music, a surprise kiss, a strong drink, and a joy ride.

Celebrate Taurus with good company, sweet indulgences, a spa day, and creative reward.

Celebrate Gemini with laughter, a riveting debate, a beautiful day, and a novel venue.

Celebrate Cancer with a home-cooked meal, hugs, getting things off your chest, and a cozy movie night.

Celebrate Leo with some sunbathing, that needed shopping trip, a unique dance, and a tour of the theater.

Celebrate Virgo with a good book, some strong tea, unexpected talks about how the world is/works, and a planned outing.

Celebrate Libra with juicy gossip, on point aesthetics, walks to the bar or a hot spot, and teamwork.

Celebrate Scorpio with a new tattoo, vinyl records, an ardent embrace, and instant connections.

Celebrate Sagittarius by watching the stars, plenty of jokes, a place off the beaten path, and talking philosophy.

Celebrate Capricorn with champagne, people watching, a good horror flick or tour in an old building, and a black card!

Celebrate Aquarius with incense, shots, late night conversations, and a rad house party.

Celebrate Pisces with a double feature, make out session, bunch of snacks, and puppies/kitties.

The Bookstore

Hey guys! It’s me again, and I sorta wanted to write a Tom meet-cute because I daydream about those 25/8? This is just soft, fluffy and sweet, I hope you like it!
Author’s note: Tom is my screensaver and I went to Barnes and Noble today and the girl that was ringing me up was really, really nice and we were talking about Marvel because I was buying a comic, (I finally found Spider-Man Blue, three cheers for me!) and she was literally like, “oh my gosh, you and Tom would be super adorable together! I can just see it now!” And I sort of died? So this is just a story branching off of that?
The Bookstore
“Is that your boyfriend?” The saleslady asked, referencing the girl’s phone, as a smile that stretched from ear to ear crossed over her features. “He comes in quite often, has mostly good taste in books, although, sometimes his choices are questionable at best. Likes fantasy and adventure, some good, some not.”
The girl’s eyes widened and her mouth flopped open and shut like a guppy’s as she attempted to stutter out an appropriate response.
Tom Holland was the girl’s screensaver, and no, he most definitely wasn’t her boyfriend because he had no idea that she existed. Even if he had stumbled across her fan account, she’d just be another fan to Tom, maybe she’d even stand out for being an ultimate creep.
“He’s a very polite boy, you’re so lucky! My daughters are only interested in self-obsessed assholes.” The lady began to scan her choices, continuing to rant about her daughter’s apparent bad taste in men.
The girl was still struggling to comprehend her situation. The saleswoman clearly knew Tom, who apparently came in often, as did she, so she couldn’t really say that he wasn’t her boyfriend without looking like an utter and complete weirdo.
Pondering, she bit the inside of her cheek. Their paths had never crosses, so what could be the harm in indulging in a little fantasy? “We’ve been dating since last Spring,” She said, not daring to look into the kind eyes of the saleswoman.
“Ah, I see. I bet you two look absolutely adorable together, maybe turn him onto some high quality literature next time he comes in, eh?” The woman smiled from across the counter, waving the girl’s new Philip Roth books in the air before handing them over.
Reaching for her five purchases, the girl smiled and nodded, “I’ll do my very best!” She called and waved as she left the store.
Over the next few days, Tom wandered back into the bookstore. Navigating his way down the store’s narrow aisles, Tom searched for something that he could read on the plane that he’d inevitably be boarding sometime soon. He paused every so often to pick up a book, glance over the summary on the back, and reshelve it to it’s proper home.
After shuffling down another section, he came across the very same saleswoman who had helped the girl moonlighting as his girlfriend.
“How come you guys never come in together? She knows some good authors, I’m sure she’d love to help broaden your horizons.” The saleswoman said, maintaining her position, crouched over to straighten and tidy the shelves.
Tom looked around, unsure of who the woman was speaking to, because as far as he knew, none of his friends knew about this store. They opted for Barnes and Noble, while he prefered to dig.
“Yes, you. I just met your girlfriend and she’s lovely. Great taste in books.” The woman said again.
Scratching his head, Tom wasn’t exactly sure what to say, so he played along, not wanting to be rude. Surely she must be confusing him with someone else, because he didn’t have a girlfriend to share books with, as much as he’d like one.
“Yeah, we just have different schedules, she’s usually in class when I peruse the bookstore.” Tom said, bending down to help the woman on the floor.
“She’s very cute, and very sweet. It’s nice to see young people reading something that isn’t their twitter feed.” The woman said, taking one last glance at the fixed up shelf, before nodding decisively and standing up.
Tom stood as well, chuckling, “My Dad’s an author, so reading has always been apart of my life.”
“You guys are lovely, let me know if I can be of any help.” The woman began to walk away and Tom shook his head and laughed.
“How do you know that my girl is my girl? We never come in at the same time.” Tom asked suddenly, curiosity leaking into his bloodstream.
“She comes in more often than you, buys more books than you, and you’re her screensaver. It’s quite cute, actually.” The saleslady called out.
There it is, Tom thought, she might be a fan. He couldn’t think of any other reason that he’d be her screensaver. Shoving his hands into his pockets, Tom smirked and picked out not one, but two books. One to leave at the register for her the next time that he came in, and one for him to read while he was on the press tour.
“That is so thoughtful! She’ll love it!” The woman said from behind the cash register, clapping her hands together. “I’ll make sure that she gets it, alright? Wanna put a little message in it, promise I won’t peak! I’ve got a pen right here!” She chirped happily.
“Yeah, alright, I’ll actually do that. Could I please borrow your pen?” Tom asked.
Drawing a heart to conclude the note to his ‘girlfriend’ that he’d never met, he said thank you one to the lady one last time and left the store.
The very next morning, the girl pushed her wallet back into her purse at the bookstore’s register, waiting for the same saleswoman to finish ringing her up.
“Saw your boyfriend yesterday, left a little something for you.” The saleswoman smiled, turning around to sift through the books on display behind her to find Tom’s choice for the girl.
The girl felt the fiery licks of scarlet coloring her skin again. Her hands shook, surely Tom thought that she was a mega, ultra stalker. He’d probably left her a note begging her to kindly fuck off. She wished Mother Earth would swallow her up the same way it did to Sita in ‘The Ramayana.’
“Don’t be embarrassed, silly, it’s endearing.” The woman handed her a book titled, ‘Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair’ by Pablo Neruda. “He’s paid for it, of course, and he left you a little note on the first page. Lent him the pen myself.”
“He really shouldn’t have,” the girl stuttered, her hands almost noticeably shaking as she held the book within her palms.
Inside, Tom had scribbled out,
Seeing as you’re my girlfriend, I thought it was only fitting to leave you at least twenty love poems. Left you a song of despair as well, seeing as we haven’t met yet.
Love always,
Your devoted boyfriend, Tom

“Could I go back and pick one out for him as well?” The girl asked, feeling a tiny bit braver after reading Tom’s cheeky message for her.
“Of course! I love this, I wish more couples did things like this for each other, it’s endearing!” The saleswoman smiled, shutting the register.
After picking out an appropriate novel, she left the store, smiling, blushing and practically gliding on air.
Later that very afternoon, Tom was chased by the overbearing coldness of the afternoon breeze, and his own excitement over whether or not she’d received his present, back into the bookstore.
Not even bothering to look at anything, he came to a halt in front of the saleswoman, who upon seeing him enter, tore through her display to retrieve the novel that she’d left for him.
“Did she get it? Did she like it, I haven’t heard from her yet.” Tom asked, beaming at the woman.
“She loved it! She loved it so much, in fact, that she’s left one for you as well.” She handed him a novel called ‘One Day.’ “She’s left a love note for you as well!”
Tearing the book open, Tom came across her delicate handwriting sprawled in black ink.
Here’s to hoping that I meet you one day.
With all the love in my heart-
Your mystery girlfriend
Fighting the urge to hug the book closer to his chest, Tom made a choice.
“I’m going to go pick her a book out right now, and I’m going to wait right here until she comes back in. I want to give her this one in person.” Tom turned on his heel to search for the perfect book for to give her, when the saleswoman informed him that she’d already been in today.
“Alright then, I’ll be back first thing tomorrow.” Tom blushed, but continued on his way down through the shelves, desperate to find the perfect book for her.
Deciding on ‘You,’ by Caroline Kepnes, Tom paid and left the store, planning to return right when the bookstore opened.
The very next morning, Tom was perched in a cushy, plush chair, obscured by stacks and shelves housing novels, waiting for her. He’d positioned himself perfectly, ensuring that he could see the register at all times, but that the people at the register wouldn’t be able to spot him, unless they knew where he was hiding.
He was completely on edge. Every time the door opened, he’d practically leap to his feet, only to be met with disappointment because mostly everyone who wandered in off the street was either male, or too old to be his mystery girlfriend.
Finally, when Tom had all but lost hope, a girl so otherworldly beautiful that Tom truly debated in his mind whether or not the girl was even a girl, he briefly wondered if she was an ethereal fairy of sorts, floated into the room.
Her hair reflected light the same way that waves in the sea did, and her voice was so soft and warm that it sounded as he imagined his favorite hot drink would taste. She waved hello to the saleswoman before diving into the poetry section, hidden deep within the store.
Jumping to his feet, Tom rushed to finally meet her, rolling the book he planned to give her in between his palms.
Checking his hair one more time, Tom came to a stop next to her.
“Excuse me miss, I was just wondering if you happen to be my mystery girlfriend, who apparently has better taste in books than me?” Tom’s confidence was evaporating as she turned around to face him.
She was even prettier up close and Tom wanted to scratch his own eyes out for beginning the conversation with such a shit line.
Thankfully, she smiled, a strawberry jam colored blush widening across her delicate features. “That would be me, but unfortunately, you’ve caught me off guard and now I don’t have anything to give to you.” Her eyes refused to meet his own for more than a few seconds.
She could barely believe any of this. First, her celebrity crush and her happened to both shop at the same bookstore. Then, he goes along with the charade of being her boyfriend, and even leaves her gifts, and now, he was standing in front of her.
He looked like Prince Charming and her brain was turning to mush.
“Lucky for you, I don’t mind. But, I do have a book for you.” Holding the novel, ‘You,’ out to her, he began to sway from foot to foot, nervous that she’d hate it.
“Funny enough, that’s one of my favorite books,” She laughed, “But are you planning to kill me?” She referenced the plot of ‘You,’ which was more or less a horror story, hardly the conventional romance.
Stuttering, Tom attempted to clear his name. “I just thought it was fitting, seeing as we met in a bookstore, and so did Joe and Beck,” the main characters who become romantically involved in the novel, “And really, I just wanted you to have the line about the mouse in the house.”
“Are you going to get a cat to chase me out?” She teased, and Tom laughed.
“Absolutely not, you’re just all I’ve been thinking about. I wanna know you, and learn from your apparently epic choices in literature.” Tom said, leaning in closer to her.
“Than sit, and I’ll pick you something out?” She questioned, shyly moving to sit on the floor, her arm curled around more than a few options.
The pair scooched into one another one the floor, and the saleswoman watched, smiling from her spot at the register. Her two favorite customers were finally together.
Her eyes twinkled as she turned the radio onto a station that played only love songs.
They read love poems, and love stories together, so it only seemed fair that they listened to only love songs as well.

  • Lance: So Pidge, you love peanuts, yes?
  • Pidge: ... yeh.
  • Lance: And you love girls, right?
  • Pidge: Correct.
  • Lance: What would you do if the most beautiful girl in the universe had a peanut allergy??
  • Pidge: I don't think there were peanuts on Altea so Allura probably wouldn't have an allergy??
Beautiful Girl

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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “Hi! Mah I request a Jeff Atkins domestic fluff pls? :)”

Words: 1.052

A/N: Here’s another Jeff imagine, because he really deserved better! I am writing many imagines in these days and I can’t wait for you to read them. I am still finishing my previous requests, but soon I finish them, I will post a prompt list for 13 reasons why characters.
Hope you keep on reading my stuffs, because your nice messages keep me motivated. Thank you.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name.

Being sick was one of the things that you hated the most. Your clogged nose was killing you slowly and you couldn’t bear with your sore throat, luckily your boyfriend Jeff skipped school to spend the day with you at your home and to take care of you, also to spoil you.

“Good evening, sleepy head.” Your boyfriend greeted you as he gave you a warm kiss on your temple. You weren’t feeling well the whole day and you spent your afternoon cuddling, sleeping and resting on Jeff’s chest. “How was your sleep?”

“It sucked,” You looked up to him and you caught his sad gaze. He didn’t want to see you in that way. “my throat is killing me.”

“That’s awful.” He sighed as he drew small circles on your arm, feeling your soft and smooth skin. “Can you wait while I make a cup of tea for you?” He knew that it would make you feel better.

“With a little bit of honey?” You smiled widely, since you adored using honey as your sugar substitute.

“Of course, lovely.” He chuckled as he thought of how cute you were. You slowly got up from his chest and you fixed yourself on the bed. “I’ll be back soon, okay?”

“Alright, my love.” He smiled widely and he gave you a quick peck on your lips, not caring of your sickness.

“Jeff Atkins!” You restrained him from kissing you because you didn’t want him to catch colds or to ruin his voice with a sore throat, even though it would be just temporarily. You slapped his muscular arm playfully and he ran towards the door to avoid other slaps.

“Sorry, not sorry.” He stuck his tongue out and you just shook your head for your boyfriend’s childish actions. You let him go downstairs and prepare some tea, probably he would prepare it for the whole family too, being an altruist as he was. Your family loved Jeff for that, he was really a thoughtful kid.

You and Jeff have been together for months and you were really happy whenever you were with him. You knew him after one of his baseball games, when he approached you because he saw how you cheered for your school’s team. He thought that you were pretty good at cheering, but he never convinced you to join your school’s cheerleading team.

You loved Jeff so much and he was different to any other jocks that you’ve dated. Jeff was the nicest of them all, he knew how to treat a girl right and he was a gentleman. The thing that you liked in him the most was that he wouldn’t do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable or would hurt you.

As you thought of your boyfriend, a wide smile escaped from your mouth and you thought that you were so lucky to have him in your life. It was your turn to find a decent guy, finally.

“Hot Chamomile tea with honey for my beautiful girlfriend.” Jeff calmly said as he put the cup of tea on your bedside table, together with your handkerchief, thermometer, nasal inhaler sticks and medicines.

“Shut up, you bluffer!” You both let out a loud laugh and he kissed you on your forehead once again.

“But I think that you are beautiful!” Jeff debated as he wanted to convince you that you really were. He wasn’t calling you in that way just to please you, but he really thought that he had the prettiest girlfriend in the world.

“Babe, I have the messiest hair and I look like a scavenger at this exact moment.” You rolled your eyes as you carefully took the cup from the bedside table. “How can you say that I am beautiful?”

“Because you really are.” He sat beside you and he caressed your red and hot tempered cheeks. “I don’t care if you have a messy hair, deep black eye bags or pimples, you will always be beautiful in my eyes.” He explained to you and you smiled widely as you cooled down your tea by blowing on it.

“Do you really think that?” You bit your lip and he honestly nodded. “That’s the sweetest thing ever, babe.” You slowly sipped from the cup and you loved Jeff even more, because he was great at making tea too.

“I’m just stating the truth.” He kissed the tip of your nose, being careful not to bump your arm and not to spill your hot relaxing tea.

You carefully put the teacup back on its place. “I love you so much, Atkins!” You faced him as you sweetly caressed his cheek with your hand.

“I surely love you more, (Y/L/N).” He replied as he grabbed your chin and kissed you on your lips quickly.

“I said that I am sick and I don’t want for you to be infected!” You frowned as you scolded him for his actions.

“I don’t care!” Jeff wasn’t really a hard-headed guy, except when you contradict his opinions. He would always have his thoughts and he wouldn’t abandon them to make you happy, mostly when it was about complimenting you. “I wouldn’t give up on kissing you, just because you don’t want for me to get your virus.”

“Mulish!” You exclaimed but he just shrugged it off and he just pulled you in a tight hug. You laughed at his actions and he peppered you with his kisses, while lying on the bed.

Lazy and sick evenings with your boyfriend were one of the things that you looked up to. It didn’t matter if Jeff was stubborn and wouldn’t stop kissing you, even if you said so. You honestly loved that he didn’t care for your sickness and he didn’t give up on anything.

He would never give up on anything whenever it came to you, to your relationship. He would always kiss you or he would always think that you were beautiful nevertheless your sickness.

He wouldn’t be tired to repeat the same things, because he knew how insecure you were. He loved to express the truth to cheer you up and to improve your self-esteem, your messy hair didn’t matter to him, neither when you could be compared to a scavenger.

You were his beautiful girl and you would always be.

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Which blogger is the hottest? Haha, good luck with choosing.

((OOC: I’ve done some very serious thinking about this. I’m actually going to include my answer under a read-more, because I don’t want to offend anyone, or hurt anyone’s feelings…))

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I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY ABOUT THIS. @samcybercat and i had an idea, where Rei and Nagisa split up after a fight and meet up with each other 3 years later AND THIS IS HOW THEY BOTH TURNED OUT. Wild

You know what i’d love?

If the big identity reveal happened with Marinette and Chat Noir.

Think about it.

Out of all 4 variations of the ship, Marichat is the one that has the more “short end of the stick” per say in terms of romance between the two of them.

Throughout the entire show Chat Noir has been chasing and swooning over Ladybug whilst Ladybug has denied him because she’s in love with Adrien - who only loves Ladybug (even if he does grow feelings for Mari he definitely loved Lady more at first - same goes with Mari and him too)

Marinette and Chat Noir have always been the sides that were cast away in terms of romantic interest.

In fact the romance in this show is practically built upon those 2 sides - the translation of the French version of the song and even the actual English version sing about their ‘’unrequited’’ love. 

French translation; 

“My heart loves Adrien, but he only seems to love me when I become -  A ladybug, a lucky charm, lady magic and lady luck!”

“I’m afraid to love in vain, the one who cannot love me when she lives out her destiny”

Another reason why it would be great is because it’s really the only 1 variant with proper relationship development. Adrien already loves Ladybug so Ladrien and Ladynoir are out of the picture, and Mari loves Adrien so Adrienette is also out. Chatnoir is the relationship that started more from a fresh start and is based more on their own insecurities (though i guess Chat Noir/Adrien could be debatable).

How beautiful would it be for their relationship to start from the sides of them that were originally ignored by the other? it would feel more satisfying and heartwarming in my opinion. The moment where they accept each other fully.

Plus I always figured that Adrien viewed Chat Noir as his true self, or more ‘’prefered’’ self and Marionette I always viewed as being more content with her normal life.

I dunno, it just feels like the most natural way for it go. It feels more genuine and impactful you know? plus i’m a sucker for the whole platonic friends to lovers trope.


Short Negan drabbled thingy for Valentines day. 

Rating: NSFW - oral sex, and Negan’s potty mouth. 

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Also why these gifs so GAHDAMN large

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zaynsfreepalestinetweet recieved around 85 messages of love to Zayn (x). I read them all and traslated into key words and numbers. 

the other boy’s version: (x)

Love me like you do (Part 3)-Balem series

A/N: As promised, here is the next installment. ❤️ Feedback always welcomed! I’m not sure how long this will be….it came out to be six parts, but now I wanna extend it and make Balem suffer for some ass lmao



It took a moment for Mr. Night to leave, and you watched him carefully until the large doors closed. With the softest of footsteps you creeped over to the door, placing your ear to it. There was nothing but silence on the other side, and ignoring the voice nagging you to stay put, you tugged on the handles, furrowing your brow when they didn’t budge.

“No, no, no! Ugh! Come on!”

You kicked the doors in annoyance, running a hand through your hair as you whined loudly. There didn’t seem to be an escape route anywhere near you, and as you glanced around the room you felt your stress levels increase. No matter where you looked, nothing around you appeared to be familiar. The bed was large, gold and black sheets tucked neatly around it, and large silk curtains hung from the bed posts. A far cry from your simple twin bed back in your apartment, not to mention the large bath at the edge of the chambers, marbled, and of course lined with gold. It was almost too perfect in your opinion, and if you had to venture a guess, this room belonged to the only man who seemed worthy of it.

“Every woman’s dream bed.”

You muttered, running your fingers over the many pillows that laid against the headboard. You had to wonder how oddly that man slept in order to need so many pillows. Or was it meant for decoration? Either way, it seemed excessive, though you couldn’t deny how comfortable it looked. With a sigh, you turned towards the windows, at least you guessed that’s what they were. Long black curtains hung over the far side of the room, blocking one long wall, and you curiously walked over to them. You pulled the curtain back, eyes widening at the view before you.

“Dear god…”

There stood towers along the horizon, dark, smoky, and ominous as they clashed with the dusty orange color of the sky. Bright lights aligned the tips of them, some red, others yellow, and if you squinted you could make out a few people running along the ramps, and bridges. It looked like the oil refineries back on earth, and if you didn’t just witness the many odd creatures, and high tech weapons, you’d actually think you were back home.

“Where am I?”

You bit down on your lip in thought, worrying it between your teeth as you tried not to lose your mind. Crazy at seemed, the only realistic option was that this was an entirely different planet, and you were just kidnapped by some space overlord. You supposed, as far as fairy tales went, this could’ve gone a lot worse.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

With a start, you jumped back, hitting the large windows along the wall as your eyes met those of the man who had incapacitated you earlier. He was standing just before you, hands clasped together in front of him, looking as confident as ever. Green eyes trailed over your form, as if he was studying your every feature and logging it in his mind.

“W-Where did you…?”

You held a hand over your heart, clutching at it as if that would settle the rapid beat. It was almost unsettling how quiet he was, and you had to wonder how he even managed to sneak up on you. You didn’t recall the sound of doors opening or footsteps.

He scoffed, lips curling up into a smirk as he edged closer to you. With every inch of distance he closed, you stepped further back, trying to sink into the window like that would save you from his menacing presence. With a swift glance over your body, he moved his gaze to the outside view, a proud expression on his face.



His chest was mere centimeters from your own, and you were far too flustered by the proximity to process his words.

“Is that not what you earthlings call it?”

He seemed unimpressed with your silence, and he looked you over with a glint of annoyance in his eyes. For some reason, that alone was enough for you to find some courage and respond to him.

“You mean to tell me I’m on another planet….?”

You look back outside, an overwhelming feeling taking over as your gaze roamed along the refinery. How was any of this even possible? A day ago you were leaving your simple part time job at a coffee shop, and you wake up on Jupiter. How exactly does one explain that?

“That can’t be-”

“Have you lived your life believing your own kind to be all that exists?”

Balem leaned down, whispering softly as you trembled before him.

“It is better to accept this, than to pretend it isn’t true.”

He moved away from you, giving you a disgusted look before turning quickly on his heel. His cape created a soft breeze as he walked away, and you stood against the corner, gripping the glass as best you could in your moment of panic.

“Change your clothes, the ones you have on are hideous.”

You looked after him, scowling deeply at his insult.



His tone was even, finished, and before you could argue back you saw him lift a steady hand and click something behind his ear before he seemed to teleport away in a mass of blue and gray.

He left you there, even more confused than before. As if he simply told you the time of day and expected you to be okay with it. You walked towards the bed, touching the soft material of the outfit left behind for you. You weren’t sure what game this Balem, at least that’s what others seem to be calling him, was playing with you. However, you weren’t too keen on being part of whatever it was. He appeared to be far more intrigued by you than expected, and judging by the lizard creature from the dungeons that captured you, being able to keep your life seemed to be a rarity around a man like him.

You picked up the dress, raising an eyebrow in disapproval at it. It was long, black of course, and the bottom half was a coarse, transparent material that allowed anyone to see the bodysuit and your legs underneath. The top, though ornate, was far too revealing for your tastes, and the long sleeves were made up of designs of leaves and flowers. It was beautiful, that wasn’t debatable, but this was not something you were even close to use to wearing. The V neck didn’t leave much to the imagination, you had to guess, but after seeing the outfits he wore these people seemed to value their fashion far more than their hospitality.

“Definitely not.” You dropped the dress back on the bed, scoffing at it. You are quite content with your sweater and leggings at this point, and you had no interest in extending your stay here. Moreover, did he truly expect you to flaunt about in a revealing outfit? Not to mention it might be for his own sick pleasure.

“Oh my god, am I sex slave?”

You slapped your cheeks with your hands, pursing your lips in deep thought. He could’ve certainly taken advantage already if he truly wanted to. He was far stronger than you, and even possessed abilities beyond the scope of normal. So, if he intended to have you, he was certainly taking his time. You guessed that was at least a decent thing he could do.

The doors opened just then, and you looked up to see two women, clad in very loud outfits of you said so yourself, coming towards you.


“Lord Balem has asked that we make sure you clean yourself up.”

“Clean myself up? That jerk…”

You whispered the last part, not wanting anyone getting the word out that you had just insulted their king, or emperor, whatever he was to them.

“That’s not necessary.”

You tried waving them off, but they simply looked at one another with smiles before continuing their pace towards you. You quickly rose from the bed, debating whether running off was a good idea, but they instantly grabbed the dress and with some odd device waved it over you. You gasped when the leggings and sweater disappeared, leaving you naked before these two women like it was nothing.

You moved to cover yourself, but with another movement of the device the black dress was now so elegantly clung around your body.


One of the girls bowed to you, smiling and softly clapping her hands together as the other one nodded.

“Lord Balem will be pleased.”

“What is wrong with you-”

Before you could get your insults and annoyances out, they turned gracefully around and headed back outside, leaving you there tugging on the dress and attempting to get out of it.

You looked up to see them bowing to someone, and with your hands clutching the upper half of the outfit, you saw Balem enter the room again, this time screaming his head off at that mousey looking man.

“I did not ask for your opinion, Mr.Night! I-”

Balem’s gaze fell upon you, hiding behind one of his bed posts with a blush on your face. It was obvious you weren’t comfortable being so ‘on display’ for people, but as he turned more towards you, he could see the dress perfectly from his point of view.

The V neck dipped beautifully over your chest, revealing just enough to gain his complete attention, and the bottom revealed your long legs to his wandering eyes. It was a sight he wouldn’t soon forget, and with a single movement he pushed the clipboard into Mr.Night’s hands roughly, his dark, silky voice echoing in the room.

“Leave us.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Without hesitation, probably from being scolded earlier, Mr.Night scurried out of the chambers, giving his Lord one last nervous glance before shutting the doors, and bowing.



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