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Pennywise x You - In Dreams (Rated M Smut)

This was from an Anon request about writing something for those who have a fear of clowns. Well…I dont think this has helped XD So I suck at fulfilling that request, but I hope you like it! If its wanted I will do a Part 2

Warning - Dream sex, pleasure and pain, You/Reader being whipped, Fear of clowns, Dream man, Masturbation, CLOWNS CLOWNS CLOWNS, send in the clowns, Yes I know this is OOC I’ve read the books, it’s fanfiction

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And we’re back again...


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It all started here with Bakugo.

Ten years is a long time.

Probably one of my favorite pieces I’ve done. What with the new movie having recently come out, I went on a bit of a Beauty and the Beast craze for a few months over the original 1991 animated film. There’s some really beautiful animation in that movie and Glen Keane’s character design of the Beast is just so wonderful.  ♥

(Quote is from Irene Smith.)

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I am so ready for fuckboi Louis hes gunna be/straight mess and angst will commence. Im ready for him to be the beautiful bisexual purple crazed lil shit I know he can be. What I imagine is him just going from one person to the next and foxy mama piper will have struggles at first cause boi& finally finds herself someone that is also badass& family reunion halfway through young adult life& louis meets them& that person just sees their connection after all that time& then like drama drama drama

ho ho ho there is some GOOD STUFF here some VERY GOOD STUFF indeed

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I would love to ask, in ButcherBerry, what would happen if Chara 'stumbled' into the WROUNG room, specifically a room Paps was in, killing another person? It just seems really interesting to me! Btw I love all of your work, I have had five blogs in my past (I think) and from the first to the last (this one) I love your work! You inspire me a lot so keep doing what your doing!!!

(Papyrus is rarely ever actually involved in the actual slaughter of victims {that’s Sans’ job}, but Chara could catch him in the act of draining a victims’ determination.)

Papyrus would definitely be startled. He’s supposed to be able to tell where Chara is in the manor at all times due to the connection they share through her brooch, but it seems she snuck up on him. He looks a mess; blood covers his arms up to the elbows, not to mention stains his shirt and boots. Chara makes no sound, only staring at him in shocked disbelief. Her ruby red eyes are wide, and he can see a few shocked tears gathering at their edges. Papyrus has astonishment and, surprisingly, guilt written all over his face.
She…She’s not supposed to see him like this.
He extends a hand quickly, flicking magic at the brooch, sending Chara sprawling to her knees. One last look of accusation crosses her face before she collapses in a heap, her skirts splaying around her legs.
Papyrus tries desperately to calm himself, to cease the heaving of his ribcage and the trembling in his crimson-covered hands, but he can’t.
His beloved, his betrothed, the one person who could keep up with him and his intellect…has seen him at his absolute worst. There’s no possible way he could fix this, aside from trying to convince her it was all just a dream.
Yes, a dream.
He’ll just have to clean up all the evidence, store all his extracation machines in the basement, and play the fool for a while. A slightly manic grin traverses Papyrus’s mandible as he goes to take an unconscious Chara in his arms, rolling his bloodied sleeves out of the way so as not to leave any more damning evidence. He calls on his magic and transports them to he and Chara’s (not quite) shared bedroom. He lays her gently on the bed, and smoothes some stray strands of red hair out of her face.
Beautiful, he thinks, his crazed orange gaze blazing as it alighted over features.

The Birds

A/N: As always, thank you to my betas, @o-u-a-timer​ and @lenfaz. True goddesses! We’re getting into it folks, hope you enjoy. You have no idea what’s coming!

Summary: Meet Emma Swan: mother, detective, and angel. She’s just trying to get through her eternal afterlife in one piece. Naturally the universe has other plans for her. When a murder occurs in the divine community, she must enlist the help of angels and demons alike to help crack the case. Enter Killian Jones, a mysterious demon who has every intention of making Emma’s life a living hell. Angel/Demon AU. 


Chapter I/Chapter II/Chapter III/Chapter IV/Chapter V/Chapter VI

Chapter VI: Smiles Like a Fist

“Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy,” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

So the crazy lady, Zelena, knew her name. She knew Emma’s name and apparently had come to the residence of murder victim, Lily Page, to see her. And if she was Regina’s sister, that meant she was old, and age meant power. So, the powerful, unhinged demon had come seeking her out.


Fantastic and utterly predictable really, because she was Emma Swan. She was Emma Swan so of fucking course the powerful, unhinged demon had come for her. A unicorn could pop out of the closet and start singing folk music and she wouldn’t be surprised after everything she’d witnessed.

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The Honeymoon--chapter 4

Rating: T

Summary:  With the Black Fairy defeated and the Final Battle won, Emma and Killian are able to focus on the important things—like their honeymoon.  Thanks to a souvenir from the latest curse, Killian comes up with a way to give Emma the wedding trip of their dreams.

Missed the Beginning? (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3)


Emma held tight to Killian, burying her face in his neck as the portal swirled around them.  Taking the Jolly Roger on the honeymoon had seemed like a good idea, but navigating the swirling portal sea…not so much.

As the sea raged around them, Emma remembered the last time they’d done this.  It had been under far less pleasant circumstances.  They’d followed Henry and his kidnappers to Neverland. She’d been frantic.  She’d had no idea what was in store, what Henry might be going through, if the ragtag group of heroes and villains with her could even pull together to find Henry.

What a difference a few years made!  Now she’d full accepted her magic, her family, her destiny.  She wasn’t on a desperate rescue mission, but on her honeymoon. She wasn’t with a group of people she was afraid would kill each other, but with her husband, her True Love, the man she’d literally go through hell for.

Back then, in the dark days of Neverland she never would have believed she could love this deeply or completely, and if someone had told her Killian would be that love interest? Well, she didn’t know whether she would have laughed or punched them in the face.

The raging portal suddenly became calm, and Emma cautiously raised her head to look around.  In the distance lay a land she’d never before beheld. Wonderland.  There was something…surreal about it.  Everything was just a little bit too much.  Too bright, too colorful.  The flowers too big, the trees too small.  It seemed less a land of beauty than the crazed imaginings of someone who was high as a kite.

“So this is Wonderland, huh?” Emma said, running her fingers through hair that had tangled and matted with the portal’s fury.

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Wait so the Shimada dragons appear outside of battle? Which version we talking bout? There are only two ways to do a Shimada dragon, majestic af, or complete noodle. No in between. (That is Shimada dragon 101)

Genji’s is snarly and kind of crazed looking–beautiful, but super terrifying. However, though it doesn’t look noodle-like in the slightest, it’s more likely to exhibit noodle like behaviors. ie, sometimes, in the corner of their eyes, people will see flashes of it wrapped lazily around Genji, just lounging, or it’ll suddenly flare up and break shit for no real reason (which is kind of the biggest pain.)

Hanzo’s are more sleek and a bit more noodly in appearance, but they’re still pretty majestic. 


Hugh Jackman, Daniel Cudmore,Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Evan Peters and Josh Helman at the world premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past in NYC on 10 May 2014

Tried a hand at colouring a page. At the start I had a struggle between realism, atmosphere or looking like the show but in the end atmosphere won. I chose green because it brings out his beautiful crazed eyes and a creepy, sickly vibe. The lighting is based of the impression I got from Yami’s reveal panel, like there is some bright spot light in the pitch black night.

Hope you like it