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This Is What I Hate To See A #Racist #ScientificTheory Portrayed Like It’s A #Fact, & It Will Have Beautiful Little #BlackGirls & #GirlsOfOtherColours Thinking They Will Never Be Pretty Enough, From Early #Systematically #Programming Them To Believe They Aren’t Good Enough & Are #Inferior Looking, Absolutely Complete Bollocks About Symmetrical Face No Ones Face Is 100% Symmetrical Anyways & #KimK Looked Like #Jafaar From #Aladdin Before She Had A Full RePerson Face & Body Implant/Upgrade, I Don’t Want To See This Kind Of Made Up #Racist #Derogatory Claims Ever Again, #Beauty Just Like #Ugly Comes In Every Single #Shape, #Size & #Colour.

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“As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am of the mind that all women are beautiful. People come in all shapes and sizes and there is beauty in every one. That’s the wonderful thing about the human body, there is no one right answer. Every combination of eye color, hair color, skin tone, and figure has its own unique beauty and value. Who wants to be the same as everyone else? Instead of trying to conform, as women we should try to celebrate each other’s individual beauty. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of being different, find something you love about yourself and accentuate that. Make what you love about yourself the focus and your whole attitude and outlook will change for the better”

She is considered a plus size model.

Let’s look at her. Look at her flat stomach, her toned arms, her ribs, her small ass. 

Where is the plus in her size?

And we wonder why so many women have weight issues, why a large percentage of women have body image problems. Because we’re given such unrealistic views of what a woman should look like. 

As someone who is overweight and struggling with her body image, I look at this picture and caption and think, well if she’s plus size, what the hell am I? And I immediately feel shame for who and what I am. This is a photo of a body I’d like to have. Not the body I do have. I know plus sizes vary and many women who wear the same size can look different but come on. How is this a plus? How is this not setting up a million women to feel fat and ugly and worthless? 

The fashion industry is a crack dealer selling their wares to the women’s magazine industry, who eagerly buy it all up, then rewrap it and sell it to you. And what we are being sold is dangerous. Dangerous to our self image, our self esteem, our mental outlook. 

What of the young, impressionable girls who see this, girls who are just developing their self worth, and think of this fit, beautiful body as plus size and think of all the connotations that go with that phrase? What if they all think they have to be skinnier than this to be seen as beautiful or sexy or worthy or even just fit? What a dangerous precedent this is setting.

I know there are companies out there putting real plus size models on their products, showing the world that women come in all sizes and we are all beautiful, but for every ad that shows a woman in a larger size, we have ten magazine layouts like this, and that’s a bad, bad thing. 

I don’t care what you want to tell me about body fat ratios and clothing sizes. This woman is not a plus size. She is not representative of me. She is not someone I, as a plus size person, can identify with. 

She is a lie.

i’ve always been insecure about my body and idk when i’ll be over it but i’m trying and that’s what counts, so i hope all you beautiful people out there that come in every shape and size never stop trying too and know that you’re not alone in feeling what you feel - a girl just like you

& alexis you’re a wonderful human being, you’re such an inspiration and every little thing you do matters and is surely making a difference! 

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You are so incredibly cute and have such a lovely smile!