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softshumjr replied to your post “JOCELYN!!!! pls talk to me about malec forehead kisses cause i need…”

you give me the cutest domestic!malec and i raise you battle!malec this was the hardest fight they had ever faced in their lives. even the immortal warlocks, seelies and vampires who had gone through a lot weren’t ready for this. valentine was ready to end this world and kill everyone who didn’t want to follow him. the downworlders were all supposed to be die. when clary told them about the alliance rune, nobody believed her it could work. downworlders with runes? clearly they would die. but magnus and alec stood in front of her, their hands intertwined. “let’s give it a go, biscuit,” magnus told her and she gave him a shy smile. neither magnus nor alec have ever felt this way before. power spreading through their bodies. they were stronger than ever before. when other downworlders and shadowhunters realised it worked, they found a pair and waited for their runes to be drawn magnus and alec went into the battle. 

people around them were struggling and they knew they needed a miracle to win this fight. magnus started shooting magic from his fingers and he never missed a single shot, clearly alec’s good aim was a thing magnus had got because of the rune alec was being attacked from every single side, he was trying to avoid it but it was impossible with every single blow in his direction. but as soon as he was wounded, magnus’ healing magic was around him and he was all new. 

more pairs of downworlders and shadowhunters were showing up in a battle field. it took them a while and a lot of them were heavily wounded but they did it. they defeated valentine. magnus and alec were struggling with catching a breath, they were exhausted but they still could feel a faint connection because of the rune that helped them win.

“we did it, magnus,” alec said and wrapped his arms around magnus. magnus only sighed and looked into the nephilim’s eyes, a small smile on his lips. he didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to. alec cupped his face and kissed his forehead, grateful that they both survived to live another day. 

(okay that kinda went more into battle!malec direction and not soft boyfriends who give each other forehead kisses but oops haha)

BATTLE!MALEC YES PLEASE! I just wanna see them fight alongside each other because they will always have each other’s backs. And they can totally go from bamf to soft boyfriends in a matter of seconds so I totally approve of this. It’s wonderful to think of them being beautifully in love in the midst of the mess around them. :’)


Is it too late to post my Valentine Slay?
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