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Thoughts on items from the Colourpop Monochromatic collections

At the beginning of this month, I bought some items from the Colourpop Monochromatic collections. There are three different collections: Nectar, Pink, & Sand.  didn’t buy anything from the Sand collection because it didn’t really appeal to me but I did buy some stuff from the Nectar and Pink collection so here’s my thoughts on what I bought.

Nectar Collection
Blow Me Away Pressed Powder Shadow Palette - This palette has some very peachy coral tones and a couple of the shades are very bright and intense but they are all very pretty. The four shades in this palette are Take a Break, Issues, Centerfold, and Slim Fit. Take a Break is a duo-chrome peach with a subtle gold flip, Issues is a matte pastel peach, Centerfold is a matte vibrant coral (and they mean vibrant), and Slim Fit is a matte hot red coral. All the shadows are nicely pigmented and blend out very well. Take a Break is a lot lighter than I was expecting but it’s still really pigmented and pretty. I’ve been using it as  a pop of brightness in the center of the eye, an inner corner highlight and a cheek highlight and I love it.  The other shadows in this palette are matte, beautiful, and intense. If you aren’t into brighter corals, I would avoid this but I love this palette and I’ve been using the fluff out of it.

Lippie Stix in Faded - This lippie is a cream finished rosy coral shade and it’s a gorgeous shade. I love the formula of this lippie stick and I love this shade. The formula is pigmented, creamy, and long lasting so it’s awesome as is this shade. I normally don’t love coral shades on my skin tone but this one has just enough pink in it that it doesn’t look too warm on me. I really love this lippie stick a lot.

Pink Collection
Belle of the Ball Pressed Powder Shadow Palette - This palette is obviously full of gorgeous pink shades. The four shades in this palette are Secrets, Soft Core, Fair Play, and On the Fence. Secrets is a matte pale baby pink, Soft Core is matte warm pink, Fair Play is a matte hot pink, and On the Fence is a metallic frosty pink. So, I don’t love the metallic shade On the Fence. It’s just not as pigmented as any of the other metallic pressed shadows I have, it leaves a lot of fallout on the face, and it tends to blend away. The matte shades however, are awesome. They are super pigmented and blend really well without disappearing. Love the matte shadows in this palette, don’t like the metallic shade.

Done Deal Pressed Powder Face Duo - This duo has a pressed powder blush and highlight. The blush is called Above & Beyond is a matte warm pink and the highlight is called Made Me Do It and is a pearlized champagne pink.  I love these powders. The highlight is beautiful on and lasts pretty well as does the blush. The blush is a bit more pigmented than I usually like but it’s a really nice shade and can be toned down with a light hand.

Ultra Satin Lip in Love Muffin - As always I loved the formula of this lippie but I didn’t love the shade. It’s a pastel baby pink that I thought it may be too light for me and I was right. I can’t really wear this shade on it’s own but I have been using it to create an ombre effect and I do like it for that. I wear a lot of pink and/or mauve shades so using a light pink shade to create that ombre look works really well.

Ultra Matte Lip in Fresh Cut - This lippie is a nice blue toned pink that is exactly the kind of shade I gravitate towards. What concerned me about this was the formula. Colourpop has changed the formula of the Matte Lips since I tried them last and for reference I didn’t like them at all when I tried them before. Now, I definitely like this formula better because it’s not as drying as it was before but it’s still not my favorite formula. I do still think that the Wet N’ Wild and Jordana liquid lipsticks are better but these aren’t bad and the shade is awesome so I do like this, I’m just not in love with it.

Those were my thoughts on the Colourpop monochromatic collection. Next up will be my April Favorites so until my next post.

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⚡️FIRST LOOK⚡️ Jouer Cosmetics NEW Highlighters✨

Available September 8th!!

They look a lot like Kathleenlights Makeup Geek Highlights, hopefully swatches for comparison soon.

“You got to pucker your lips like this. You got to bat your eyes like this.” 😝
Featured Products:
🖤Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip “Friday” 🖤 Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow “Silver Lining”
🖤 Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow “Tankini” 🖤 Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow “Labyrinth”
🖤 Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow “143”

Ulta Haul

While everyone else is ordering from Sephora right now because they are having their VIB sale, I ordered from Ulta. I know Sephora only does this twice a year but honestly, there isn’t anything that I want from Sephora right now that I couldn’t get at Ulta and 20% off is better than 15% so yeah, this is my Ulta haul.

NYX Faux Whites eye liners - I bought two more of the Faux Whites liners so spoiler alert, I  like these. I bought the shades Mint Cream  which is a mint green and White Smoke which is a pale lavendar. I love how these brighten up my water line but still give a bit of color. I am still going to post my thoughts on these but again, I did like Linen enough to buy more shades so yeah, I do like these.

NYX Faux Blacks eye liners - I bought this in the shade  Midnight which is a dark navy blue. Since I liked the Faux Whites I decided to try a Faux Black liner, especially since the NYX products were buy 2 get 1 free. I got the navy shade because I think using a blue shade to line my eyes makes my eye color pop. I will probably be posting my thoughts but I have a feeling that this will be really similar to the Faux Whites.

Urban Decay Special Effect Lip Top Coat - I had to try one these. They all look so pretty and I’m fascinated by how these are supposed change any lip color/formula. I have heard that these are pretty drying but we shall see. Oh, and I bought this is the shade White Lie which is an iridescent white w/blue-violet shift. I will review this!

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow - Since so many people have been talking about these, I had to try one. I bought this in Diamond Dust mainly because I felt like it was the most universal one being that it is a sheer silver & multicolor glitter. I did already swatch this and I definitely think I’m going to have to use this with a glitter glue or a tacky base but It looks really pretty. Yep, I’m going to review this as well.

Tarte Sex Kitten palette - I have been loving these little palettes from Tarte but I’ve been wanting something that was less warm and soft so when I saw this online, I knew I had to get it. Sex Kitten is definitely a good name for this palette because the shades just makes me think of a smokey cat eye look. Again, this is my third small Tarte palette and I love the other ones so I’m sure I’m going to like this one too but I will let you guys know my thoughts on it.

Last but certainly not least…

LORAC Pirate’s of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Cheek Palette - As excited as I am for everything else in this haul, this is probably the most exciting item. Yes, I am a pirates movie fan but I bought this because the highlight and blush shades are exactly my types of shades. I’m planning on posting a review on this cheek palette hopefully next week because I know this is limited edition. Since I did already swatch this palette I will say that the shades in this palette are gorgeous and I’m really looking forward to using this!

That was I got from Ulta this time around. I’m really excited about everything in this haul and I can’t wait to try some of this stuff. Next up will be my thoughts on the NYX Faux Whites Eyeliners (yes, I like them but I wanna talk about why and the things I’m not crazy about) so until my next post.

Later weirdos,



Love It or Leave It: LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette

The Lorac Los Angeles limited-edition cheek palette is supposed to be inspired by the sultry shades in Disney’s fifth installment of the swashbuckling adventure story, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. It includes six brand-new shades from their Color Source Buildable Blush and Light Source Illuminating Highlighters, inspired by the beauty and brilliance of the film’s new heroine, Carina Smyth. (The packaging is inspired by Carina’s diary.) This retails for $30 is available on the Lorac website and ulta.

• Fortune (soft pearl shimmer)
• Destined (light peach shimmer)
• Star Reader (gold opal shimmer)
• Lost Soul (light beige)
• Caribbean (dusty rose)
• Bold Spirit (cool pink shimmer)

Versatile shades that can used with most skin tones (except one shade)
buildable formula
Long lasting

Limited Edition
Lost Soul not as versatile as other shades

OVERALL: Considering the cons list, I’m pretty sure you guys know, that I think this palette is very beautiful and totally worth it. The shades are so beautiful and can be built up for more intensity or deeper color. The formula is so nice and lasts incredibly well.  The only shade that isn’t super versatile is Lost Soul. If you have a deeper skin tone I don’t know how well that would work as a blush but you may be able to use it as a matte highlighting powder otherwise all the other shades can be built up or used as something else. Personally, I love the highlight Fortune and the blush Caribbean, they are beautiful on. I like the other shades too  and have been using all of them, I just love how both of those look on me.  Destined is too dark to be a highlight on me, but it’s a gorgeous blush topper and it would be a nice highlight for someone with a medium to deep skin tone. Basically, I’m totally in love with this cheek palette and am really glad I bought it. If you have had your eye on this, I definitely recommend picking this up.

That’s it for this edition of Love It or Leave It, next up will be another Colourpop Haul, (they had a 20% sale, I wasn’t going to pass that up!) so until my next post.

Later weirdos,


April Favorites

April was crazy but a lot of good things happened this month so it’s been a good month filled with some good makeup. Now, let’s talk about what I’ve been loving.

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Palette - This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I love this palette. I love that I can use this palette for a more subtle neutral look or a colorful look. I know people don’t love that there is only one matte shade in this palette but when I use this for more colorful looks. I don’t use any other matte shades to deepen the crease because I want the look to be about the color. I don’t know if that makes sense but I tend to ignore general makeup rules because I’m a rebel (lol). Anyways, I love the eyeshadows in this palette and I love the highlight shade, especially on the days I want a more intense highlight. So definitely been using the fluff out of this palette.

Colourpop Blow Me Away Palette - I am in love with the coral shades in the palette. They are so bright and fun plus if you have blue eyes these shades really make them pop. I really do like the Colourpop pressed shadow formula for the most part and this palette is my favorite so far.

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Faded - Again, I already loved the lippie stix formula when I bought this but I love this shade. Like I said in my thoughts, I don’t normally like coral lipsticks on me but this has just even pink in it, to look gorgeous on. I have been pairing this with the Blow Me Away palette a lot but I’ve been wearing this shade pretty much any time I have created a warmer eye look. I highly recommend this shade!

Colourpop Done Deal Cheek palette - Even though I’ve been wearing a lot of coral and warmer shades lately, when I’ve been playing with cooler tones, this is the blush and highlight I’ve been reaching for. I love a pink highlight but this one has a bit of champagne in it to balance out the cool tone and the blush is just a perfect pink shade. Both the highlight and the blush also last well of the cheeks. Again, highly recommend this duo.

Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid in light - I like this as a liquid highlight but I also like mixing this in with some of my foundations to give it an extra glow. This is one of the those highlighters that give you more of a lit from within glow but it’s just so beautiful. I’m actually wearing this as I type this so you have to know I do really like this and highly recommend this.

Elf Highlighting Brush - I bought this brush on a whim because if looks a lot like other highlighting brushes I’ve seen on Youtube and I’m so glad I decided to try this. It’s my favorite highlighting brush and I can use it whether I want a more subtle highlight or whether I want a blinding highlight. It’s just an awesome brush at a very affordable price!

Those were my April favorites, next up will be my thoughts on my April BoxyCharm so until my next post.

Later weirdos,