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And as I walked closer to the edge, my mind seemed to grow smaller and the world around me bigger

I realised that I am only a piece a pebble in this large world

I realised that you are also a pebble

You are no bigger nor better than I am

I will be left with the fractures you caused yes

But in time you will be worn away with all the friction in your journey

I will be alive and free as always in this big beautiful world

Far far from you


Ireland: Top two photos are St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Bottom two are the ruins of a cathedral about an hour outside of the city and the view from it. (these are from much earlier today)

Ireland has always been my favorite place to visit and I love it. I’m actually planning on getting a working holiday visa for Ireland within the next year!

Now begins all the fun driving; onwards to the Blarney Stone, Killarney, and the majesty of the Ring of Kerry. We’re making loads of pit-stops so more photos to come!

(original photos and edits are mine)

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle & Nail Moisture Treatment Pen Review

#NewPost NAIL REVIEW of Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth Cuticle & Nail Moisture Treatment Pen #NerdyNiamhsNotes

Hey everyone! So today I decided to do a nail post about a product which I have been using about a month now. During a trip into my local Boots, I perused through the clearance section looking for a bargain and on this occasion was quite successful! I was quite lucky to pick up “Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen”. (more…)

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Did You Know?

Lipstick was considered an essential item for female nurses in the armed forces during the Second World War as it apparently reminded them they were ladies first and military second! Unlike today (where experts say red lips attract male attention) it was also believed that a ruby pout provided a calming influence on the opposite sex. 

Can’t believe the holidays are finally here 🏊 I am flying off tomorrow morning. First stop #Zurich ✈️ tonight (along with prepping my bags) I’m doing my skin + hair. I picked up this great two step hair mask in #Penneys for €1.50 👸 just a little conditioning & nourishment for the hot beach days coming up very soooooon 👙💛✨ #excited #blog #bbloggers #primark #hair #lavender #mask #beauty #ireland #dublin #holiday #sun #style #tip #love #purple 💜

Beach Bum OOTD

Instead of going on a high-stress piss up to some riddled resort in Spain, we decided that for our Sixth Year Holiday we would relax ourselves into a coma rather than drink ourselves into one. So we came to Kerry. On our first day of our Sixth Year Holiday me and Sinead migrated to the beach that is about 50 steps from our front door. It’s gorgeous and empty which helps because avoiding people…

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Deborah Lippmann: Nude Nails

Deborah Lippmann is probably the hottest manicurist on the block when it comes to looking after celebrities as well as New York fashionistas, and she’s also bang on trend for this coming winter with this selection of nudes. As mentioned in a previous post this week, caramel, chocolate and tonal shades will be popular in make-up for Autumn, with black and navy following as the days get shorter. Nails are following suit so you can revive the mushroom shades that came before colour blocking this year happily. Alternatively you can splash out on these beauties called; “Waking Up In Vagas”, “Fashion” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”.

Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer is available for £14 from the House of Fraser website.  

Boots Botanics Radiance Balm - The Stobe Cream Dupe

New Post: Boots Botanics Radiance Balm - The Stobe Cream Dupe | Laura Finnegan #bbloggers #irishbbloggers #boots #mac #dupe

MAC’s Stobe Cream & Clarins Beauty Flash Balm are makeup artist’s and bloggers holy grail bases for the perfect illuminating skin but at nearly €35 a pop they would want to include a face lift for me to splash out on. I have tried samples and they are fantastic but at this stage you know I love finding a product that is literally a quarter of the price and works just the same and I have just…

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Hello everyone!

So as you know it is lovely Summer time. Some of you may have a few days off to go the beach, lay out in our garden (if the weather is good enough) or could even be jetting away on a foreign holiday.

Keeping with this theme, I have created a slideshow of some holiday swimwear inspiration. Hope you guys see something you like!



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Check out the last holiday/vacation swimwear inspsiration👙☀ #NerdyNiamhsNotes Hello everyone! So as you know it is lovely Summer time. Some of you may have a few days off to go the beach, lay out in our garden (if the weather is good enough) or could even be jetting away on a foreign holiday.
Hair Trend 2013: Chilled Out 1960s Hair

This summer, get yourself ready for a bit of laid back style á la Julia Stegner, Germany’s hottest model since Heidi Klum. There’s a distinct air of bohemian, 1960s influence happening with the long fringe and heavily lined eyes.

How to: To achieve this type of look, long layers are added to give a little movement to hair and the fringe is kept long enough to touch off lashes adding a hint of mystery. For texture, spray roots with a dry shampoo and rub in with fingertips until any residue is gone. Cult favourite Batiste are the best to try if you’re dipping your toe in for the first time thanks to the range of scents & reasonable price range! 

Batiste is available from €2.50 in Boots & selected pharmacies nationwide now. 

Sportswear and Statement Necklaces

Sportswear and Statement Necklaces

Hey guys! I just thought I would update you on all on whats been happening lately and share my last few days with you. Incase you haven’t added me on snapchat yet (evanna_lily) you won’t know about my little day out the other day with one of the girls. We hadn’t seen each other in ages so we decided to go out for the day and take a walk, do a little shopping and then see a movie and it was such a…

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