beauty and the rolanda

Roslanda: Part 1 It’s a Good Thing You’re Pretty

Rosmerta/Ros: Gia! @femme-fatality

Rolanda Hooch: Grecia! @nymphaxxx

Announcer: Beth! @iiladyshakespeareii

Cornelius Fudge: Akuma! @akumapheles

Bartemius Crouch: Kirby! @loveretrolife

High in the sky eminent Slytherin Beater, Rolanda Hooch, leads her team to victory! On the ground below Gryffindor student, Rosmerta Abbotta beauty but a funny girl shouldn’t be so excited.

*Rolanda has led her team to victory!*

*Young Cornelius Fudge gives his date a withering stare*

*later that day*

Rosmerta: *is being chatted up by Barty Crouch*

Rosmerta: *seeing Rolanda down the hall*

 Rosmerta: *rushes up to Rolanda Hooch, calling her name all the time*

Rolanda: *is shocked to see Rosmerta approaching her*

Rosmerta: End of year exams…

Rolanda: *Walks away because someone has called her name*