beauty and the brute

You know when you look at someone so goddamn spectacularly gorgeous it physically hurts you…?

Petition to call that level of fabulous ‘brutiful’ (brute-e-full); brutal beauty, that stops the heart with a combination of awe, and agony. 


SIX OF CROWS MEME Locations » The Barrel

“ the dark alleys of the pleasure district known as the Barrel.”

“Artists loved to paint scenes of West Stave, the boys and girls who worked the brothels, the pleasure seekers dressed as characters of the Komedie Brute. But there was no beauty here, no real merriment or joy, just transactions, people seeking escape or some colourful oblivion, some dream of decadence that they could wake from whenever they wished.”

Goblins of the Multiverse: Lorwyn

One of the biggest complaints I’ve always had about Magic: the Gathering was its human-centric stories. The Weatherlight was primarily human. Kamahl and Jeska were human. Konda, Umezawa, Agrus Kos, Teferi, Venser, Elspeth, Jace, Chandra, Gideon, Liliana, and let’s face it, Sorin might not be human now, but he was born one. This is a fantasy setting. If there’s going to be a new story for every set, there should at least be a few that don’t star humans. This, thankfully, is why we have Lorwyn.

Boggart Brute by Igor Kieryluk

Lorwyn is a beautiful, natural world where plants grow abundantly, spring reigns eternal, the sun never sets, and the multiple sentient races live idyllic lives without any human interference. There is feuding, certainly, and there is still evil, but there’s still no nicer place in the multiverse. Lorwyn’s goblins, called boggarts, are much more playful and less malicious than goblins of other worlds. They are defined by curiosity, a desire for fun, and a complete disregard for the concept of death. Boggarts have the following characteristics:

Boggart Morphology, from the Lorwyn Style guide, artist unknown

Extreme Polymorphism: Boggarts physically vary more widely than any other species of goblins in the multiverse. Skin colors among boggarts range the whole spectrum of red to violet and everything in between. Boggart noses are sometimes long and pointed, but are sometimes wide, flat snouts. Some boggarts have hair. Some boggarts have horns. All boggarts have feet, but these range from human-like to canine to reptilian to the point where the only way to properly identify boggart tracks is to find multiple tracks together that don’t match.

Boggart Birth Rite by Ralph Horsley

Death and Rebirth: Boggarts breed and die even more frequently than most goblins, in part because boggarts have no fear of death. Boggarts have a firm belief in reincarnation, and there is evidence to support that they’re right. This fearlessness causes issues for others, though, as while boggarts are rarely malicious, they don’t perceive harm in killing others, assuming that their victim will just be back later.

Sensation Gorger by Matt Cavotta

Sensation Gorging: Boggarts are ultimately fueled by a desire for new and interesting sensations. Any boggart given free time will venture out into the world to explore and return with stories and detailed descriptions of what he did. If they can bring back a souvenir, they will. This means a boggart will attempt to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste literally anything or anyone it can. In addition to finding strange things, boggarts are prone to inventing sensations via pranks. These pranks are designed to make a creature to take a course of action it normally wouldn’t and are occasionally fatal.

Wort, Boggart Auntie by Larry MacDougall

Theiarchy: Boggarts tribes are led by matrons, primarily referred to as Aunties. A tribe’s Auntie is usually the oldest member of the tribe, and is usually female. An Auntie’s job is to share her wisdom and experience with the tribe and to act as an arbiter for any problems that arise within. While boggarts don’t fear death, it is still considered an inconvenience, and so Aunties make sure every member of their tribe knows what aspects of Lorwyn lead to certain doom- primarily poisonous foods, particularly dangerous creatures, and elves. Aunties primarily teach through fables and stories. Informing a boggart of something’s danger is not nearly as effective as telling a story of it, and a proper story of how a sensation was already discovered makes a boggart less eager to discover it himself. Aunties are usually learned shamans, acting as healers and midwives in addition to their leadership duties.

Auntie’s Hovel by Wayne Reynolds

Bog-garts: Unlike most goblins, boggarts don’t live in mountainous regions. Instead, they live in wetland areas. Lorwyn’s wetlands are teeming with life for boggarts to explore, and nearby trees are crafted into homes. These homes range from ‘a hole in a stump’ to ‘large huts built among the branches.’

War-Spike Changeling by Mark Poole

Changelings: Some boggarts are actually shapeshifters taking the form of blue, gelatinous goblins. Though nobody is actually fooled by these disguises, the boggarts by and large don’t care, and let anyone who wants to be a boggart be a boggart.

Frogtosser Banneret by Ralph Horsley

Overall, Lorwyn is a wonderful place full of happy, friendly, silly goblins, who only kill you because they figure you’ll be fine later.

Ragnar has never wanted gold or silver or treasures more than he has wanted Athelstan. When they first met, he picked him as his one thing after the raid in Lindisfarne, and now he would rather have a baptism, a ticket to his soulmate, than wealth for his people upon his death. He would rather guarantee himself an eternity in Heaven with his beloved than any tangible or material thing in existence. 

He no longer wants Valhalla, he only wants to see Athelstan again.

I did not expect for this show about big, brute Vikings to give me such a beautiful queer love story, yet here we are…

Blood strewn across the floor,
with nothing but half a soul and a closed door,
rising from ashes just to turn into dust,
built an empire out of molds and rust.

Beauty in brute and the taste of blood,
hands that make him feel like a mangled god,
and her gaze is like a river of liquid ice,
to a sky-burdened boy with a house of lies.

Born before a sister that became a heinous crime,
with no money and always running out of time,
the ghosts of their dead mother and absent fathers,
life that made his skin tougher and his back harder.

He found a love so sullied and so fierce,
with jagged edges that fit and never pierce,
and then found a love so perfect and free,
that the world will never let them be.

All of these, he found in a girl on fire,
whose hands are as bloody as his are tired,
together, they carried their crumbling kingdom burnt,
together, they lived, and died, and then returned.
—  of how the phoenix rose | j r e f

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! It’s perfect.”

The Iron Bull, his hand paused inches from Dorian’s shoulder, laughs as Dorian scrutinizes himself in the mirror. He puts the kohl down and turns his eyes to Bull.

“How do look?” He asks. Bull should say “gorgeous” because he is. Bit instead he smiles wide and grabs Dorian by the waist.

Dorian yelps then screams “No!” As he’s swept up in Bull’s arms and maneuvered onto the bed. He glares up at Bull but Bull doesn’t miss the pull at the corners of his lips, trying to fight his smile.

“You brute. You display no reverence for beautiful things.”

“Oh, but that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

The Bull’s touch is gentle in its exploration. He maps Dorian’s skin anew with his fingertips. He kisses the hard lines and soft turns of Dorian’s body. Until Dorian is overcome and whispering “yes” in breathless repetition.


Tho I also love character designs which involve couples with a size/height difference:  where the guy is this super HUGE manly, hairy chested person with a small, lovely young, lithe lady..

I just think how interesting it would be if there was story where the lady is the HULKING, SOMEWHAT DENSE, STRONG, HAIRY BRUTE with the HEART OF GOLD, saving the guy, who in this situation, is the beautiful ‘delicate flower’ haha.