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New Villain kids for Descendants 2!!

>> China McClain as UMA, Daughter of Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

>> Thomas Doherty as HARRY, Son of Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

>> Dylan Playfair as GIL, Son of Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

>> Anna Hathcart as DIZZY, Daughter of Drizella (Cinderella)

I am not okay 🥀💋✨💔

As much as I loved the Beast (oml don’t get me started, no seriously I won’t be able to stop) there is still apart of me that is so hilariously unrealistically hoping, praying, crying, swimming in my younger self’ dreams of a Beauty and The Beast sequel or short. I just??? Want to see Belle and Adam with a family??? And happy??? And making me jealous??? I don’t know. Too much for my heart to bare. Guess I will have to resort to all the M rated fan fics 🔥🔥🔥✨💋🌹Please hose me down with Holy Water. 💧💦
*** Not to mention just Lefou being the fabulous little quick witted shit that he is. ✨💋🌹❤***

like i don’t even know how it could happen and what’s gonna happen if ever and IF it could even be as good as the first one

but i’m just desperately feeling the need for a beauty and the beast sequel you know

  • first things first i need it to have a new title because he is not a beast!!!
  • i literally want to see more belle and prince adam being together damn it, it was literally too short in the film
  • lefou and stanley together
  • i wan’t backstory about cogsworth and the woman in the film (or did i miss it?)
  • basically i just want to see the human castle people + belle and prince adam, and belle’s dad living in the castle
  • I JUST REALLY WANT TO SEE BELLE AND ADAM TOGETHER OK i would pay to watch the next movie just to see them be together and fight about books and be cute and couple-y and in love pls i need good things in life
  • dan stevens was supposed to be naked in the transformation scene i want justice
Beauty and the Beast Prequel?

”There are currently no plans for a sequel and the studio — perhaps with Alice Through The Looking Glass as a reminder — won’t try to force one. It will explore possible spinoff and prequel scenarios, Bailey [President of Production at Walt Disney Pictures] said.” - (x)


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A feast’s sprung from nowhere. Enough to feed all of them, and any villagers who dared stay after the fight. Just appeared in one of the main courtyards. Cogsworth thinks “Probably another curse,” and they each must take him by an elbow and pull him along.

It quickly turns into Lumiere almost holding up her off the floor while towing their, their friend. Her legs are being very silly at present.

She can understand Cogsworth. All the trouble that one rose caused, never mind a whole banquet! it’s just that he’s wrong. She thinks but does not say, it’s possibly the Enchantress’s - not her apology. It’s a gift, a farewell present. If she’s rude about it, and if she is it’s certainly only in her own head: maybe it’s a sneaky bribe. Leave them thinking better of her, with their joy and mouths and fingers and thumbs and full bellies and little to do, for just today.

She’s had time to notice a distinct lack of dust, which makes her even happier. Some of the others have come back talking about fully stocked larders, sparkling windows and perfect gardens and fresh sheets on the beds! Not just the Prince’s bed either, probably all of them. And again, the feast none of them had to worry about preparing or arranging. It’s one last bit of magic, maybe. A goodbye as time starts up again. One glorious day between being servants and back to being servants. Being quite free.

Thereare  porcelain plates so they can take as much as they want and come away. There’s no order, no procession and placement of courses, nothing to be placed and taken away again. The Prince doesn’t even stay for them to watch him eat, he’s sitting in one of the alcoves with Lady Belle, nothing but talking and holding her hands, kissing her palms in full sight of everyone as thought he’d like to eat them instead.

She piles her plate for Lumiere more than herself, she could hardly eat a thing. She’d much rather to go off with him like the Prince and Lady Belle have done, or Garderobe and Cadenza who charged in for champagne and clattered back out at once. Even like Mrs. Potts and Chip with Monsieur Jean, barely letting go of each other for a heart beat. Not even a blink. But Madame Cogsworth is still very much here and Cogsworth would very much prefer that she wasn’t, or that he wasn’t, and Lumiere doesn’t want to leave him alone and she doesn’t either, truly, so.

They all end up near one of the fountains. She perches on the rim while Lumiere sprawls and Cogsworth sits, trembling with not touching his wife. She almost quits her seat for the shade because the sunlight is so hot and growing hotter in her hair, on the backs of her hands.

Lumiere’s fingers are learning slowly, to his great embarrassment: “I am most ashamed,” he says as he tries to get the wig straight. Madame Cogsworth only nods.

She pins the wig back into place for him. Pats it into some dignity again. He can catch and stroke about her face or hold a spoon (if it’s wedged tight enough between his thumb and the rest) but a knife’s that little bit much him for now.

She comes down from her perch and settles herself nearly on his lap to feed him. She tells him to let her do it: “I will do it. I want to do it.” She holds leaves of salad for him, orange slices, a boiled egg and then another when he says how he’s missed them. He kisses her fingertips; his lips are too soft and loving to let her get more than a touch of his teeth and tongue.

Cogsworth is doing his best not to look as he divides up some bread (and chicken) with his wife. Well, she’s sorry for that, but not sorry enough that she won’t keep feeding Lumiere scraps of food fit for a prince. (Or only fit for their Prince; make of that what you will.) And in any case, they aren’t scraps from someone noble’s meal but ones that she’s making herself, tearing up the beef for him, soft enough that there’s no call for a knife. The village woman from another time and world can stare all she wants. He’s her man and he’s earned the best, he was strong and carried them for so long, it’s her turn.

He wakes up a bit from the pleasure to stop her rending the meat any further. “You’ll burn your fingers,” he says. Before he realises.

That is so funny! She wraps her arms round his neck, tugs so his back meets and squashes her breasts, nose first into his wig by mistake before she can find his forehead to kiss it. Cogsworth’s risen and loudly declares he’s going for a walk; “Will you join me, Madame,” which manages to be enough of whatever she’s looking for that of course Madame will.

And she really must find some way of thanking her friend - when she’s not saying, close to Lumiere’s ear (can she smell smoke from his wig again) her fingers and most of all their tips are very much unharmed, how sweet you are to worry about them, no need for concern, while she works a finger through his neck cloth’s folds to reach his skin.

Possible idea for a sequel to BatB

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but does anyone in the movie actually say that the King (Beast’s dad) is dead? I remember them talking about how much of an asshole he was, but not that he was dead.

So, what if he’s still alive. Say that at the time of the curse he was away “looking for a suitable bride” for his son. When the curse happens, he forgets (also, is it mentioned if the curse only affect the villagers? I would assume it would affect anyone who knows about the castle). When the curse is lifted he remembers everything, returns to the castle (interrupting the perfect wedding of Beast (for the love of God tell us his name!!) and Belle) with the super spoiled, rich princess he wants his son to marry. 

Boom sequel.

galindadaae  asked:

what do you think about the reports for a beauty and the beast sequel? and what do you think dan's reaction would be if those reports are true?

To use a new Disney created gif…

I don’t know… I don’t think he’s looking for a sequel…nor  am I…but it’s just idle click bait speculation now anyway…

Let’s just enjoy what we’ve got…what say you Dan?


'Beauty and the Beast' to get sequel?

Los Angeles, March 18 (IANS) Bill Condons directorial “Beauty and the Beast” is reportedly getting a sequel.

The production company Disney wants to continue making the next instalment to follow the success of the Emma Watson and Dan Stevens starrer, reports

“With the expected monster opening of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and the excitement that has surrounded the film, they are already considering a sequel to be released around 2019 or 2020,” said a source.

“They want everyone back for an original story. It is the next phase of what Disney would like to do with their live-action sequels to their animated classics,” the source added.

The sequel won’t be surprising for some people who are familiar with the “Beauty and the Beast” movie franchise.

“Beauty and the Beast” (1991) had three direct-to-video instalments. Set within the events of the first animated film, “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” came first and served as holiday special in 1997, followed by “Belle’s Magical World” in 1998.

The third instalment, “Belle’s Tale of Friendship”, was released a year later in 1999 to promote Disney’s TV series titled “Sing Me a Story with Belle”.

Currently, the production company is busy developing live-action remakes of “The Lion King”, “Dumbo” and “The Little Mermaid”.