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Newt: Hey Jacob! Welcome to my haven.
Jacob: Thank you.
Newt: You’re the first non-me to set foot in here in ten years.

 (Parks and Recreation; Season 2, Episode 18: The Possum)

A mashup for every episode (24/125)

One of my missions in life is to take screenshots of Eren on every episode this season....

I mean…..

Look at that beautiful boy…getting ready for battle….










You go, Eren :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Eremika, Yumikuri, and Beruani + Beauty and the Beast parallel

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MAJOR Prediction for ACOTAR

This prediction deals with that “certain something” about Feyre that is mentioned but is never focused on in the first book. It is also based on great personal fascination with the “Beauty and the Beast” tale type, with which I am very familiar. However, if you are not familiar with the tale type or the original de Villeneuve version, this predication could be super-spoilery for you, so I am going to put most of it beneath the cut. 

That “certain something” to which I am referring is mentioned at least twice that I have noticed, but it’s probably slipped in other places, too, because it is meant to be subtle. The first occurrence is on page 143 in my copy, and it takes place the day after the Suriel incident when Tamlin is offering to help Feyre write for the second time.

Passage 1 (P1)

“I’m not insulting you.” His quiet voice made it all the worse.

“I don’t need your help.”

“Clearly not,” he said with a half smile. But the smile faded. “A human who can take down a faerie in a wolf’s skin, who ensnared the Suriel and killed two naga on her own …” He choked on a laugh, and shook his head. The firelight danced along his mask. “They’re fools. Fools for not seeing it.” He winced. But his eyes held no mischief.

The second passage is at the very end of the book, during the final exchange between Feyre and Rhysand on page 415. Indeed, I felt the whole bargain between them was a bit strange, especially if the only reason Rhysand was interested in her had to do with making Tamlin angry. He would not go through so much trouble for someone he only lusted for, would he? There’s a particular moment during their final conversation that points again to this “certain something.”

Passage 2 (P2)

“Well, good-bye for now,” he said, rolling his neck as if we hadn’t been talking about anything important at all. He bowed at the waist, those wings vanishing entirely, and had begun to fade into the nearest shadow when he went rigid. 

His eyes locked on mine, wide and wild, and his nostrils flared. Shock–pure shock flashed across his features at whatever he saw on my face, and he stumbled back a step. Actually stumbled.

“What is–” I began.

He disappeared–simply disappeared, not a shadow in sight–into the crisp air.

I have two very good ideas about what this “certain something” is. In fact, the what is less of a question for me. It’s more to do with the who. If you’re interested in finding out what and who I think Feyre is based on close familiarity with the “Beauty and the Beast” tale type, read below the jump!

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Newt: I don’t think I could date someone doesn’t share my interests. Could you date someone who doesn’t love Obliviating Muggles?
Percival: I’ve never dated anyone who’s loved Obliviating Muggles.

(Parks and Recreation: Season 2, Episode 3: Beauty Pageant) 

A mashup for every episode (9/125)

Runaway snake part 3

“Dad…” Jughead sighed, eyes instantly finding the ground, smile pulling from his face until the slow and steady grimace that was normally there found its place back on his handsome features.

“Beautiful night isn’t it?” Fp grinned, he lived for moments like this, any chance he could get to tease and taunt his son he would snatch up in a heartbeat. And the smile he had caught on his sons face just a moment ago? Oh that was ammo for at least a week.

“We aren’t having this conversation right now.” Jughead breezed past the older man, rolling his eyes when Fp jogged to catch up.

“Or are we?” His father smirked.

“No. We definitely aren’t.”

Fp sighed “come on! I’m your dad! We can talk about stuff like this, so you’ve got a crush, I don’t blame you, she’s a pretty young thing..”

“I don’t have a …crush..” Jughead turned to look at his dad “I walked her home that’s it, it’s dark and she’s new around here I was just helping her get home.” He mumbled, his hand rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“And inviting her to meet your friends on a double date?” Fp turned to keep walking, a knowing grin still plastered on his face.

“What? No! It’s not like that, I just figured she probably doesn’t have any food so I’d show her Pops, if Archie and Veronica are there… it’s not a date! What are you even… dad!” Jughead called speeding to catch up with his dad who was a few feet away.

“Whatever you say boy, not a date, a date. Totally up to you, but a little fatherly advice? You saw the way those boys were looking at her in the bar, if you’re even a little interested it might do you good to let her know, a girl that good? She’ll be snatched up before you even have a chance to blink.” Fp waved a lazy hand at his son as he headed towards his own trailer before turning back and calling out “by the way, you’re coming with me to the vet tommorow, Hot dog has a cold and you know I don’t know any of that medical jargon, I need to know if they’re taking all my money.” With a wink he had dissapeared behind the metal trailer doors leaving Jughead staring blankly at the welcome mat on the porch.

A date? Was it a date? He had asked her, and it was a meal, but would she think it was a date? Did she expect him to bring her flowers? Is that what people did on dates? He was a Serpent, a gang member, he’d never been on a date, he’ll he’d never even spoken to a girl as beautiful as Betty Cooper. Okay so yeah, it was a date, he was going on a date with the prettiest and warmest blonde to ever grace these parts of town, there was just one thing on his mind,

What the hell was he going to wear?


What the hell was she going to wear?

Betty pushed through the tiny closet in her trailer, lacy lingerie and skin tight black leather seemed to be the only thing the previous occupant wore and that… well that wasn’t quite her style.

She had to go shopping, she only had a bit of money saved up and it definitely wasn’t enough to buy her a new wardrobe. She would look for a job, they had a mechanics shop just a few miles south of the bar, she knew cars and bikes, she was good with them, scratch that she was great if she could get in there and make a few bucks that would be plenty.

As for now? She would just have to go with her tried and true yellow sundress. Growing up in foster homes there was never really anyone to take her shopping, she was lucky to get the hand me downs given to her by the older girls, but this dress? It was special, it was the only thing that was hers, the only thing she had ever been given. She could still remember the day so vividly,

It was spring time and the weather was warm, a breeze that seemed to settle in her bones, she was in a new foster home, the family was …nice, blonde like her and kind. A vast difference from the man who had taken her in last month. They seemed to care for her and she had stayed there for six months, longer than anything other foster family would keep her, one day they were shopping, her foster mom had a wedding to go to and they were looking for a dress when Betty saw it. it was beautiful, soft and flowy, casual yet beautiful and the kind of dress you saw the ladies in the posters on the doctors office wall wearing. She had loved it instantly and begged her foster mother to buy that one

“It’ll look pretty” betty had shrugged handing the garment over to the beautiful woman who had been watching over her.

The woman had looked down at Betty’s shining eyes and pressed the dress closer to the thirteen year old.

“Hmm, it is a little mature for someone your age but I’m sure you’ll grow into it, you keep it. My treat.”

She had cried when they got home, silent waterfall tears as she held the dress In Her arms, burying her face in the soft material, tear stains leaking all over it. She had loved that family as much as a broken thirteen year old could but they had gotten pregnant and there just wasn’t enough space for two children, she still wondered about them though, how blessed there child must be.

A slow and steady knock broke her out of her memories, she ran through the trailer, running her fingers through her blonde waves and slipping on the combat boots that were by the door. What? Who says you can’t wear a dress and a sturdy pair of boots.

Taking a deep breathe, Betty braced herself at the front door, Okay it was just breakfast, nothing more, it couldn’t be a date, there was no way a boy like Jughead Jones would be asking her on a date, he felt bad is all, just wanted to help her and that… well that was enough.

She opened the door quickly, her smile slipping from her face when he thrust a pair of daisies nearly into her nose.

“Oh” She whispered, eyes widening at the flowers.

“Here.. I uhh… I don’t know.. it’s stupid.. do people even give their dates flowers anymore? I’m an idiot” the dark haired boy mumbled, his beanie absent from his head and a freshly washed dark blue flannel stretching across his arms.

So it was a date.

Oh my god it was date.

Betty swallowed, a genuine smile blossoming on her lips

“I love them” She whispered, her eyes landing on his as he visibly relaxed, a pleased smile on his face.

“Yeah well.. ya know, they’re pretty like you..” he winced as Betty giggled “god that was awful” he finished causing Betty to laugh even harder. “What do you say we go get breakfast and save me from embarrassing myself any more.” He reached his hand out taking hers and leading her to the bike, just as she was about to climb on he stopped her, raking his eyes over her choice of outfit and grinning.

“I love it.” He finally spoke, a look of adoration clear in his eyes.

“Thanks, I’m going for homecoming queen who also has to kick ass after the dance.”

Jughead laughed, a deep real laugh that did things to Betty’s stomach.

“My favorite kind of homecoming queen.”

Apparently the north side wasn’t as far as she had expected, they made it to Pops in under ten minutes, just as she was getting use to the feel of her arms wrapped around Jugheads middle.

“So this is it. My second home.” Jughead grabbed the helmet out of her hands and gestures lazily to the empty parking lot of the Diner.

“Very retro.” Betty grinned, walking ahead, excited to see the inside of the adorable restaurant. Before she got to far however, Jugheads hand found hers, she glanced down quickly and when she looked back up he was looking at her with a question in his eyes. He wanted to know if this was okay? was it too soon to hold her hand? Did she even want him to hold her hand?

Betty squeezed his fingers reassuringly before gently tugging him through the clear glass of doors of Pops.

“Wow.” She whispered, it was amazing, the entire place looked like it came right out of the 1950s, she had worked in Diners before but nothing like this. “It’s Beautiful!” She exclaimed

“Yeah, It is.” But he wasn’t admiring the leather booths or the authentic jukebox, his eyes were trained solely on her.

“Hey Jug! Over here!” A voice called from a few booths away, a red haired boy was standing up and waving his arm while a beautiful black haired girl was tugging him down and rolling her eyes, this had to be Archie and Veronica.

“Ready to enter the Belly of the beast” Jughead teased close to her ear.

With a reassuring smile Betty and Jughead made their way over.

What the fuck was the ending to penn zero

I am so confused. Did the show just end? What is phase two?!?

I’m happy that penn got his parents back and Rippen is at peace now but why did the show have to end?!? It was great! And with the all the endless possibilities for other dimensions it literally could just go on and on with ideas.

I legit wanted to cry when I saw that everyone was happy cause I knew that it seemed like the end since, there’s nothing left to accomplish. I want there to be more but now I’m just filled with a hole


Malec & s2 fairy tale tropes

It’s not a secret that fairy tale AUs are quite popular in fandom, but what is more interesting is that the canon too played with this trope in season 2.

I’ve counted at least three fairy tale references / reimaginings – the first two are the most obvious ones – the Sleeping Beauty’s kiss (2x03), and the Beast’s wilting rose (2x18); the third one is probably a bit harder to recognize at first sight since it wasn’t yet adapted by Disney – the myth of Cupid and Psyche, which was also used in the TMI books (as far as I can see from the book spoilers). [And also little bonus: Malec vs. the demon!dragon]

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REYLO would be a smart move by Disney (Part 1/2)

I’m studying economics, and I’m a Reylo fan, so I wanted to logically explain and analyze why Disney will be doing a Reylo storyline. I am not 100% sure, but I am 99% sure it will happen :)

Disney is a business. And just like any other business their goal is to make the most money possible. I remember when Disney bought LucasFilm, a lot of people thought Disney was going to ruin it. But Disney is a business. Their goal is to make more money and bring in more fans. They will not ruin it, because it will look bad on them. In order to make the most money, they have to look at what their consumers want.

The original Star Wars movies target audience was young boys/teenage boys (George Lucas said so himself). There were pretty space women, crazy light saber fights, and bad guys that had cool voices. Of course, young/teen boys (and girls) would love that kind of stuff. Disney is now trying to expand on that target audience. They know that both women and men love Star Wars, so they also want to bring in a more broad audience in order to make more money. Disney knows their consumers very well. They’ve dominated the movie business for a very long time, and they know how to analyze the market and trends in their consumers. They’ve definitely noticed how popular Game of Thrones, 50 Shades of Grey, and Beauty and the Beast is.

Fairy Tales

Disney is most well known for their fairy tales, and JJ Abrams has already hinted that Star Wars is basically a fairy tale in space. We can see above that Beauty and the Beast made a lot more money than Cinderella did. This difference could have been from Disney’s marketing or from the popularity of the cast, but still, the new Beauty and Beast did very well. The new Cinderella made about $550 million in 2015 and made $260 million in 1950. The new Beauty and the Beast made $1.3 billion in 2017 and made $425 million in 1991. Disney takes that into consideration when determining what story line for Star Wars will bring in the most money.

Pop culture

50 Shades of Grey was a top selling book, women (young and old) loved it and became obsessed with this naughty series. There’s dominance, dirty sex, and bondage, which most women would have never even thought about, but they ended up becoming obsessed with the story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Game of Thrones is one of the most watched TV shows, and it still gaining more and more viewers each season. It started with 2 million viewers and now has over 10 million viewers, which is very very rare when it comes to TV shows (viewership usually goes down). Men and women of all ages love the show. There’s a lot of violence/death, incest, sex, and the characters are never good or bad. They switch from being hated to lovable within a few episodes and vice versa (except for Joffrey).

How it relates to Star Wars

Originally posted by starwars

What does Beauty and the Beast, 50 Shades of Grey, and Game of Thrones have in common? They are original, different, and unexpected, so they are making a lot of money. Which is exactly what Star Wars was like in the 70s/80s. Even people that have never seen Star Wars knew the quote “Luke I am your father” and everyone knows who Darth Vader is. Star Wars was “unconventional”. There was slight incest between Luke and Leia (not as bad as GOT). Darth Vader wasn’t as bad as everyone thought, and he ended up giving his life to save Luke’s. Star Wars was different, unexpected, and the complete opposite of a traditional or cliche story.

This leaves Disney with a decision. Go with the more common and cliche story, or go with something that is different and widely unexpected? Taking pop culture and the current movie market into account, going different and unexpected is their best route to make money. They are a business, and their goal is to increase viewership to increase sales. They want to appeal to the original fans, while also appealing to younger kids and adults that never got into the original Star Wars. In order to do this, they have to do something that the average Star Wars fan would be surprised about while also reeling in new fans with the amazing story line.

This is starting to get long, so here is PART 2. Here I will explain how Disney is preparing/setting up for Reylo.


Newt: Sometimes when you make an omelet you’ve got to break a few eggs. What’s the alternative? No omelets at all? Who wants to live in that kind of world? Maybe birds. Then all their babies would live.

(Parks and Recreation; season 2, episode 6: Kaboom!)

Imagine if back in Season 2 they had decided to go with Red Beauty. We would’ve had an LGBT relationship with 2 main characters (Ruby was still a main at the time) 3 seasons earlier, it could still easily have BatB undertones (Ruby is a freaking wolf), it would have gotten Belle away from Rumple (who they could’ve made into more of a ‘Gaston’ figure it they chose to). They could have foiled Red and Rumple as 2 “monsters” to show which one is the real beast. Imagine if in that episode where David’s step-dad/King whats-his-face convinced everyone to lead a hunt against Red if Belle had been the one to stand up for her and defend her from the mob (“Kill the Beast” song, anyone?)

Imagine Belle in a relationship with someone who wouldn’t constantly lie to her, except when it suddenly becomes convenient to tell the truth. Imagine her being with someone who wouldn’t excuse their shitty treatment of her by saying stuff like “You knew this is what you were getting when you fell in love with me” despite them repeatedly saying that they were going to try to be better. Imagine Belle being with someone who shared her ideals of being kind and selfless and wanting to help others.

Also, imagine Red having a more central part in the plot of Season’s 3-5 as all the Rumbe!!e episodes are now Red Beauty episodes. Rumple can still be around too, because he’s a great villain, but he could just be that… a villain.

Red Beauty could have been everything ya’ll.


Abernathy: I’ve established a scientifically perfect, ten-point scale of human beauty. Queenie is a 7.4, which is way too high for Jacob, who is a 3.8. 10 is MACUSA legend Percival Graves. 

(Parks and Recreation; season 2, episode 4: Practice Date)