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relationship status: single and I don’t know if I’m fine with that or not
favourite colour: just one? uuh… let’s say brown (and gold, like brown and gold)
lipstick or chapstick: neither :p
last song I listened to: gaston - alan menken (batb2017)
last movie I watched: beauty and the beast (2017)

top three tv shows:
1. doctor who (that show used to be my life)
2. galavant
3. grace & frankie (season 3 tomorrow!!)

top three characters:
1. bard
2. maedhros
3. hiccup & toothless

top three ships:
1. bard/thranduil
2. maedhros/fingon
3. achilles/patroclus

I tag… whoever wants to do this. :3

Oh hey, didn’t see you there. It’s Fandometrics.

Television: It’s what’s on TV

Voltron: Legendary Defender is at No. 1 after the announcement of a second season.
Eyewitness jumps up four spots to No. 5, according to eyewitnesses.
Teen Wolf is back (at No. 14) and it’s not even a full moon.

Movies: Smaller than TV but in bigger servings

Beauty and the Beast has Gaston’d its way up to No. 2.
The Nightmare Before Christmas enjoys its annual glory at No. 3.
☆ Another once-a-year trender, V for Vendetta pops its masked head out at No. 9.

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Music: Sometimes it’s on TV in the background

Beyoncé is back at No. 1. She lives there and just occasionally lets others visit.
Ariana Grande bops her way up to No. 9 with a new single.
☆ No Zayn no gain: Mr. Malik is back at No. 15.

Celebrities: They’re on TV all the time

Benedict Cumberbatch (No. 1) is the Beyoncé of the Marvel universe.
Emma Watson enjoys a Belle Époque at No. 7. Eh? Belle?
Eyewitness continues to take over Tumblr as Tyler Young debuts at No. 20.

Games: If TV were interactive

Animal Crossing: New Leaf + amiibos = No. 4 on the charts.
Mass Effect is at No. 8 in preparation for N7 day.
PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator debuts at No. 18., which brings us to

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Web stuff: You can watch TV on the web if you want

PewDiePie himself has leapt five spots to No. 12.
Jacksepticeye hits an all-time high (nice, a rhyme) at No. 2.
Willyrex returns at No. 19. Willy continue the upward trend??? Sorry.
Dan Stevens on the "Terrifying" Pressure of 'Beauty and the Beast'
The 'Legion' star and former 'Downton Abbey' heartthrob on taking on one of Disney's most famous princes.


In case you didn’t notice, Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast remake is currently the biggest movie in the world, having smashed five box-office records during its opening weekend alone. You can thank Dan Stevens in part for the film’s massive success; the Downton Abbey alum took on arguably the movie’s most challenging role, bringing the lovelorn, misunderstood Beast to life through a motion-capture suit and prosthetics. It’s a stark departure from his starring turn as X-Men mutant David Haller in FX’s new smash-hit series Legion, which received its Season 2 order last week. “To get to explore fantastical realms has always been a dream of mine, so long may it continue,” Stevens says of his current penchant for less-than-human roles. Below, the actor opens up about the “extreme excitement and mild terror” of taking on one of Disney’s most iconic roles, creating the voice of the Beast and developing his back story.

He admits he was “terrified” when he was cast in the role.

“It was a mixture of extreme excitement and mild terror. It’s a huge honor to be asked to play an iconic role like this. It’s a privilege. I guess the biggest responsibility I felt was to my childhood self, really, who loved this fairytale, loved fairytales in general, and loved the animated film. Then it was to my own kids. I tried not to think about all the millions of other kids that would be seeing it. Just my own, and thinking about the ways in which they enjoy the book when we read it to them, and the things in the animated film that made them laugh, and trying to retain those things.”

There were several moments throughout the filmmaking process where he questioned if he’d be able to pull off a convincing Beast.

“That question was going on throughout pre-production, really. We were exploring a couple of different ways that we might [create the Beast], so I was exploring prosthetic options, and the muscle suit was being constructed for the mass and hulk of the Beast, so I was getting to explore moving around with that on. The stilts were being modified almost daily. We’d have a meeting in the morning with a team of engineers and the choreographers, and we’d try and modify these things so I could waltz in them effectively. It wasn’t so comfortable, but definitely in a way that wasn’t going to completely cripple me. With the dance training, getting those steps down, but then getting them down in the stilts… Every day I woke up thinking, "How are we going to do this?” I continued to probably think that throughout the post[-production] process as well. The first cut of the film, the first rough assembly that Bill showed me of the movie—which was gorgeous, by the way—had me still in my Lycra suit. There was no CGI rendered at all, so the performance was there, but I had to just draw on untold resources of imagination to believe and will the Beast into being.“

Besides the Beast’s appearance, very little in the film actually used a green screen—which helped Stevens and the rest of the cast make the world of Beauty and the Beast believable.

What [director] Bill [Condon] really wanted, from the very beginning, was in order to have a world in which you have these fantastical beasts that we’re creating using technology, everything else had to feel and look real. There wasn’t a lot of green screen. The costumes and the props, and Sarah Greenwood’s production design, were intentionally practical and gorgeous. The ballroom was 360 degrees of gorgeousness. It was vast, and that area of the castle, going from the terrace outside the ballroom, through the ballroom into the hallway, around by the fireside and in through to the kitchen and the dining room, that was all one giant set. It was two massive hangars worth of set, and it would take about five minutes to walk through from one end to the other. In that sense, it felt about as real as it could. I would lumber in in this giant, gray motion capture muscle suit and feel pretty monstrous.”

Stevens’s voice wasn’t really modified to play the Beast.

“That was actually my voice. I guess they work up the bass a little bit, but no, it was something that came out of a prosthetic exploration. They made these incredible fangs for me, so I could go away and wear those for a few hours a day and figure out how he was going to talk. I started looking at how the very vain character that you see in the beginning of the movie would try and hide these fangs when he’s been cursed with these monstrous teeth. He ends up with a kind of downturned mouth, but he can still talk out of the front of his mouth and hide the fangs. On top of which, he’s a very grumpy man. He’s been stuck in this lonely tower for ten years. It’s sort of this downturned mouth thing that probably stretched the larynx, and I thought, that’s interesting. I could pursue that and have him talk more out of the bottom of his mouth, and this incredibly grumpy, dry character started to emerge.”

He did his own singing, too.

“I had an incredible voice coach. First of all, my wife, who coached me for the audition, and Ann-Marie Speed, who teaches at the Royal Academy of Music in London. [She] really got me to engage with the musculature of the voice in the same way that I was engaging my body physically to puppeteer the Beast, and to dance and do all the physical prep. [She helped me] get to grips with my voice in a new way, both to speak as the Beast, but also sing as the Beast.”

He hopes audiences pick up on the subtle changes that set the new movie apart from the original.

“You see a little bit of the Prince’s back story. You see the kind of parties he used to hold before he was cursed, and telling a bit of his back story through dance. This kind of speed-waltzing that we see at the beginning, where he’s dancing with 60 princesses—he doesn’t particularly connect to any of them.

And then obviously you’ve got that lovely celebration at the end, winter turning to spring—I think that was a new verse. They discovered some of Howard Ashman’s notes or some of Howard and Alan [Menken]’s notes, and they discovered a new verse that hadn’t been used in the original Beauty and the Beast song. I’m going to get it wildly wrong now, but I think it’s "Winter turns to spring, famine turns to feast. Nature points the way, nothing left to say. Beauty and the Beast.” That’s not in the original. It’s still the same beautiful tune, but I guess it’s telling of the whole story, really, that it’s the same tune, the same melodies, but sung in a slightly different way, which make [the songs] classics, which make them timeless. It is also a lovely verse. It’s a lovely sentiment to go out on.“

Things to look forward to in 2017

  • The fact that it isn’t 2016…
  • Live action Beauty and the Beast!!
  • There’s gonna be a Power Rangers movie,,,that’s cool!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2!!!!!!!!! It’s gonna be Rad!!
  • Wonder Woman movie!!!
  • Star Wars!!!!!
  • Yuri!!! on Ice season 2 (maybe???)
  • Shadowhunters show!!!!!
  • ft. Malec!!!!
  • Lord of Shadows!!!!! (The Dark Artifacts)
  • The Dark Prophecy!! (The Trials of Apollo)
  • The Ship of the Dead aka more Magnus Chase AKA PERCY AND MAGNUS MEETING!! AKA MORE ALEX!! AND SAM!!! AND IM EXCITED OKAY
  • aND WIRES AND NERVE!! because I need more TLC in my life okay????? and Wolflet and Kaider and Cresswell and Jacinter and Iko being cool and rad and ughhhhhhh i just really need this okay

also feel free to add on things that y’all are looking forward to! lots of new years posts have been kinda pessimistic and (for once in my life) I decided to look on the bright side of things :D

Imagine if back in Season 2 they had decided to go with Red Beauty. We would’ve had an LGBT relationship with 2 main characters (Ruby was still a main at the time) 3 seasons earlier, it could still easily have BatB undertones (Ruby is a freaking wolf), it would have gotten Belle away from Rumple (who they could’ve made into more of a ‘Gaston’ figure it they chose to). They could have foiled Red and Rumple as 2 “monsters” to show which one is the real beast. Imagine if in that episode where David’s step-dad/King whats-his-face convinced everyone to lead a hunt against Red if Belle had been the one to stand up for her and defend her from the mob (“Kill the Beast” song, anyone?)

Imagine Belle in a relationship with someone who wouldn’t constantly lie to her, except when it suddenly becomes convenient to tell the truth. Imagine her being with someone who wouldn’t excuse their shitty treatment of her by saying stuff like “You knew this is what you were getting when you fell in love with me” despite them repeatedly saying that they were going to try to be better. Imagine Belle being with someone who shared her ideals of being kind and selfless and wanting to help others.

Also, imagine Red having a more central part in the plot of Season’s 3-5 as all the Rumbe!!e episodes are now Red Beauty episodes. Rumple can still be around too, because he’s a great villain, but he could just be that… a villain.

Red Beauty could have been everything ya’ll.

anonymous asked:

hello it's me again you know the guy who asked you to stop the Corpse Star!AU and yes i do understand and i'm sorry but i'm kind of depressed about the season 2 finale but thank you for responding and i really do like your art so do you think you can do other svtfoe AU's like frozen, beauty and the beast, big hero six, lion king, the nightmare before Christmas and other AUS where starco will hopefully be the end and i hope you agree and that will hopefully become friends so please respond soon:)

We’re all extremely torn up about the season finale, and I could do those AU’s at some point, but it won’t stop me from making content for the Corpse Star!AU. The movie may not end with the two main characters getting together, but the thing is, everyone is still happy and content. The ending to the movie is amazing as it is, so I just can’t bring myself to change anything even if it means Starco doesn’t ultimately get together (he obviously still loved her and had a deep connection with her even if they weren’t endgame anyway). Besides, is it really so bad to give Jackie a happy ending with Marco? (Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the biggest starco shippers you’ll meet, but I still love Jackie and feel like she needs some extra love for all the hate she gets in the fandom).
So, yeah, I could do AU’s with other movies, but I won’t stop making the Corpse Star!AU. I hope you can understand and this is the last I really need to talk about it

FWIW, it’s...

Television: ABC, etc.

☆ Surely acquaintances by now, Girl Meets World returns at No. 12 after the third season premiere.
Wynonna Earp debuts at No. 16 as fans catch on that Wayhaught is way hot.
⬇︎ Once Upon a Time is living a nightmare, falling seven to No. 13.

Movies: PG-13, PG, and R

☆ Tale as old as time; Beauty and the Beast released a mere teaser trailer and returned at No. 3.
Alice Through the Looking Glass debuts at No. 11. Alice, stay here. It never goes well there.
⬇︎ Deadpool dies but just a little, still standing strong at No. 4.

Music: EGBDF

⬆ For the numerophiliacs: Fifth Harmony moves up three to No. 2 after their album 7/27 is released.
☆ If the BBMAs were a competition, Britney Spears (No. 17) would’ve won with that performance.

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Celebrities: IRL

Gillian Anderson (@chewiesgirlfriend—yes, really) did an Answer Time! It brought her up to No. 10.
☆ Ring the Belle. Emma Watson returns at No. 14.
Evan Peters (No. 17) continues playing characters who are mostly human with X-Men.

Games: FTW

⬆ Fan favorite Splatoon jumps back up to No. 10.
⬇︎ Emotions are stabilizing as the Pokemon Sun and Moon (No. 10) announcement finally sinks in.

Web stuff: LOL

Troye Sivan makes a suave move up to No. 7.
⬇︎ PewDiePie fell three to No. 9. You just gonna let that happen?
Shawn Mendes released info on his new album, returns to No. 15.

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The Gates
Boss S01
Pretty Little Liars
The Lying Game
True Blood
falling skies
alphas S01
The Vampire Diaries
gossip girl
teen wolf
the walking dead
Breaking In
BreakOut Kings
Hawaii Five-0
The Nine Lives of Chloe King
mad love
prison break ‏
the killing
Sons of Tucson
alphas Season 1
Being Human US
the American Horror
Terra Nova
2 broke girls
new girl
the secret circle
up all night 11
once upon a time
Orphan Black
Go on
Beauty and the Beast S02
Orphan Balck
Bates Motel
The Following
Game Of Thrones
Devious Mainds
Sleepy Hollow
Witches of East End
The Tomorrow People
Brooklyn Nine Nine
The Originals
Black Sails
Breaking Bad
True Detective
Peaky Blinders
orange Is The New Black
Graceland S02E05
The 100
The Americans
House Of Cards
The Leftlovers
Boardwalk Empire
The Sopranos
Bojack Horseman
happy valley
The Shield
The Driver
How To Get Away With Murder
The Flash
Masters Of Sex
The Affair
The Missing
Broad City
The Knick
Penny Dreadful
olive kitteridge
Ray Donovan
Fresh off the boat
better call saul
the odd couple
the last man on earth
secrets and lies
American crime S01
Gangland Undercover
your family or mine
mr robot
the enfield haunting
the brink
3 Percent
Mr robinson
fear the walking dead
modern family
death note
les revenants
the frankenstein chronicles
into the badlands
chicago fire
chicago pd
chicago med
life in pieces
agent carter
legends of tomorrow
scream queens
the last kingdom
one punch man
and then there were none
war and peace
the shannara chronicles
second chance
legends of tomorrow
rick and morty
doctor foster
cooper barretts guide to surviving life
degrassi next class
american crime story
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She and Her Cat Everything Flows
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Grace And Frankie
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Uncle Buck
animal kingdom
the blacklist
the blacklist:redemption
counterfeit cat
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elena of avalor
robin hood: mischief in sherwood
the last ship
vice principals
one of us
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You’re the Worst
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the great indoors
the young pope
people of earth
good behavior
the secret
search party
stan against evil
the oa
Medici Masters of Florence
the crown
the mick
sweet vicious
emerald city
Tarzan and Jane
superior donuts
mary kills people
big little lies
chicago justice
doctor thorne
Santa Clarita Diet
when we rise
servivor S033-S34
stranded with a million dollars
the son
trial& error


My new video #Vaneeleanor ! :)

Undress these beautiful lies, blind me with animal eyes, carve your heart into mine, carve your heart into mine, brush me with venomous lips, sear me to passionate strips, stir up the beast inside, stir up the beast inside…

Take me for all I’m worth, touch me until it hurts, until it hurts, until it hurts, until my body burns, love me until it hurts, until it hurts, until it hurts, until it hurts, until it…

Rush of your chemical light, your fingers cut like a knife, remind me I’m alive, remind me I’m alive, taste of your poisonous tongue, cut of your razor sharp touch, ashes and dust to dust, ashes and dust to dust…

Come closer, come closer, come closer, come closer inside…
Come closer, come closer, come closer, come closer inside…