beauty and the beast nails

L’Oreal + Beauty and the Beast = I’m dead!!

L’Oreal and Disney are doing a colab for the upcoming release of the live action Beauty and the Beast and they are beautiful. I would’t even use all the colors but still want them for decoration.

Here is the front box the set comes in

The back



Mrs. Potts


The Enchanted Rose


Babette(the feather duster)

As of now they are only set to be released on Amazon in Italy 2/9/2017. Really hoping they get released in U.S. at some point.



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I’m still alive!! My rips have nearly grown out, so some nail art was in order. I’ll be at Disneyland this weekend and I wanted to have a set that would work even after we leave. Thus these Beauty and the Beast inspired nails were born! Can you spot my super subtle hidden Mickey? I used a tutorial by Chelsea King from forever ago to do the roses (I think she calls them Doc Marten inspired?) and I love this set so much.
There Is a Beauty and the Beast Nail Polish Collection Launching — and It's Enchanting
Here's a tale as old as time: a Disney remake movie is released and multiple beauty brands create collections inspired by it. On March 17, the much-anticipated
By Lauren Levinson

Be Our Guest


Plumette with Excitement

The Last Petal

Days in the Sun

Potts with Tea

Enchanted Patina

Okay, the best thing in the world happened today.

A friend of mine invited me to an event he had seen on Facebook.  It was basically a sparring event, where you could bring anything you wanted and people would respect your boundaries and spar with you.  Despite it being hot as hell in the space they had, I had a pretty great time.  People laughed at my GoT references, so yeah.  Fun crowd.

But what eventually happened was that I was talking with another girl–we’ll call her J for privacy reasons–and Beauty and the Beast came up.  She told me she refused to see the remake because, and I quote, “the magic of classic Disney is making a 2-D picture move, and making it beautiful.  So why would I see it when it’s only an attempt to make something that’s already perfect better?”  

I tried to point out that half the cast was still animated, and that aesthetically it was beautiful, but she wasn’t going to change her mind, and I wasn’t really going to push her.  Then someone came up to her and asked if she wanted to spar with her, and she went.  Leaving me alone on the bench with the friend who had invited me.  He also had not seen the movie, but it was on his list because Emma Watson was in it.  So I’m like “Okay, if you’re interested, then you should go and see it; I’ve seen in a thousand times but I will see it again with you, if you don’t want to go alone.”

Now, this guy is ex-military, so it threw me off guard when he said he’d seen the original and remembered this specific part so well (it was this part of the movie that we talked the most about), but he asked me about the siege–aka the staff vs the villagers.  So I tell him they did it well, and that the fight was one of the best parts of the movie, but tried to skirt around most of it because spoilers.  But at the very end of my little talk, I casually drop Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen’s names because I know this guy loves Star Wars and LotR.  He says “Wait, they’re in it too?” 
“As who?” 
“Lumiere and Cogsworth.”
“No sh!t?”  His eyes actually go wide.
“No sh!t,” I reply, and I’m grinning.  Did not expect a reaction like that, but I loved it.
“Okay, I really have to see it now.”
So we make minor plans to have a movie night at my place with a couple of people we know.

But that’s not even the best part.

On the way back, I tell him that there were some new characters they added, but they were there for the sake of giving the staff more backstory.  He likes this, and I find that the only reason he remembers the wardrobe is because she jumps on a guy in the siege scene.  I told him that they didn’t cut that out–but apparently that’s spoiler territory.

Here’s the best part.

Then he turns to me and asks something that I never would have expected in a million years, because it’s always me that brings this up with people:

“I just wanted to make sure of this, but did they keep the hat-rack in there? Because I remember him punching another guy and it was hilarious.  And does he have a face? I don’t think he did in the original.”

I think I was silent for five full seconds before I just say “Oh yeah, he’s in there.  And he’s one of my top five. And he has a name now.”  And then I show him a picture that showed that while in coat-rack form, Chapeau does indeed have a face.  Plus a bunch of other things!  At one point I actually feigned ignorance to see if he remembered that Chapeau played the violin and had the Mad Hatter’s top-hat.  He didn’t, but he still made my night.