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Beauty and Lord Voldemort (2017).

Who could ever learn to love a real beast like Voldemort?
A trailer mashup of ‘Beauty and the Beast’s and the 'Harry Potter" franchise, where the villainous Lord Voldemort is the misunderstood yet caring Beast (once you get to know him of course…). And Belle is a gentle witch. Who could forget Gaston for he’s a proud and brave Gryffindor!

This is amazing, spectacular, and needs to be seen!

Beauty and the Beast Gets a Harry Potter Twist in Mash-Up Video

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If Belle thought the Beast was bad, well, she’s about to meet someone even scarier.

Beauty and the Beast and the Harry Potter franchise have gotten together for a perfect mash-up, courtesy of Pistol Shrimps. The video above, titled Beauty and Lord Voldemort, replaces Emma Watson’s upcoming costar, the Beast (Dan Stevens), with Potter’s powerful arch-enemy (Ralph Fiennes).

The action is seamlessly cut, as Belle demonstrates she clearly has a thing for bad boys.

In another recently released video, this one from CineFix and available below, Voldemort shows up in a very different and inappropriate love story, this one with his wizard nemesis.

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Which mash-up would you rather watch as a full movie?