beauty and the beast doll


I want adventure in the great wide somewhere… I want it more than I can tell! Tonight #BeautyAndTheBeast set of #lukeevans as #gaston & #Belle  🎨 on


Here’s the Belle painting I finally finished last week. It was originally supposed to be a fun project for when the remake was released back in March but I started to get really specific and kept changing it. She was originally going to be in her green library dress but the village dress seemed more fitting with the dandelion.

Anyway, I’m really pleased with how it turned out and she should be going to her new home soon!

Kylo has invited Rey to spend the evening with him in his pied-à-terre….I mean, his grandfather’s castle. He added some soft furnishings for extra cosiness (although you can’t really see them because they are black), and he got her some flowers! 

Oh Kylo, you are so thoughtful. You know how much I love things that grow….

(Kylo: “….🍆….”)

A giant chocolate cake is served in the sitting room, which boasts breathtaking views of the renowned lava lakes. Rey only seems to have eyes for the food though….“I didn’t know there was this much cake in the whole galaxy!”

One thing leads to another, and the two of them retire to the master bedroom (which also boasts the legendary lava lake views)…once again, the link between food and sex is confirmed…

(kissy bits get played with)