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Imagine: Season 2B, Clary and Jace storm into Magnus’ loft, but they find it empty. No Magnus, no Alec. Nobody.

After calling for Magnus in vain, Jace calls his parabatai to ask where Magnus is. They need him to solve stupid problem #478374.

“Oh,” Alec says, almost disinterested. “Magnus is somewhere in the middle east, for a warlock convention. I have no idea when he’s coming back.”

“This is serious, Alec! Text him!”

Jace hangs up, cursing and desperate. Clary groans, looking around in desolation.

Cut to Magnus and Raphael at a beauty spa in Paris, having their fingernails done and their backs, massaged. Magnus’ phone buzzes.

On the screen, there’s a text from Alec. Hey, hope u r enjoying ur vacation. Love u.

Magnus just smiles and texts him back. Thank you, darling! I love you too.


•Lance was a middle child
•He had two older siblings and twin younger siblings
•He was closest with his mama but also really cherished his dad
•his oldest sister taught him beauty hacks and they had spa days together to bond
•his older brother taught lance his pick up lines
•his younger sisters wouldn’t stop annoying him
•between all of them there wasn’t any silence in the house
•people we’re always talking
•When he left earth lance tried to keep up what he did with his family so he wouldn’t forget them
•he got allura to do a spa day with him once
•it got interrupted by a galra attack
•he and allura fought the galra with face masks on
•Shiro would let him talk in spanish to him when neither of them would sleep
•Shiro took spanish classes during school and could pick up some words and phrases
•Lance figured this out and set his goal to teach shiro whenever he could some spanish
•it was a good way for lance to cope with homesickness and help Shiro after his nightmares
•He would bicker with keith like his siblings did with him
•he knew keith found it annoying but couldn’t stop
•he just hoped keith thought of him as family too
•he would check up on pidge constantly
•always bringing food and water to their room when they got too focused and forgot
•Pidge would never tell him this but they think of Lance as an older brother
•it helps them when they think about matt
•Lance just wants to help her fill the void her family left until they can find them again

My Favorite 22 Melt and Pour Soap DIYs from truebluemeandyou. 2015 Spa Gift Guide Part 1. 

Why Melt and Pour Soap? It makes soap making quick and easy, so everyone can make soap that looks like it came from a boutique. 

You can combine DIY Boutique Soaps with sugar scrubs, candles and homemade beauty products for a wonderful spa gift. Check back for more Beauty Roundups.

For more DIY beauty and spa recipes including roundups from 2012, 2013 and 2014 go here.

Left to Right Below:  

Imagine Chris taking you away for the weekend. You’ve been through a lot in the past few weeks, and he figured you could use a relaxing break from it all. He takes you to a beautiful spa tucked away in the mountains. The views are so stunning, you spend most of the time just sitting on your balcony in big, fluffy robes, talking about every little thing that comes to mind. You and Chris have always been each other’s “back ups” in case you never found anyone else, but he might finally be ready to admit how much he wants you to be his wife.


It’s been a strange year thus far, in that I’ve been so caught up in work that the things I typically tend to most anxiously—friendships, dating, exercise, staying current with The Good Wife—have fallen by the wayside. Which is not at all to say that I no longer care about these core elements of my being (Jeffrey Dean Morgan is insanely hot; I shall never forsake him), but that the tension that usually surrounds them, the questioning, the self-doubt, the relentless uncertainty, all of that has fallen away. A welcome kind of stillness has settled around me by way of exhaustion.

I’m familiar with this myopia—it’s something I saw in my parents almost every day of my childhood from age 11 on, as they navigated the waters of being work-from-home business owners. At 13, while they discussed account management over dinner, I begged them to give us thirty minutes of each day untouched by business concerns. Even still, I noticed this same fierce penchant for entrepreneurship in myself as I grew up. I loved the challenge of building something out of nothing, I loved the rigor of standing unarmored in the world and demanding of myself that I find a way to make things work. I flinch to admit it, but I loved the risk, the danger, of being made so vulnerable.

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