beauty and life

If it’s important to you, that is a good enough reason to pursue it. You do not need to justify why you fight for the things that you head towards. As long as you know why, that’s all that matter.

my pudge. 😊
stretch marks and a keloid on my belly button because I pierced my belly button three times by age 19…
I love it though! I’ve been in this body for 22 years and never had any major health problems.
I’ve always found it quite baffling that people assume because someone is plus sized that their health is terrible?
Not the case.
Never assume.
Anyway, here’s to body appreciation- for all the girls with stretch marks, scars, discoloration and skin conditions alike; you are too, beautiful!
Don’t let anyone ever tell you any different.
Love yourself and fuck what anyone else has to say.

Day Five Hundred Seventeen.

Crowded around a fading chess table
they sit, leathered and sagging
as a cloud of cigarette smoke hovers
above greying heads.
They laugh between coughs
and talk a little to loudly
in a language I wish I could understand,
As I pass by alone;