beauty and entertainment

My favourite kdramas-2016

Fun to watch: 

  • Oh my venus
  • Descendants of the sun
  • Page turner
  • Lucky romance
  • W
  • Shopping king Louie
  • Jealousy incarnate
  • Cheese in the trap
  • Reply 1988
  • Age of youth
  • Uncontrollably fond
  • The man living in our house
  • Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo
  • Doctors
  • Entertainer
  • Beautiful gong shim 


  • Moonlight drawn by the clouds
  • Hwarang
  • Moon lovers: scarlet heart ryeo
  • Legend of the blue sea (partly historical)
  • Six flying dragons

Crime, mystery, thriller, action

  • Remember
  • Let’s fight ghost 
  • Signal
  • The K2
  • Neighbourhood lawyer Jo Deul Ho
  • Police unit 38

Science fiction and fantasy

  • Goblin

*not placed in a particular order just in different genres*

  • x: hey how r u feeling today
  • every nct 127 member except winwin: winwin's korean has improved a lot im so proud
  • x: have u eaten already
  • every nct 127 member except winwin: don't you think winwin's korean is really good?
  • x: look at the weather it's so nice
  • every nct 127 member except winwin: ok but what about
  • every nct 127 member except winwin: WINWIN'S KOREAN
Coming To Terms With 'Beauty And The Beast' And The Imperfect Feminism Of Disney
How Belle laid the groundwork for today's badass cartoon heroines.

I was quoted a few times in this, though honestly I think my actual viewpoint is more toward the center - unfortunately it was just the more extreme sounding quotes used here, oh well 😂 maybe I will write more about it here later.

Ignoring that, you might find this an interesting piece. Doesn’t cover everything, but it covers a fair amount and has some new info on the making of the movie. 

“Woolverton’s fight to shape Belle into a new kind of Disney heroine was just that — a fight, every step of the way,” wrote Time’s Eliza Berman in May 2016. Her scripts took almost jaw-droppingly retrogressive rewrites:

In one scene, for example, Woolverton wrote Belle sticking pins into a map of all the places she wished to travel. By the time it got to storyboarding, Belle had been rewritten into a kitchen, decorating a cake. Woolverton protested, and the compromise that was reached had Belle with her nose in a book, a pastime at first considered too passive to be compellingly animated, which is why she always walks as she reads.