beauty and briefcase

List of good Netflix movies you should watch

• Clueless*
• Ferris Bueller’s day off
• Legally Blonde
• Charlie’s Angels
• Pulp Fiction
• Heathers
• High School Musical 1 & 2

Cheesy Chickflicks
• Drive me Crazy
• Can’t buy me love*
• Beauty and a Briefcase
• Crossroads
• Chalet Girl*
• Maid in Manhattan
• The Rebound*
• The Switch

• Food Inc
• Happy
• The Artist is Present*
• The Queen of Versailles
• Planet Earth

• White Chicks*
• The Interview*
• Behaving Badly
• Meet the Fockers

Indie (kinda)
• Adult World*
• Silver Linings Playbook*
• Stuck in love*
• Ask Me Anything
• Naomi and Ely’s no Kiss List
• Tangerine (filmed solely with an iPhone)

*highly suggest

Celebrate with Daddy (SMUT)

Anon: “Derek smut where you just graduated college and he wants to congratulate you”
“I am so proud of you!” My mom says one more time, wrapping me up in her arms as we leave my graduation dinner. The door finally shuts behind us and I take a deep breath.

“It was a big day, how are you holding up?” my boyfriend of almost 2 years asks, looking over at me.

“I’m great. A little exhausted and glad to be going back to our apartment, but I’m great.” I kiss Derek’s cheek. He has been my rock all day as I have talked to professors, fellow classmates, family members and anyone else along the way. He wraps my hand in his.

“My girlfriend is a fucking genius. Magna Cum Laude from USC and headed to work for one of the largest record companies in the nation!” He calls out a little too loudly as we get into the car.

“Baby!” I say, embarrassed and laugh as he drives us home. The drive goes quickly for LA and I rest a little along the way. Before I know it, Luh has swooped me up into his arms and is lifting me out of the car. I laugh nervously as I wake up. He puts me down in the elevator and we head for the apartment we picked out together around Christmastime.

As we walk through the door, Derek puts his hands on my waist. “Now it’s finally time for our celebration,” he half-whispers into my neck. I get goosebumps when I feel his breath.

“Is that so?” I say softly and turn around, wrapping my arms around his neck. He nods and our lips quickly come together.

He pulls away, pulls out a chair from our kitchen counter and runs down the hall. “Wait there” he smirks, winking at me before vanishing. I get out a bottle of champagne and two glasses. These fun little surprises were part of the reason I loved Derek so much. He knew how to make a long day end well and the fun out of everything. He somehow always found exactly what I needed.

“Okay you can come back now!” I hear from our bedroom. I walk down the hall until I am facing the frosted French doors.

When I open them, the whole room is glowing and he is sitting on the bed with my silk robes, fluffy slippers and a beautifully wrapped present. I smile. “You spoil me, Baby” I climb onto our bed and kiss his nose. I kick my shoes off the end of the bed and he places the slippers on my feet, jokingly pretending I’m a princess.

I giggle and he wraps his arms around me, putting the present in my lap. I remove the shimmery, pearly white, paper and inside is the most beautiful briefcase I have ever seen. It has my initials monogrammed beautifully near the handle, exactly like I’ve always wanted. “I love it” I kiss him softly and he beams.

“I thought you would, Baby.” He pulls the strap of my white dress away from my shoulder and kisses my collarbone. “You are going to kill it at your new job. The music business is not even close to ready for you,” he pulls me further into his lap.

“Thanks” I say softly and lean forward. Derek unzips my dress and begins to kiss down my back. I feel the goosebumps come on and giggle as he presses his lips at the base of my neck. I hop of the bed and shake my dress off, pulling it over my head, my back facing Derek. He liked when I put on shows like this. I unhook my bra and toss it at him and he laughs.

“Come back to bed, I’ve got one more thing for the graduate” he smirks and I roll my eyes. He softly begins to message my tits, tweaking at the nipples. I sit in his lap and can already feel him getting hard beneath me. Our lips meet again, soft at first, but quickly gaining intensity. I grind lightly against his growing bulge.

“Am I turning you on, Daddy?” I whisper in his ear and he lets out a deep breath.

“Fuck yeah” he smirks. Soon, he tosses me down on the bed and I giggle as he leaves hickies on my soft skin. He works his way down my body, kissing along my stomach and down to my already pulsing and wet heat. He slips a finger around the fabric of my thong. “Already wet for Daddy, are we?” He smiles and slowly peels the thong off of me.

His breath is hot on my clit and a second later his tongue is against it, driving me crazy. I curl my toes as he sucks and flicks and licks me. He props my legs up on his back and dives his tongue into my dripping center. “I need to cum, Daddy” I squeak out, writhing and all of a sudden it all comes to a halt.

“Not yet,” he says, kneeling before me. He lifts me again and sets me on my stomach. Without warning, his rock hard cock slams into my snatch.

“Fuck!” I exclaim as he rocks on top of me, going deeper than I’ve ever felt him. I was close before so it does not take long for me to approach my edge again. Derek is breathing heavy, so I know he is also almost there"

“You’re so tight, Baby” he says, speeding up. Our moans fill our big lofty apartment and I get even more turned on. I moan even louder and Derek slams into me harder and harder. He spanks my ass lightly and that is just enough to send us both into orgasm.

“I’m cumming daddy” I turn back to look at my boyfriend.

“Me too, love” he says, getting sloppier until we both lie out on the bed.

“Congrats to both of us” I laugh, crawl into Derek’s arms.

“But mostly, congrats to you, Angel.” He kisses my forehead and we both fall asleep.


Hope you liked it! 😘😍
Write to me in hell

Nella mia storia vera non c'è un lieto fine. L'amore non capita alle ragazze come me. Che hanno costruito le loro speranze su una rete intricata di sogni ad occhi aperti. Nella vita tutti hanno problemi e forse il mio più grande problema è stato quello di costruirmi un falso uomo perfetto. Me ne andavo in giro con il fantasma dell'uomo magico. Mi ha perseguita impedendomi di vedere un mondo di opportunità che era davanti a me. Col tempo la mia rabbia contro Liam si è dissipata. Dopotutto mi ha dato quello che volevo. Una versione reale di come io immaginavo dovesse essere l'amore perfetto. Ma la perfezione non esiste. Ed è per questo che l'amore lo trovano solo coloro che sanno aprire il cuore e la mente. E capire che in un rapporto vero la realtà supera di gran lunga la fantasia. Quel rapporto io non l'ho ancora trovato, ma mi sono scrollata di dosso l'ombra del mio uomo magico e sto trovando me stessa. Credo che sia un ottimo inizio.
—  Beauty & The Briefcase - Hillary Duff
It's almost valentine's day, some of us will be lonely. I will be lonely. Anyways I don't tdo it very often but here's some movies for a single valentine's night.
  1. Blind dating
  2. shes the man 
  3. Triple Dog
  4. Teen Spirit
  5. The Last Trapper
  6. Georgia Rule
  7. Ratatouille
  8. Stick It
  9. The 24th Day 
  10. Meet The Browns
  11. Thumbelina
  12. The Last Unicorn
  13. Shelter
  14. Ice Age 4
  15. Three Can Play That Game
  16. School of Rock
  17. The Cat In The Hat
  18. wedding wars
  19. kung fu panda 2 
  20. A Smart Girl
  21. Christmas Cupid 
  22. toy story 3
  23. The Prince Of Egypt
  24. Brokeback Mountain
  25. Casper
  26. Trick
  27. Swindle 
  28. Lying to be Perfect
  29. Serving Sara
  30. Bridge to Terabithia
  31. karate kid
  32. To Grandmother’s House We Go
  33. It Takes Two
  34. Big Stan
  35. Another Perfect Stranger
  36. Getting Played 
  37. Shipwrecked
  38. Inspector Gadget
  39. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  40. Cool Dog
  41. Phantom Menace
  42. The Twelve Trees Of Christmas
  43. Honey We Shrunk Ourselves
  44. The Horse Whisperer
  45. Overnight Delivery
  46. The Other Side of Heaven
  47. Wish Upon A Star
  48. The Week That Girl Died
  49. The Last Time
  50. Open Road
  51. Sydney White 
  52. Stephen Hawking
  53. Island
  54. The Bachelor 
  55. Cass 
  56. The truth about romance
  57. Without men
  58. Wedding Daze
  59. Before I Self Destruct
  60. American Virgin
  61. Home Alone 2
  62. Something Real and Good
  63. Good Bye Lenin
  64. The Poker House
  65. Anything But Christmas
  66. The Last Casino
  67. The Cure 
  68. Teen Beach Movie
  69. Diamond Girl 
  70. Radio Rebel
  71. City Of Life 
  72. 16 Wishes 
  73. Tamara
  74. Beauty and the Briefcase
  75. Georgia Rule
  76. The Other Sister
  77. A Marriage of Convenience
  78. Love Me
  79. Open Road
  80. 10 Things I Hate About You
  81. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  82. Love Potion
  83. Chalet Girl
  84. I Know Who Killed Me
  85. Dark Prince: The True Story Of Dracula
  86. Dear John
  87. Another Woman
  88. The People Next Door
  89. Lethal Vows
  90. Far from home
  91. The Other End of the Line
  92. The Yellow Handkerchief
  93. The First Time
  94. Truth About Love
  95. Revenge of the Bridesmaids
  96. Just Friends
  97. Christmas in Boston
  98. Oliver Twist
  99. Rollin’ With The Nines
  100. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

Behold the beautiful arcade briefcase of your dreams
There have been a few sharply designed portable gaming systems in recent years, but none quite so visually striking and idealistically retro as the R-Kaid-R from Swedish design company Love Hultén. A multiplatform gaming device with a custom OS, the device is capable of playing titles from Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, the Atari 2600, even Playstation One and early PC games. But the R-Kaid-R’s physical design is its true selling point.

Holiday Stocking Stuffers: 'Once Upon a Time's' Lana Parrilla's best gift ever and 12 other facts
Regina may be bummed out on "Once Upon a Time" after having to say goodbye to her true love Robin Hood, but don’t think that is dampening Lana Parrilla’s holiday spirit.  The actress gave a rundown of some of her family traditions – including a very noisy New Year’s Eve routine – and what she’s looking forward to this holiday season. Read her answers to Zap2it’s holiday Q&A below to find out what Parrilla stuffs her stockings with and the best gift she’s ever given. Hopefully her holiday cheer can help you deal with the fact that “Once” doesn’t return until March 1.  1. What are you most looking forward to this holiday season? Rest. Sorry, it’s true.  2. This year, are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list? Both!  3. Opening presents: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Both, you can do a little bit at midnight and a little bit the morning of Christmas.  4. What are the top 3 items on your stocking stuffer list? Deodorant, puzzles and gift cards. I just bought socks too, because everyone needs them in the New Year.  5. What are your all-time favorite holiday songs? “White Christmas.” 6. What are your all-time favorite holiday movies? “It’s a Wonderful Life."  7. Best holiday scent: cookies baking, roasting chestnuts or a fresh evergreen? (Or name your own!) Roasting chestnuts. 8. What’s the quirkiest tradition your family has during the holidays? We bang pots and pans on New Year’s Eve in the middle of the street. That’s important to say – in the middle of the street.  9. Sledding or ice skating? Ice skating.  10. Do you prefer to spend your holidays somewhere with snow on the ground or somewhere warm?  With snow. 11. What is the best gift you have ever given and the best gift you ever received? I give good gifts, that’s a tough one. This is so lame but it’s a briefcase. My husband really needed one and I got him a beautiful Il Bisonte briefcase. I thought it was gorgeous and it made him really, really, happy.  12. Hot cocoa, warm apple cider, mulled wine or a hot toddy? Hot toddy.  13. Have you ever kissed anyone under the mistletoe? Will you tell us who?! My husband. 

Authors Note: Sometimes I see headcannon posts and I have a mighty need to write them.

It was snowing outside.

The wind blew the snow around lazily and the sun, strangely peaking out through the gray sky, made the crystals shimmer as they landed and stuck to the ground.

Tony watched the snow. He was used to it, since he lived in New York his whole life, but on the first snowfall of every year–snowfall that actually stuck–he was always mesmerized.

It coated peoples shoes as they walked along the train platform. Tony tucked himself further into his jacket because the air was as nippy as the snow was beautiful. He had his briefcase settled next to his feet and he was ready to depart. The murmur of people and the push and pull of the sound of trains was normal for him. Tony breathed the noise daily.

He looked up from the snow and peered out into the crowd. His train would be coming soon, he could see it in the distance–

But his eyes landed on something else.

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