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lesbian fairy tales: beauty and the beast

“no, dear beast,” said beauty, “you must not die. live to be my wife; from this moment I give you my hand, and swear to be none but yours. alas! i thought i had only a friendship for you, but the grief i now feel convinces me, that i cannot live without you.” beauty scarce had pronounced these words, when she saw the palace sparkle with light; and fireworks, instruments of music, everything seemed to give notice of some great event. but nothing could fix her attention; she turned to her dear beast, for whom she trembled with fear; but how great was her surprise! beast was disappeared, and she saw, at her feet, one of the loveliest princesses that eye ever beheld.

anyway beauty and the beast is rated 16+ in russia i……………….. i’m done

I just want to say. 

i am protective of the BATB fandom.  I have been in it for 6ish years now. So I am seeing all these new things due to the film [ it was expected. Ive been insecure about this for TWO years since it’s been announced] after how much inactivity??? 


Did you know the beauty and the beast tag was NOTHING but reblogs of the CW show?  or links to articles about how ugly and disappointing Adam was. Or how Beast is incredibly abusive and supports violence against women? [ the countless times i had to defend, god…] 

it just… scares me because I dont want to drown amongst the many. I’ve been in and out of groups with Adam. Left colleges, joined colleges. Cried and cried over petty things that felt big at the time. Switched majors… basically just went through identity crisis. And that horribly discouraging time i accidentally deleted when I tried to clean up my sideblogs… 

I have been through a lot of things. A lot of chapters and changes in my life. And Adam, he…. stuck. He’s been through it with me.

I am not sure what I am trying to say here… I guess I just want to make a point that 

 My Adam?  is not just a spur of the moment. He’s been around, and he’s been around with me. On and off hiatus. Always been around. So for others, he too is there.


In the honor of the release of “Beauty and the Beast”, the live-action remake of the Disney animated hit, I decided to do my own spin on a CLOIS tribute to the theme song. My favorite version of this song is and always will be the one from the animated film sang by Angela Lansbury, so that’s why I chose that one. I also always pictured Chloe in the ‘Mrs. Potts’ role and Johnny in the 'Chip’ role. Anyways, I hope that you enjoy it…

Thanks for watching!

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Credits: Smallville (CW and WB)

Song: Beauty and the Beast (Disney’s Beauty and the Beast) [1991]

Single Version by Cèline Dion & Peabo Bryson

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