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Aengus Og

Aengus Og, or Mac Og, is an Irish God whom is often equated with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite and God Apollo. They somewhat differ, as Irish gods aren’t really Gods of specific things. Irish Gods more or less specialize, and gain association through myth and legend.

Aengus is the son of The Dagda (the chieftain of the Tuatha de Danann) And  the Goddess Boann (of river Bann). He is said to have been conceived, and born on the same day due to The Dagda halting the movement of the sun for nine months. 

Mac Og is almost always described as very youthful and beautiful, with birds constantly singing around his head. Many call him a god of youth and vitality for his appearance. He is known for blowing his lovers kisses, which transform into birds that sing love songs. So many also call him a god of Love and romance. 

He is also sometimes called a god of music because of his talent for Harp playing.

One of his most recognized myths is a tale in which he see’s a very beautiful woman (Cear Ibormaith) in his dreams, and falls in love with her. He searches far and wide for her, and finds her bathing amongst 150 other women. To test if his love for her is true, she, along with the other women are turned into swans. If he can tell her apart from the other swans, he may marry her. He picks her almost immediately, and transforms himself into a swan and flies away with her, singing a song so beautiful, it put all who heard it asleep for 3 days and nights.

He is not all love and beauty, however. Like many other Celtic Gods, he has a war like aspect. The god Manannan Mac Lir gifted the young god a sword named Moralltach (the great fury). This is a sword of great legend and said to be very powerful in battle. 

Things that are Sacred to Aengus are:

The Swan

The Harp

Rivers (he lived by the river Boinnne)










Elder Tree



His direction is East, His Element is Air.


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