‘Get it? Like a blue pill, make ya stick longer
Or a swift fist off your chin from his wrist launcher
Chick, chronic thrift shopper, thick like the Knicks roster
Stormed off and came straight back like pigs’ posture’

Earl Sweatshirt- Whoa


Reggae was my first true love affair. I think I was about 14 when she stole my heart. It was on the beach in Waikiki, and her rhythms and laid back, easy spirit were a perfect fit for the island’s culture and lifestyle. She became as much a part of my youth as my days spent surfing with the sand between my toes, and with her I began to cultivate my own relationship to love, spirituality, and revolution through music.

It was the drums & bass that first soothed my soul…or was it my hips? I’ve always been a beat junkie, and this was  the first music that called me onto the dance floor. I could bob and ’skank’ to a rhythm that was easy to shake my okole to. There was a sexiness to it~ ‘Lovers Rock’ was the perfect moniker.

As I began to explore the sounds and artists that made her shine, I was altogether taken by the style and unique characters she surrounded herself with. They were larger than life personalities, and despite seeming to come from very humble roots, had a flare and cocksureness that beautifully complemented the poetry of their song. It was thrift store-streetwear-swag…coupled with a strut I was completely enchanted by (best captured in the 1978 Classic film Rockers).

It was also the first ‘spiritual’ music I resonated with. She was filled with beautiful, devotional love songs for 'Jah’- a stark contrast to the Catholic church hymns I had been raised on (which for me always felt forced and awkward, almost embarrassingly…bad). The passion and earnest adoration that I would dance and sing along to resonated within my heart in a way I had only become familiar with through her.

Woven into the love, praise, and devotion was her revolutionary spirit. She created a sense of relatedness to the injustices human beings inflict upon one another. The presence of rebellion and defiance was inescapable, yet it’s fire was cooled by her rhythms and melodies. She made it more available for me to hear~ songs of brazenness coupled with a sense of forgiveness and unity (which ironically awoke a sense of empathy and understanding as began to experience the sharp undertones of being called a ‘haole’).

I put together a compilation of songs that echo the Roots music I am speaking to. It’s a reflection of her love, devotion, and revolution recorded from the early ‘70s to mid ‘80s. May it awaken your okoles and ignite your heart’s fire.

Rock Steady.

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‘Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.’
~Albert Einstein

If I was & seeing how i’m not a DJ…here’s a dose of some late nite 2 early morn vibes.

the soundtrack to your awakening

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hypnotized by lady 
I’m under her control 
mesmerized by way the she ooooh 
what to do 
hypnotized by lady 
I’m underneath her spell 
you’ll never believe what she makes me ooooh 
what to 
what to do’
~ Temptra

The New Track from our latest EP: Awake After Midnight

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Just sent our new EP off to Hobo-Tech to get mastered.

Coming soon:

⭐️ Awake After Midnight ⭐️

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Verse Won:


outta ma head

soarin wild

thru the skies


like the lightning

shooting outta my heart

n burning your eyes

whats with the disguise

its beneath the slight of your compromise

beyond the sight of the lies

im losing my mind…


oh I

gimme some peace of mind

gimme some peace sometime

a sign

of what really lies

beyond the sun

in the sky

oh I

gimme a piece of mine

gimme a piece sometime

beyond the sky

in the sun

a sign

that I am the one 

Verse Too:

One sip

before the bliss

just realized

The only reason

I exist at all

Is because

I persist to fall

In love

with being irresistible

It goes on and on and on insisting

That im not resisting

Yet here I am

Or maybe I’m not

In the spider’s web

I’m caught

No enemy to be fought

Not tonite

Well alright…

If she bites I just might

Her venom

never tasted so right

I Retreat

& suckle her sweet

until I accept my plight

No wrong I write

No fight just a song

My fire burnin bright

Get down lay up

Lay down all your rights

Can you hold me tight

I wanna fuck all night

Verse Three:

If I’m not alive

then youre gonna die

life was hurtin so bad

run away n get high

believe me I tried

brought the light

for a flash

but when the rush wore off I crashed

I huddled

and cried

a puddle so deep

I lept off for a dive

too fucked up to drive

yet the wheels keep turning

unravel all I’m learning

til you don’t exist

n neither do i

im losing my mind


Run run run away le tigre

As fast as you can

And maybe

Youll be the one

To cum into the jungle

to tame me

Tic Tic Tic to the Toc

Time never stops

Or does it

Is it or was it

Jumped into her arms

and died Because it…

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I wanna sHiNe2 feel the sun raysBlowin moonlight sidewaysWhile you blowin my mindLeavin’ behindTake a chance to dieUnlockin you n INo reply
Have you ever felt outta place Like followin your footsteps back Retracin n erasin  replacin escapin Turn the headphones up Get lost in the bass n Yes face them Its time to let them see What you made of Why you feel dub Why you deep love And look inside your heart Setting free the white doves ¿Why you wearin white gloves? rubbin fingers in the grey (all day) Its time to lose yourself There’s only one way To the music Don’t confuse it cuz Deep inside your heart you know its time to abuse it refuse it that wouldn’t be the way im obeservin from the shore in the watchtower for the final hour its gonna be okay the light will show you the way  the light will show you the way my light will show you the way
vERse o:
Holdin’ golden roses Succulin’ your lips I s’pose it’s time that we let ourselves in on the trip That we give in n sip Let’s jump on the ride Climb up inside Letting go of the grip a free fall set e’m free y’all we’re all in this together if you recall im here so you remember (with a yes yes y'all) its kinda clever how you waited til December to bathe beneath the sun no need for worry once the glorys begun you lose your self control drop ya guns shooting for the stars you and I, you and i becomE øne Become Øne
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Verse 1:
I spark up the light
Your mouth waters for a taste of the night
thats right
wasting no time
getting right
to delights
n i know just what you like

hot desert and you tore your dress
the heats rising
writhing to the beat in your chest
i confess
i feel so blessed
im kinda obsessed
when i get you undressed

black lace
while the angels caress
you face the heaven within
i kiss the heaven below
on the tip
whatever im told

Verse 2:
Lady wont ya feel the wind
Baby can u kiss my skin
Open wide n ill sink in
Drink ya all night till the mind don’t spin
til the end of time is where we’ll begin

We collide again n again
Smile beyond mind
What a beautiful sin
Take me to the wrinkle in time
Where we can do it all night
again n again n again n again

Hypnotized by my lady
im under her control
mesmerized by way the she ooooh
what to do
what to do

Hypnotized by my lady
im underneath her spell
you never believe how she makes me ooooh
what to do
what to do

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