Wellness Wednesdays!

Wellness Wednesdays is here! Our first question (And $25 raffle winner!) K. Shannon from Mississippi asks: “What is the best product to use to detangle my daughters’ hair?” Great question K. Shannon and congratulations! Being I do not know the age of your child, I will give you general advice. It is best to only comb your child’s hair when it is damp or wet. A spray bottle is a great way to accomplish this (especially as the temps begin to drop). I have a little one of my own and I like to add a bit of oil to the water to help condition and moisturize her hair as I am detangling. I am currently using Naturals by Trinamichelle’s Hair Elixir the scent and sheen are both amazing. In a pinch, coconut or olive oil work well too. Being you are in Mississippi on humid days products that contain vegetable glycerin are also great to use. This advice works well on curly, natural and relaxed hair that was braided or after removing hair system (weave, extensions etc.) Continue to keep your questions coming and we will see you here next week for Wellness Wednesdays!