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MinajDragRace Reloaded - Yall Hoes Done Fucked Up

1. Pretty Gang ft Minajconduit(amoura)

2. Crank Dem Gone Edges ft Azealia Banks

3. Try Me Bitch and @ Me Hoe

4. 50 Shades of Real Nigga Shit ft Minajconduit(duane)

5. Mad Ignant ft Dragging-You-Hoes and Trollnika

6. Photoshop These Bitches Out The Game ft Minajxoxo/ChannelMinaj, Funkmylife-minaj, Benitoxx, and Fistopherbrown

7. Sassy, So Classy, So Hard to Walk Right Past Me

8. TeamMinaj Slayraj ft Diaryofanickistan, Thenickieffect, and Nickixazalea

9. Yall Hoes Done Fucked Up

10. Who Are You? ft Lil Kim and Keri Hilson


12. Whip It Reloaded ft Nicki Minaj

13  Cut A Bitch Throat N’ Snatch Ha Weave #ELITEBARBIESHIT ft Thanikster

(bonus tracks)


16. Plz Dont Post Ya Dick In The Nicki Tag ft Romanismental

17. Bitch I Know You Shop At Walmart (Thanikster Diss)