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As a fan of well made quality dress shoes, I have read countless articles and reviews of the Double Monk store. The store stocks a wide variety of high quality English shoe brands in a compatible interior designed by MRTN Architects which is supposed to encourage a lingering visit. 

I am glad to see that so many men have enjoyed their experience at the store even though my brief visit wasn’t satisfactory. Maybe my expectations were too high after absorbing the sea of good reviews or we may have walked in at the “wrong” time when a staff member has just failed to make a sale. “I will definitely come back tomorrow for it” said the customer before leaving in a hurry as his partner looked on boringly in what was arguably the most beautiful shoe store i have ever been in, where even the door handle was in the shape of a last. 

Instead of attending to us, the staff member has retreated back to the bar for a chat with his two colleagues. After what seemed like an eternity, I decided to end the awkward silence by approaching them, paid for my Saphir Renovateur and left with the feeling that i would have had a better experience shopping online. 

A few minutes walk away from the store, a cheerful waitress at Slowpoke Espresso complimented us on our shoes and we ended up lingering at their quaint outdoor courtyard for hours. How Ironic that we had more shoe talk in a hipster cafe than in Double Monk.

I like shoes.

Even before my sartorial journey i was a sneaker head who is into AF1s and Nike dunks.There is a saying “when it comes to shoes,buy them cheap and you’ll buy twice”.Hence it is worth spending a bit more money on your shoes than any other garment apart from suits.Simon Crompton of Permanent Style urges men to spend ½ of their budget for suits on shoes which i think is fairly practical.

So before heading into your nearest department store to purchase that same dull square toe slip on for the second time in a year please read this comprehensive and well written article by The Silentist on why quality men’s dress shoes are so expensive yet a bloody good investment to your wardrobe.

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Picture source:Double Monk