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Sooo tonight before I go to bed I want to feel like im going to bed holding onto something more. I know its silly to sit back and think that sitting here writing this to you can calm me, but it does. Tonight I feel the need to tell this crushing world that they are worth it. I know I cant sit on the news or make a world wide broadcast to let those around me know that they truly are enough in this world, but HELLLLL tumblr is a start. So im going to sit here and let you know a few things, help you to remember some things i sometimes forget. that way when you close your pretty eyes tonight you can maybe remember these things ive written here.
1. YOU are enough
2. YOU are bright
3. YOU are amazing and extriodinary
4. YOU are irreplacable
5. YOU are loved.
6. YOU are inspirational
7. YOU are creative.
8. YOU are BEAUTIFUL.. no BEYOND beautiful, more than it (:
9. YOU are courageous and strong
10. YOU are worthy, and YOU deserve the best, the world, and love.

Now let me say this... I care about you, even if I do not know you I care. Because SOMEONE has too, You are not alone, you have soooo many people that stand beside you. And sooo many look up too you. NEVER EVER forget how important YOU are in this world. ...and most importantly never forget that YOU are YOU... and that is ENOUGH.