This Blog has been a long time coming.

I have wanted to do this since day one, unfortunately i only got a smartphone this past winter break. The reality is that i’m graduating. If you use tumblr, are a freshman or sophomore,  have a smartphone and a cynical attitude towards the poor maintenance and design of this campus. Message me. I need to pass this on. I want this blog to become as purchase as cramped living spaces and shitty food. I want people to google purchase college and find this. because this is the stuff they dont put in the brochures, this is the stuff they dont show the tours. this is as purchase, if not more, than any event that the school even has. message me if you understand and are interested in making this a part of your legacy.


People who plan to be here for four years,

and also people who know how to keep a blog separate from their personal one.

Message me.