beautifulness to infinite


Brian with beard for the anon :) 

First of all credit to the one that made the gifs :)

I can’t see at all, because I have all the brightness down because it bothers, the light bothers me a lot, so I can’t really see if the photo shows the beard a lot. Forgive me for that :(

let’s see if I can find more, I think I have more :) 

오늘 진짜사나이 마지막 방송이네요 촬영하는 동안 힘들기도했지만 많은것을 배운것 같아요 군인장병 여러분들 더운날씨지만 힘내시고 화이팅하세요 모두 본방사수!!^^

Today is the last broadcast of ‘Real Men’. It was hard when I was filming but I think I learnt a lot. Soldiers and Military personnel; the weather is hot but do your best and hang in there. Everyone watch the live broadcast!!^^

Translation by InfiniteUpdates