I’ve never posted my tumblr crushes before and i know i’m a day late but i’m home and i love seeing whose blogs everyone is reading so i thought i’d let yall see mine.

1. -one of my favorite Brits this guy is. from his recent traveling the world to his current runs from zombies, Phil is the business, yall.

2. - the nicest and most encouraging person on tumblr. hands down, no question. follow him, and you wont regret it for a second.

3. -another one of my favorite Brits on here. He’s funny, and writes really well, and he’s British and funny and he’s just funny and his blog just has a lot of heart.

4. -her blog always brings a smile to my face! you know those blogs on your dash that just provide a lot of tumblr humor? this is one of those and i love it.

5. - this girl is an absolute sweetheart and her progress is pretty incredible!! 

6. -josh runs, like a lot, and its real awesome! clearly a blog i enjoy reading and his dedication to running is inspiring!

7. -LEE LEE, we go way back, to like 2008.She’s the reason I have this blog. She recently moved to chicago so all you lovely chicago people should follow her and be her friend. you wont regret it.

8. -Amy and I have recently become bffs over our love for bright colors, pink polar watches, British men, and Needtobreathe. I adore this girl. Such a great support and encouragement.

9. -this girl is absolutely working hard, kicking butt, and making some great changes. love to read her blog and about her life. 

You know who else’s blog I love? (Part 1) :

Okay, I decided to stop there. I have a lot more blogs I love to read and who I have formed great friendships with but I figured I’d save the list for next week. If you guys aren’t following all these people, you should be. They’re the greatest!

Fruit/veggie tray I made for our graduation party!

P.s. sorry I haven’t been on the last week! We’ve been entertaining our awesome families in the city. They leave today :( so its rest for me the rest of the weekend and back on the grind of working out and eating right on Monday. I’m back on <3 thanks for following xoxo

#tbt #throwbackthursday - this is a combination of two throwbacks (one from my highest weight/one from my wedding this passed weekend) getting my motivation back and not giving up on my fitness journey!

No more excuses. YES I was stressed for quite a bit of time wedding planning, didn’t eat as well as I should have and certainly didn’t work out, but that is not a reason to give up on my fitness journey. The wedding is officially over (November 2) and while I have two jobs, I still have more time to plan and prep my meals. Time to get in line with myself:

1. no sweets unless it is a special occasion
2. Drink more water
3. Try to relax
4. Work our when I can
5. Focus on eating properly and transforming my body

New goal: lose 5-10lbs before our honeymoon in mid January!

Watch on

Obsessed with this movie, and this is my favorite part! 

Feeling good today...why you ask?

I’ve lost 2lbs this week after working my butt off (literally :P) in the gym last week and I feel great! I’m down a total of 41lbs now and only 15lbs away from my goal weight. I think I recharged my weight loss plan and I’m feeling great. Hoping to lose this other 15lbs by the wedding. 97 days to go ;) 

Starting weight: 196lbs

Current weight: 155lbs

Goal weight: 140lbs 

As always - thank you for being amazing followers and tracking my fitness journey with me. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask :)

Update :)

Hi Ladies & Gents!

I am still a work in progress when it comes to my fitness journey. Everyday is a new step towards my ultimate goal. I am currently at comfortable 155lbs but I would like to still work towards my ultimate weight goal of 140. That’s 41 pounds down from 196lbs :) I am however feeling smaller finally which is a great feeling. Currently a size 6/7 in some pants and still fit in some size 8 pants but its a great feeling to no longer be in a tight size 12.

Thank you for following me - you all are a fantastic motivation. If you ever have questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

You can find my journey under the “my journey” tab and progress photos under “progress”.

I will hopefully be updating my photos soon as well.