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Promise (M)

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a/n: oh sweet lordie, here we go

warning(s): smut with a fluff ending. Nothing too too wild

theme: Baekhyun is the CEO of a mega corporation, and sometimes he gets so caught up in work that he forgets different events. Usually you didn’t mind too much, but today was different, because it’s your anniversary.

word count: 1.8k

You sighed, looking over at the clock again for seemingly the hundredth time. It was almost 10pm, he was almost 4 hours late. You had made dinner, gotten all dressed up, and were ready to have a romantic night with your boyfriend, Baekhyun for your 4 year anniversary.

Going into this relationship you knew there were gonna be times when he forgot about something you needed him to do, or a party you wanted to go to, or a multitude of other things, because of his work. This was the first time he had forgotten your anniversary though. At first you weren’t sure what to do. Should you call him? Should you just leave a note and go to a friend’s house?

“No, and no.” You thought to yourself. It finally came to you what the best course of action would be. You warmed up the food, packed it into a basket and headed to your car.

The building Baekhyun worked in stood tall in the dark night, lights still on in a couple offices here and there. He was on the top floor, on the far left, the lights were still on in the office. The receptionist let you up, and on the way you gave yourself a pep talk. He was your boyfriend, and you loved him more than anything. You knew it wasn’t his fault he forgot. He had been extremely stressed lately. Even if you were a bit mad, you understood.

His office was completely surrounded by glass, with both a view of the city and a view of the cubicles. It was completely empty besides him. You took a deep breath, smoothed out your skin tight dress, and walked in. His head popped up at the sudden entry, and a look of both delight and confusion was on his face.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” He let out a sigh before speaking once more. “Did I forget something again?”

“What’s today’s date?” You asked, setting the basket down on the chair next to you.

“Well, it’s June 19th…it’s our anniversary. I’m so sorry Y/N, I can’t believe I forgot.” This realization caused pain in his voice. He got up and came to where you stood, locking you in a tight embrace. He pulled your face up to meet his, placing a soft kiss on your lips. There was a small smirk on his face when you broke.

“Let me make it up to you.”

He hoisted you up, pinning your back to the cold glass that made up the walls. You instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist. He kissed you again, rougher this time. The feeling was euphoric, easing your feelings of missing him. He took full dominance, leaving you weak in his arms. You were breathless when he finally stopped, and he let out a small laugh.

“Did I ever tell you how good this dress looks on you?”

“You have.” You replied.

“Well it looks so much better off of you.” He played with the bottom of the red material, lifting it up and off of you to reveal the lacey black underwear you had on underneath. He bit his bottom lip at the sight, which was as intoxicating to him as any alcohol. You were his cocktail, and he intended on enjoying every last bit of it.

His lips made contact with your neck, causing a soft moan to lowly escape from your lips. His hands roamed your body, caressing you in all the places he loved most. His hands were cold against your skin, sending shivers up your spine. Excitement for whatever was to happen next coated your sex by this point, which Baekhyun was quick to take notice to. His fingers ghosted over you, the intense teasing turning you on even more.

He wasn’t going to give you what you wanted that easily though. If there was one thing Baekhyun was good at, it was sweet, sweet torture. Bringing you just to the brink and leaving you a mess, and you knew that’s exactly what he intended on doing, especially considering how needy you were already being. Your hands were tangled in his jet black hair, softly pulling at it when he reached just the right spot on your neck, sending waves of pleasure through your body.

He kissed up and down your jaw, finally making his way back to your lips, which craved the feeling of his. In the midst of the kiss your hands made their way down to his shirt, methodically unbuttoning it until it hung loosely around him until he finally pushed it off.

He picked you up, walking over to his desk and gently laying you down on the dark wood, whilst never breaking the engagement your lips were in. He tasted of gin, which he usually drank sips of whilst in a meeting. The way he kissed you was usually spirituous enough, but this was an added sweetness this time that you very much enjoyed.

           He pressed his hips into yours, the feeling of his hardened erection causing another small moan to escape you. He laid his hands on your hips, keeping you two together. He wanted you to feel just how much he wanted you, and he also wanted the satisfaction of bringing you to the point where you had to beg him to fuck you. This you happily obliged to.

The glass room was filled with the sounds of moans, wet kisses and heavy breathing. The fact that anyone in the neighboring buildings could see you in such a state, eyes glazed over with lust, a light sheen of perspiration covering your body, and you hair strewn everywhere, was lewd and erotic. You had to admit that you enjoyed the promiscuity of being so intimate in such a public place.

He broke the kiss for a moment, taking in the sight of you laid upon his desk, eager to be touched by him, willing to let him do whatever he wanted. He licked his lips at the thought. His eyes made contact with the wet spot on your panties.

“Look at how wet you are, y/n. What do you want me to do about it?” His voice was coated with the intense lust that had been building within him. His expression was animalistic, like he wanted nothing more than to ravage you. Which was probably exactly what he wanted.

“Fuck me.” You said in a whispery voice.

“Babygirl you’re gonna have to be louder than that. Now, what is it you want me to do?” You pulled his face back down to meet yours.

“Fuck me.” You repeated, your voice louder and more commanding this time. “Hard.”

He wrapped an arm around your back and brought you up, and quickly unclasped your bra before laying you back down. He placed soft kisses on your collarbone, making his way all the way down your body. There was something so seductive about even this small action.

His fingers played with the waistband of your panties before quickly pulling them off and throwing them off to the side. There you were, completely naked in front of him, completely vulnerable, and he loved it. He undid his belt, removing his pants and underwear, letting his erection spring free. You bit your lip, so hard you thought you might’ve started bleeding.

He pulled you down so you hung slightly off the desk and placed himself at your entrance. Before you could even think he was inside of you, a loud moan exploding from the both of you. He tightened his grip around your hips, pushing you down as he thrusted in, ensuring he was as deep in you as possible. Your legs kept their grip on his waist.

    He went a little slow at first, almost in a teasing manner, as he knew how much you needed him. His paced quickened, and you pulled him in for a kiss as he did, trying to muffle your moans a bit, as they had gotten louder and louder the quicker he got.

Through heavy breaths you requested him to go a little harder.

“You think you can take that?”

“Don’t tease me Baekhyun.” You said in almost a growl. He smirked before adjusting to pound into you harder than he had ever done before. This was exactly what you needed, as he hit your g-spot, causing a scream of pleasure from you to fill the heavy hair of the room.

The intense euphoria of the way he was taking you provided a high you never wanted to come down from. His moans music to your ears. Your hands pulled at his hair, and when they weren’t there they were leaving scratches on his back that would surely remain there the next day, as a sign of the good time you two had.

You were coming close to your orgasm, which he knew as he went ever harder and ever faster, putting in the necessary work to make you feel as good as possible. Your body trembled as you hit your climax, soaking Baekhyun’s dick in your juices whilst your moans had hit their peak in volume.

He still had yet to orgasm himself, which gave you the opportunity to pleasure him yourself. He leaned against the desk whilst you dropped to your knees, licking your lips with excitement. At this point he was the needy one, and this shift in power enticed you. His hands tangled into your hair as he harshly thrusted into your mouth. The taste of both your juices and his precum stimulated your tastebuds.

Beautifully lustful obscenities fell from his lips in an almost poetic nature, mixed with calling you princess and telling you just how good you were making him feel. All of which was enough to fuel neediness within you again, but you help yourself back, wanting to focus on Baekhyun, who was throbbing inside you currently. You bobbed your head a little faster, and even brought the full length of him in your mouth.

A long, drawn out ‘fuck’ came from his mouth as he released himself inside you, the sound a satisfactory one to you, assuring you that you had done what you set out to do. He pulled you up, giving you a soft kiss before once again sitting you on the desk.

“I really am sorry I forgot though, y/n. I love you more than anything, I promise I’ll never forget again.” You chuckled, finding it absolutely adorable that the first thing he did was apologize.

“No no, don’t promise me that. Maybe you should forget a couple more times, if this is what I get for it.” He laughed this time, before kissing your forehead gently. The both of you gathered your clothes, dressing yourselves as if nothing had happened. Although the crumpled papers, and those that had fallen onto the floor would beg to differ.

“So, what did you make?” He asked, motioning over to the basket that still sat on the chair near the door.

“Oh, right, I almost forgot about that.You’ll love it, I promise.”

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  • what she means: the 20th march 2016 marks the day of the release of the picture depicting óscar isaac hernández estrada in a red crewneck and black beanie eating flaming hot cheetos with chopsticks. this is the greatest day of my life, my skin is clear and the crops have been watered. nothing can get better than seeing the guatemalan man we all love with that beautifully obscene moustache on his face eating cheetos. don't look or breathe in my direction. don't touch me.

borubatak  asked:

Hi! Maybe you could do a continuation of Double Booked? It doesn't need to end up with a smutty sex scene *cough* but I think it'd be cool to have Sherlock unraveled by Molly's nakedness?

First part to Double Booked here. A cookie or sweet snack to anyone who guesses which storyline of which show this following fic is so obviously based on. And I should say that this prompt fill doesn’t really follow the outlines of the prompt—so no awkward!Sherlock I’m afraid—but there is plenty of snark, and smut, to (hopefully) make up for it.

With everyone else piled off into pairs and groups for the dancing, Molly knocked back her third glass of champagne of the evening and scoffed as she saw the wary, warning gaze of Sherlock Holmes.

“What? It’s an open bar,” she said pointedly, clutching briefly at his lower arm for balance. Sherlock raised an eyebrow.

“This is about that drunk, isn’t it?”

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