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Laggard (JK) -M

Description: Jeon Jungkook has you at his beck and call.
Word Count: 7193
Genre: Smut
First of all, OMG THIS FIC WAS SUDDENLY GONE AND I HAD TO REPOST IT :( all those previous notes tho ;-; anyways, if it weren’t for @won-poo i wouldn’t have been aware fo this problem :( Nonetheless, i think reposting it is a great way to gain new notes and followers and admirers :) so… here ya go~

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Sense8 Season 2 Poster Analysis:

First, I’m going to do a technical summary about the new season 2 poster, listing important details for you to understand, “the psychological analysis”.

Clarification: I am a qualified graphics designer.

The poster has a lot of details that are very important, and there are themes that are present throughout the design: For instance: There is a variation between gradients and lights - The objective: complexity vs minimalist.

Sense8’s Poster has a degraded background which is blue-white-grey and it also has warm and cold lighting. This lighting stands out in specific points, creating luminance & contrast.

Rule of Thirds: The poster is divided exactly in this way:

Here we can see six imaginary lines. These lines show us important details at the crossing points. Our brain sees the poster from left to right and from top to bottom.

First point (left up): Will’s face.

Second point (right down): Capheus’s body.

Third point (left up): Kala’s body.

Fourth point (right down): Building - This point doesn’t seem to matter

Instead, the lines make us to read the poster this way:

Vertical left line: Sun - Will - Titles

Vertical right line: Kalagang - Cities

Horizontal up line: Will (again) - Lito

Horizontal down line: Riley

Also, like I said, we read the poster from left-up to right-down. Like this:

It redirects our mind with the different directions of the character’s faces.

Sun looks towards the opposite side of our view: from right to left. Some asiatic countries read this way.

Wolfgang + Kala: Their direction is the opposite as Sun’s, and they are the only ones who are shown together in the same shot. This could be telling us that they will be going down the same road, like a journey together.

Will + Lito: Both of them are looking towards the front. This could be telling us that they are going to advance a lot when it comes to their individual plots & story lines.

Capheus: He is looking in the same direction as Sun, towards the left. Sincerely, I don’t like this because it looks as though he turns his back on Riley and Nomi. Capheus faces the opposite side, but not like Sun. You can tell that she is looking towards the front, but he is looking down, and he looks worried. I DON’T LIKE THIS.

But if I don’t like Capheus’ position, I hate Nomi’s. It is horrible. First, she doesn’t even fall on an important line. She is looking far right and it seems she is a bit isolated from the rest.

Psychological Sensory (Three blocks):

Orange: Serious and decisive looks towards a certain point represent a goal.

Purple: Lost and serious looks, with an open mouth - something to say perhaps?

Green: You can calm down. Relax - happiness.

Lastly, love in the Cluster:

Pink: They are distant. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not (they always try to fool us or throw us off). I have the sensation that this is for a particular reason though. Maybe Riley and Will will be separated in a physical way this season. Also, I would like to put an emphasis on Will. He appears bigger, while Riley has more of her body in the poster. All of this equilibrates the couple.

Blue: Togetherness. The opposite to Blueski, who is an important part of the poster. Both are in different places and this separates them. But Kala+Wolfgang are together. Are they trying to telling us that Kalagang is going to be physically together this season? I want to believe that this is true, and my instincts tell me I am right - I’m crazy, sorry.

Other objects in the poster:

The buildings from each country tell us that they are united as a cluster, and that they are all connected through the same line.

“Sobreviviendo. Juntos” or “Survive. Together” is the definition of the season - The trailer says the same kind of message.

In big letters we have “SENSE8”, although it is in the corner of the poster, which grabs less attention - for me, this is an error - It would have been preferable in the upper corner. Until now I haven’t read the date - May 5th - because it is so small. This is a problem.

Lighting: This caught my attention. The poster has a warm stroke across it. Kalagang and Lito+Nomi are highlighted. This light is a way to create unity and bring attention to certain points.


It’s a very different poster if we compare it to the poster from season 1 - The 8 unrecognizable faces - But in this case, they show us the 8 sensates with a different attitude, unity… For me, the characters that are less prominent in the poster are Nomi and Capheus. Lito is in the center and he look like a boss - I like it - But the main point of the poster is Will, he is graphically tagged. Although our hearts say “Oh Kalagang, OMG!”, our brain says: “Why do you look so serious Will?”. There are a lot of conflicting moods coming from all 8 of them. Sun is a big point too - Look at her size - And all of this is in the trailer as well; Will and Sun are the point of attention while Kalagang is shown very little and the others are just there somehow.

For me the poster is beautiful, it’s beautifully composed - there are always some mistakes, especially through the eyes of another (it’s all perspective) - I think that they don’t tell us so much, but at the same time they tell us many things - just like the trailer. They gave us a basic idea of season without leaving us with much more than the obvious.

Thank u @ww-n-double-d for making my English better, you are gold!

I hope you enjoy the analysis and I hope to hear your opinions about it!

i want to write about you.
i want to write beautiful poems about you that tell you how extraordinary you are through my eyes.

there are so many sheets of paper on my bed from trying and trying to write about you.

but i can’t write about you,
for you are so much greater than any comparison, any adjective, or any metaphor that i can think of.

i wanted to compare the brilliance in your eyes to the stars, but i can’t.
because your eyes shine at any time of day.
and they are so much brighter than any constellation.

i tried to compare your laughter to my favorite song.
but eventually i will get tired of hearing even the most beautifully composed songs.

not once will i get sick of hearing you laugh.
your happiness holds more beauty than any lyrics anyone has ever written.

i want everyone to know that you are unforgettable.
you truly are incomparable.
you are far more wondrous and amazing and breath-taking than anything this world has to offer.

you are everything i’ve ever wanted.
exactly what i needed,
but nothing i deserved.

so i try and try to bring out everything
that i adore about you with my pen and paper.
but just like everything else,
it just doesn’t do you justice.
it never will.

—  why i can’t write about you // s.d

I always say that bangtan’s old stuff makes me nostalgic and I do miss those eras, but I really do love their slower songs and their image now. Their slow songs are composed so beautifully, like hold me tight, butterfly, love is not over, autumn leaves, and spring day. They’re such beautiful songs and the lyrics are really heart wrenching like in spring day, 

“Honestly I miss you
But I’ll erase you
Because it hurts less
Than to blame you”

or in Hold me tight,

“the loneliness is filling up again
I wish I’d just lost everything
why did I nitpick so much
even to the trash bags thrown aside on the road
they make a lonely sound in the wind”

those really tug at my heartstrings lmao. I know a lot of people love their more hyped up songs (me included) like not today, baepsae, dope etc, etc, but it’s so nice to take the time to appreciate this side of them. 

The Haunting of Braidwood Manor Soundtrack

Note: Some tracks are included @hollyashton’s descriptions.

1. A Chorus of Men’s Altos (x)

WARNING: Don’t play this at night unless you want to feel the real horror.

When The Haunting of Braidwood Manor was released, @hollyashton posted something about the music from the story (x). I wanted to give credits to her for posting a brief description of the music.

As the title frame loads, you’re hearing a chorus of altos (men?) which immediately sets the spooky mood. The same alto chorus plays when you enter the manor and look around. - @hollyashton‘s description.

2. Sinister Sounds (x)

WARNING: Don’t play this at night unless you want to feel the real horror.

This plays in a very terrifying situation or a suspenseful situation that gives you the chills. Alternatively:

When fire begins to appear in your room, and as you look around the haunted house, a quieter sound comes on accentuated by what sound like hushed whispers. I bet that’s just my mind playing tricks on me but it sounded like the wind or whispers. Creepy. - @hollyashton‘s description.

3. It Was Only A Bad Dream (x)

WARNING: Don’t play this at night unless you want to feel the real horror.

You woke up from your nightmares of Jonathan haunting you, your heart racing. It was only a bad dream.

4. The Music Box (x)

As you approach the house, the music becomes less daunting. It sounded like a music box to me, suggesting simpler, happier times. This same music plays when you encounter the tin soldiers. Does this suggest the innocence of the souls at Braidwood? They are mostly children after all. - @hollyashton‘s description.

5. Piano Melody of Braidwood Manor (x)

I love this soundtrack so much. It’s beautifully composed by the Pixelberry Team for this horror story and it’s quite relaxing too. By the way, this and “The Music Box” are considered as the “Normal Tone Music” in this story. They play when you’re with the children and Eleanor Waverley. Nothing spooky happens.

6. Hannah and Thomas’s Piano Duet (Snippet) (x)

This plays in Chapter 4 of The Haunting of Braidwood Manor, where you (canon name is Hannah) meets Thomas Waverley in the parlor. Thomas was seen playing a lovely melody on the piano. He hit a wrong note and you decided to join him, much to his dismay. Later, you two played the melody as a duet. Finally, you and Thomas bonded after playing the melody.

Total length: 0:04:25 (4 minutes 25 seconds)

A Peek Inside Russia’s Most Beautiful Buildings From This Stunning Instagram

St. Petersburg inhabitant, Sergey Prokopenko documents the breathtaking beauty he witnesses on a daily basis as an architecture blogger, guide and travel enthusiast on his Instagram. Prokopenko captures the hidden treasures, abandoned remnants and latibules hidden from the mass.

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Okay, so I just wanna talk about this shot from La La Land for a second. First off, this is from the end of the opening number (”Another Day of Sun”). Not only is this shot beautifully composed and executed, the color scheme is so pleasing, and there’s SO MUCH DEPTH. Also, this number is one continuous take with no cuts whatsoever which means that after running around catching everything happening among the cars and dancers, the camera operator and director still got this shot to wrap it all up. This is hands down one of the best shots on film in a long, long time, and I love La La Land so very much.

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As a Journalism student, I admit I was quite anxious about the Rolling Stone article. They're a well respected publication who basically have the level of authority that can alter opinions of the masses- when they say things, there's no doubt in my mind it's well researched. As far as articles go, I feel like it really told the story of Harry as it is- not how we want it to be. Harry gave strong, authentic answers to everything and rather than working against him, they let him shine through.

Cameron Crowe is one of the most respected music journalists of all time and I’m so pleased that he was the one to write this article. It was beautifully composed, and I really got the sense that Harry was fairly represented. I absolutely loved the tidbits that we wouldn’t normally get - Harry talking to the tablecloth, him needing to pee, him abruptly deciding to go to the beach, everyone referring to him as “H”, even the story about him being drunk in a dress - and you could tell that Crowe really took the time to understand not only who Harry is as an artist, but who he is as a person.

Cameron Crowe doesn’t bullshit - he never has - so it’s refreshing to see his take on Harry and his solo career. I’m so thankful that Harry felt comfortable enough to share a bit of his world with Crowe and I’m thankful to Crowe for showing Harry so much respect.

I think this is my favorite specimen crystal in the shop update tomorrow! Bits of bark with beautifully composed lichens on them are like tiny works of art. 


‘Swim Team Superstar’ is a 16 pg risograph comic about the trials of being on a swim team when you’re young. Learning about life, what you love and where you want to be when you grow up. Debuting at SPX, 2016. Here are the first four pages!

“Billy grew up to be a movie soundtrack composer but still thinks about her time on the swim team everyday. Unfortunately she does not have a pool membership and today only thinks bout composing beautifully dramatic, well-timed music to epic war scenes.”

I’ve made a summer swim team playlist to go along with the comic too :3 debuting also at SPX! To be sold online soon…………..

Read Me--Imagine #11

angelrayna: Hi! I was wondering if you could do an imagine that takes place in a library or bookstore. Im a total bookworm so i love that kind of stuff .///. Thanks ^^

A/N: Loved this idea and I’m sorry it took so long for me to write it. Thank you so much for being patient. I hope it was all you wanted!! <3 I feel like it’s kind of messy but hopefully it sounds better to you. Keep dreaming!~Logan

My fingers ran along countless spines of books, and I savored the feel of each of them. I was calmed by the low hum of the small bookshop sounds. My local bookstore was my safe haven. It was peaceful and small, and felt more like home than any other place. 

“Is there anything I can help you with, ma’am?” A voice said behind me.

I whipped around from looking at the fantasy book I was holding in my hand.

The young man who stood in front of me was the guy I’d been pining over for awhile now. I knew he worked here, but we had never talked except for the couple times he had rang up my books. His name tag read, c/n.

“Ah, it’s you!” He exclaimed, his face brightening.

“Yup. I’m back,” I grinned, awkwardly shifting my weight from one foot to the other. I was surprised he recognized me.

“Considering how often you’re here, you must have a library in your house,” he smiled at me, his kind e/c eyes twinkling at me.

I pulled at the hair on the nape of my neck. “Heh, yeah, I’ve kind of run out of space in my house for all the bookshelves I keep filling up.”

We stared at each other for a bit, his eyes sweeping over my face and lingering slightly on my lips. 

“So!” he started, seeming to snap out of a daze. “Can I help you find anything?”

“Oh, well, if you have any recommendations I’m open to any,” I smiled.

“Pssh, do I ever!” He winked at me, strolling through the rows of shelves.

I followed him, a slight warmth settling in my cheeks. We walked for a bit, and I studied his strong back and the way he confidently walked, humming to himself a bit. The sound was soothing. 

“Mah lady,” he said, stopping in front of one of the rows, and gesturing for me to pass him with a flourish of his arm.

“Such a gentleman,” I smiled. God, I really didn’t know how to flirt. 

The slight tinge of pink on his cheeks, told me otherwise though. 

“I’m really into dramas and mysteries, so this isle is great for that,” c/n smiled, a sort of dreamy look taking over his face. 

He told me about a few of his favorite books and I picked up one of the ones he mentioned. 

“Oh, yeah, umm,” he suddenly became very flushed and nervous, “that one is a romantic drama. But it’s really good. There’s a lot more to the story than just the romance.”

“I think I’ll start this one here and see if I wanna buy it,” I smoothed my hand over the cover. 

“Yeah, for sure! I guess I’ll just go back to minding my business,” he chuckled, getting antsy.

“Or you could, maybe, read it with me? I mean, if you don’t want to that totally makes sense, I mean I’m just–”

“I would love to–” he stopped himself. “What’s your name? You’d think I would have asked by now, considering how often I see you in here.”

I blushed before outstretching my hands. “I’m y/n.”

“Well, I would love to read with you, y/n,” he chuckled, his warm and slightly calloused palm rubbing against mine as we shook hands. 

His thumb stroked over my knuckles for a brief moment before he dropped his hand.

“Follow me,” he turned, leading me through the rows to a door. “Technically, I’m not supposed to do this, but hey, you’re one of our best customers. Might as well get a little bit of VIP treatment,” he smirked as he punched a passcode into a pad on the door.

He took my hand leading me inside before I could say another word. 

“Welcome to the bookworm’s paradise,” he laughed. 

My eyes widened at the glorious little room. It was comfy and dimly lit by little lantern lights hung on a long wire that ran along all the walls. Bean bags and plush couches sat on the carpeted floor. Books were strewn over the floor and filled the bookshelves. My eyes settled on a machine that c/n was toying with. 

“Hot chocolate?” he asked, holding out a cup of the steaming liquid. 

“Wow, thanks,” I smiled. 

“Anything for a devoted bookworm like me,” he wiped the hair that had fallen into his eyes, before taking a sip. “Oh, shit! That’s hot,” he said, choking.

I patted him on the back, putting both of our hot chocolates near the bean bags that were next to us. His coughing subsided after awhile. 

“You alright?” I asked gently, rubbing my hands up and down his back.

“Yeah, thanks. Sorry about that,” he looked up finally his eyes watering from coughing, his whole face bright red. 

I hesitantly took my hand away, wishing it could remain there.

“Shall we?” He asked, bring my eyes back up to his as he gestured to the love-seat we were standing in front of. 

“We shall,” I gave him a shy smile. 

He sat down first and patted the cushion next to him. When I sat down next to him, I tried placing myself as far from him as possible so as not to make him uncomfortable. But the seat had other plans. The cushion tilted to the middle, sliding my body into him, my whole side–thigh and arm–pressed against his. He looked at me, a gaze I wouldn’t be able to get out of my head for days. It made my stomach churn as he let his eyes slide down to gaze at the places we were touching. He cleared his throat. Opening the book, he held it in his hand, resting his hand on his thigh. I put my hand on his thigh to support my weight as I shifted to curl my legs under me. 

“Comfy?” He chuckled, looking at the way I was seated. 

I slid my hand slowly up his thigh, back to my own. His Adam’s apple bobbed, his smile faltering for a moment. “Mmm, very,” I smirked. 

Clearing his throat again very loudly, he shifted a couple times, seeming to try to get his legs in a comfortable position and pulling his top down. Finally he settled. His voice came out thick and measured as he started the story. I don’t know how long we were in there as his voice lulled me into a sort of hypnotized state. It was so soothing and yet sensual at the same time. The way the words fell from his lips was like a beautifully composed piece of orchestral music. And the way his tongue curled to form each word was an art form in and of itself. I laid my head on his shoulder and felt the hum of his voice in my own body. Sometimes, in the dramatic parts, when a character was over-reacting, he would switch to this hilariously high pitched voice. I doubled over from laughing so hard. Watering eyes and flushed cheeks, I didn’t realize I had fallen in such an awkward position. When my eyes focused and I brushed away the joyful tears, I realized my head was on his lap, and I was staring up at him. He looked down at me, his hand that held the book resting on the arm of the loveseat to get a full view of me. 

“You enjoying my humor?” he asked, pink tinting his cheeks. 

I giggled. “Very. You should really get a job reading for audiobooks.”

“And why would that be? I think I do a terrible job of reading,” he inquired.

My eyes widened. “You think you do a terrible job of reading? I was just in trance from listening to your voice,” I sat up. “In fact,” I looked down at my lap, “I think that’s all I really focused on. So, maybe your voice wouldn’t be good for audiobooks. No one would be listening to the story. They’d be too focused on your voice.”

He tipped my chin, making me look him in the eyes. Something about the way I was looking at him must’ve triggered something in him. I heard the book drop as I licked my lips, letting my bottom lip graze against my teeth. 

“I kind of want to know what it would be like to feel your lips read me,” I said, stroking his cheek, my face on fire as well as the rest of my body. 

He got the hint, his eyes seeming to be set on fire, closed the distance, and our lips met in a slow, sensual introduction. His lips closed around my bottom lip, getting familiar with it, and he sucked gently. So tender. He was so tender with me. His hand that was once holding a book as poetic as the way he was kissing and touching me now, blazed a fiery trail down my arm to my leg. He gripped in a soft, but firm way and pulled it over his thighs. I was now straddling him. His warm, large hand that I had only been shaking in introduction earlier, traced circles on my thigh. It seemed he was flipping through my pages, inhaling my scent as he would with a book, savoring the taste the smell brought with it. He was reading me with his fingertips, like I was braille and he was blind. His tongue wrote a new chapter in my book on my tongue, one where I lost all inhibitions and went after what I wanted: Him. I leaned further into the kiss, moving my whole body with his movements and that voice, that damned voice, released a thick, guttural groan. The passion with which he was kissing me was what convinced me he really was trying to read me. The way his hands stroked my body, trying to observe my movements so as to be able to predict them in the future. He was a reader and I was the story he was trying to memorize.


Since today is #PFAD, here is my solo from the Electric Lady Series Event: U.N.I.T.Y. which is a women’s showcase that celebrates womanhood.  

I dedicated this performance to the motherland and how she has shaped me to be the women I am today. This song I performed to is a song by @lowleaf​ called “Kami Ang Mga Tao”, as written on my arms in precolonial script suwat bisaya (over traditional Visayan tattoo), which translates to “We, the people”. These words hold such weight and the song truly resonated with me and the fact that the artist, who is a Filipino American woman, wrote this song dedicated to the Philippines just made the song mean so much deeper for me. And so, I was able to dance to connect with the song and dance with honesty. I can’t thank you enough, for a such a beautifully composed and honest song.


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Hi Sea! I was wondering your thoughts on harmonies. I know that's rather open ended. But I know Liam does most of the harmonizing, and often times with Louis' solos. Even on MitAM he is often harmonizing with Louis (ie: Perfect). What would be the reason for it? Like they don't think Louis is strong or reliable enough to sing on his own? Is it to balance something out? Make it sound fuller? And why not utilize the others more? I know Niall gets some. Maybe Harry (not sure?)? +

+ Louis does with Niall in Through the Dark, which I like. Anyhow, I was just curious your thoughts on it. I like stripped down or acoustic versions where we can hear the harmonies more. Thank you!

Dear anon,

Thank you for this ask. 

My mind is heavy with emotions tonight. I am going to keep most of my thoughts private, but suffice it to say, my mind isn’t the clearest, and I apologize if I am less than 100%. 

I am also going to try to rephrase your questions, so that I can give more focused answers.

First, why does it seem like there is more harmonization when Louis sings his solos? Is this statement, in fact, true? Liam seems to do a lot of the harmonizing. Is it because Louis’s voice sounds too thin, and needs harmony to fill the solos out? 

Second, if there is more harmonization with Louis’s solos, and the reason is not because of a deficit in Louis’s voice, then why do it? Why not do this with anyone else’s solos? 

These are actually interesting questions, and the answers change slightly from Midnight Memories to MITAM

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