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You’re not concerned about this? Concerned? Well, you say you’ll be teaching me to fight. But if every man fights differently, seems to me what you’ll really be teaching me is how to defeat you.

I’ll take my chances.

Hidden Figures wins, Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

Viola Davis wins, Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role for her role in Fences.

Mahershala Ali wins, Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role for his role in Moonlight.

Denzel Washington wins, Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role for his role in Fences.

Black people won big tonight, at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. January 29, 2017 @ Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA.

The Signs as Michael Faudet Poems


My Girl Who Writes

I watch you write,
my love, my life,
my start of everything.

Each little sigh,
a pen run day,
another painful page

Your fingers bleed,
I do concede,
for a sentence
of your making.

To which you say,
on sunshine days,
it is for words
my heart is breaking.



Do you know what really turns me on?
What I find incredibly sexy? Kindness.


Pressed Flowers

To the quiet one,
the coy,
the wallflower.

Her dark circled eyes
buried in a book.

Hard little nipples,
dusty pink,
beneath a tatty
black singlet.

Those restless legs,
sprawled across
a squeaky bed.

Her secrets kept,
like pressed daisies
hidden by
pages read.



She wore the scent
of early spring
on her delicate neck
and every kiss I stole
tasted of bright yellow flowers
and buzzing bees.



She rode on airplanes and fell asleep in hotel beds. Dreaming of faraway places– writing poetry with her sunset eyes.



There is a certain stillness, when even the gentle flutter of a butterfly’s wing feels like a hurricane.

The moment when crashing waves fall asleep, peaceful, lost to the serenity of salty dreams.

When tall tees stand to attention and every leaf pauses, takes a deep breath and holds it.

It is here, beneath the maddening silence I hear your name.

An echo of you.


The Gift

Her eyes were beautifully gift wrapped;
long black lashes of velvet ribbon–
and every time she opened them,
it felt like Christmas.


The Mermaid

She came from the ocean,
this wild girl from the sea,
her hair flowing southwards,
she walked towards me.

A west to east smile,
with eyes steely grey,
like a storm in the distance,
rolling in from the bay.

We kissed with the sunrise,
made love when it set,
a promise by moonlight,
came dawn, my regret.

He left for the ocean,
this boy from the land,
his spirit soars northward,
his heart in her hands.


Pen Portrait

I watched as you reached for the ice cream.

Standing naked, body pressed up against the humming fridge.

A wispy trail of bluish grey smoke spiraling up from a dying cigarette.

Held precariously in the other hand, ash falling to the floor.

A just fucked wetness between your legs.

Your little smile captured in grainy black and white.

By the click of a camera.


Some Days

Some days we spoke about life, other days, we discussed the weather– and whenever we laughed, it was the best sex ever.



Magic tumbled from her pretty lips and when she poke the language of the universe– the stars sighed in unison.


The Apple Orchard

He floated upon a gentle sea of rippling green.

When little yellow butterflies danced drunk pirouettes on the windy stage.

Reading the words written by fluffy white poets who wrote ever changing prose across and endless blue page.

‘Apples are funny things,’ he said. ‘You can never be sure of what you are getting until you take that first bite.’

His hand reaches slowly for the half empty vodka bottle.

‘This afternoon I discovered an apple so wonderfully perfect, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from the outstretched hand of a wicked old witch.’

She pulled up her white cotton panties, brushing an ant from a grass stained knee.

‘I’ve been called many things before but never an apple,’ she laughed.

None of these poems are mine. I borrowed them all from Michael’s book Dirty Pretty Things. Go check it out!


Summary: In order to get the information you need for case, you start to date the owner of an auction house’s daughter. Dean isn’t keen on the idea of you dating anyone else.
Words: 8.5k (plus 2.8k smutty coda- smut can be avoided or read alone)
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess, brief Sarah x Reader
Warnings: pseudo-infidelity, bi!reader Coda warnings: smutty smutty goodness

Beta: @blacksiren 
A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here

Your name: submit What is this?

You were lying on your stomach in a motel just outside of New York, skimming through local papers and looking for a case.

Dean was out hustling pool, your sister shopping for non-perishable essentials, leaving you and Sam behind to do the job hunting.

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let me be completely real: as someone who is VERY competitive and who is a performer

if i starred in or worked on a piece that was pretty but not a game changer, something straight and incredibly white

and that piece lost an award to a piece that was well done and beautifully gay and black


y'all are like “i feel sorry for the la la land people who thought they won” and you know what? i don’t

because if they’re awesome people they will be happy that something this good happened, and fuck the disappointment

an undeserved win is no win at all

disappointment is nothing in the face of something so very good

When it Rains || Chapter Three

Genre: Angst, Fluff, (eventual) smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader 

Word Count: 1630

A/N: It’s here! Sorry for the wait! Thank you for all the support! Please enjoy! Sorry if there is any mistakes!

Originally posted by fullfangirling27

The boy you had been waiting to meet again was standing right in front of you. He finally escaped your dreams and was living up to the last statement he told you.

“I’ll see you around Y/N”

That simple sentence had been replaying in your head ever since he left that day and you couldn’t wait to hear his sweet voice again. Whenever Jimin spoke, his words flowed beautifully out of his mouth like a river.

This event itself felt like a dream. What was Jimin doing outside your apartment, in the rain, at five in the morning? He was dressed beautifully, wearing a long black coat with black jeans to match. He also had a mask covering the bottom half of his face for an unknown reason.

“Y/N? What are you doing? Come here.” His river like voice cascades smoothly through your ears as he gestures you to take shelter under the same black umbrella from before.

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The King-part 2

The King-part 1

Summary- Gwendolyn yearns for more. More freedom, more choices, and more pleasure only King Negan can provide. Medieval AU

Warnings- Smut, Knife Play, Possible Dub-Con, Punishment, darker than my normal stuff

Word Count- Around 4.3K

Author’s Note- Probably not historically accurate. Lol. This is my submission for @jeffreydeanmorganrarechar Red Velvet prompt as well as @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash Negan Writing Challenge prompt knife play. Thanks to @theatricalbride for the brain storming session. It helped a lot. This will probably be a collection of one shots.

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My beautiful moodboard was created by the lovely and talented @ofdragonsanddreams16. I love it! It is so gorgeous.

Gwendolyn gazed at her reflection. Her hand slid down the bodice of her dress. She finally looked and felt like a queen. Having been married for a little over a month, she had felt like a prisoner, a possession, and a failure but never a wife or queen.

She had been raised to expect to marry a king of her father’s choosing. He stressed that it was her duty to secure an alliance with a powerful kingdom. Her mother persuaded her that marrying for position, power, and the love of the people would provide her a life with purpose. Who needed the love of a husband? Gwendolyn was prepared to live without it. In fact, she was taught by her mother to live independently of a husband and keep her own council. Many men would be happy to share her bed and leave her to her own devices during the day, but she had not married just any man.

King Negan was possessive and guarded her jealously. In the stories of fair maidens being rescued by handsome knights, he would have been the dragon that burnt all would be suitors to ash and cinders. He isolated her so only those loyal to him had access to her. Her handmaidens were chosen by him, reported to him, and seem to delight in reminding her of that fact. There was no friendship, no shared gossip, none of the warmth she had had with her previous servants.

She fared no better with the ladies of the court. They knew she held no favor with her husband. Therefore, there was nothing to be gained by her friendship. It would only bring themselves under the scrutiny of the king. A situation everyone actively avoided.

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April 2017 Favorites

Skin Care:

Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid AND Cosrx One-Step Pimple Pads

No joke: These two products used together have essentially rid me of any acne I experience between periods. For the longest time I was so frustrated: I was doing everything right, but I still had at least one active zit on my face at any given time. So, I finally bit the bullet and added acids into my routine. These two products contain betaine salicylate. This is a gentler form of salicylic acid. They also contain no alcohol! I use the BHA liquid twice a week and the pads everyday. Literal miracle workers! I can’t rave about them enough. 😍 Perhaps a separate review may be in order.

Shara Shara Honey Bomb

As we start to transition into warmer weather, I tend to look for lightweight hydrating layers. This is a perfect example of that. Its a versatile product that can be used as a serum step, a wash -off mask, or a sleeping pack. I find it works best as a serum, because it can be a bit sticky. The scent is heavenly. Sweet natural honey! If they made a perfume, I would definitely buy it.

Skinfood Deep Sea Water Gel Mask

Hydrogel sheet masks can be tricky, what with their super slippery texture. I wouldn’t like to admit that I’ve dropped one (or two) on the floor in the past. As they tend to cost more than typical sheet masks, this hurts my soul. BUT not these masks by Skinfood. They actually stay on my face! Minimal slippage! I got to enjoy the affects this mask had. It made my face soft and moist.


OGX Kukui Oil Conditioner

You’ve probably noticed that OGX brand makes it into my favorites every month. I just love their products! They’re great for my hair, which is curly and dry. The products are a bit of a splurge, but I have very short hair and the bottles last me months. This conditioner is my favorite from the brand so far. The scent is to die for and it’s very moisturizing. For the sake of experimentation, I may branch out in the future, but no doubt I will come back to this conditioner.


Lush King of Skin Body Butter

Body oils are my go to when my skin is extra dry. This one is great for sensitive skin gone off the deep end. It’s on the pricier side, but the bar will last forever. I like to melt some of the bar in my hands and then apply the oil to wet skin. You will have the silkiest skin ever. Period.

Coach Poppy Perfume

This is spring in a bottle. It’s a sweet, floral scent that I find myself reaching for each day this season so far. It’s a lighter fragrance, so if you’re worried about your perfume announcing you to the room, this is for you.


Lancome Juicy Shaker in Piece of Cake

I loooooooove lip oils. Like, LOVE lip oils. When I found out about Lancome’s, I immediately bought three of them. (oops!) Though that’s more of a testament to my lack of impulse control, I’ve fallen for each one. The packaging is adorable (its supposed to be a little cocktail shaker) and there’s a generous amount of product. I also enjoy the sponge applicator. The color payoff is way better than I expected; Piece of Cake is a gorgeous nude-pink. You need to reapply them frequently, as you would expect from a lip oil. Love these. Did I mention that I love them?

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara

My go-to everyday mascara. It’s a very natural looking mascara, adding more length than volume or curl. No flaking, no irritation, no nonsense. (*cough* Better Than Sex *cough*) This is a waterproof formula, but I’ve had no issues removing it at night.


Tazo Earl Grey Tea

This is just so good. There’s a bit of lavender and bergamot in this tea that comes through beautifully. My favorite hot black tea.

Skinny Pop White Cheddar Popped Popcorn

I initially thought Skinny Pop popcorn was meh. I’m likely turned off by their awful name, but I have to yield to their white cheddar. This stuff is the bomb. At 43 calories per cup, I can sit down and power through a bag with zero guilt. It’s so good; comparable to Smart Pop. Excellent late night snack food.