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when do you think lexa started having feelings for clarke?

happy birthday @hedawolf  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Bitty is lounging on the couch in Jack’s apartment when his phone buzzes and Chowder’s sweet face appears. Jack’s asleep already. The life of a professional athlete such as he is. He’s intense about his schedule and maintaining it. Bitty however, is a bit more lax about it all, so he’s downstairs, flipping through channels since he’s not tired yet. He can guess why Chowder is calling. The Sharks are tied in the series for the Stanley Cup Final. Chowder has called him after every game to either cheer or weep.

Bitty swipes the screen and answers. “Good game tonight, eh?” Bitty’s picked up a few of Jack’s sayings. Shitty absolutely loves it. He sometimes calls Bitty and demands “Say eh! Please! I need a pick me up. Fucking law school.” Bitty always obliges. Jack says Shitty calls him and demands to hear some of Bitty’s Southern phrases in what Shitty calls “Jack’s dulcet Canadian tones”.

Chowder is out of breath. Probably from running around the block in celebration. “I’m gonna propose to her. When they win,” he exclaims. His voice is excited and kind of hoarse.

Bitty sits straight. “Pardon?”

“Farmer. Caitlin. I’m gonna propose when the Sharks win.” The absolute joy in Chowder’s voice is just adorable. But Bitty is too shocked by this news to really appreciate it.

“WHAT?!” he finally shrieks.

Chowder laughs, assuming that Bitty is as excited by this plan as he is.

Jack appears, blinking against the light, wearing nothing but a pair of baggy shorts and a confused frown. “Bitty. What the hell?” he whispers.

Bitty just holds up a finger and shoots him a look that screams, “Do not question me right now, Mr. Zimmermann.”

Jack holds up his hands and slides into the chair opposite. He kind of wants to see this play out. Also, he’s still confused as hell as to what’s even going on.

“It’ll be great, Bitty,” Chowder begins his explanation. “Farmer will be here tomorrow and Game 7 is the day after that. We’re going to have a big party to watch and it’ll be great.”

Bitty is just shaking his head now. “Oh, no. Oh no, no, no, no, no. You listen to me right now, Christopher Chow. If you propose to Caitlin Farmer at a party full of rowdy Sharks fans during the Stanley Cup Final, you will never get another pie from me again.”

Jack’s eyebrows shoot up and he blinks a few times before a slight smile appears.

“But, Bitty,” Chowder begins to argue.

“No, you listen to me. Caitlin Farmer is a wonderful, beautiful, amazing woman. And she deserves better than a proposal surrounded by drunken sports fans. This is like a jumbotron proposal. Don’t you do it, Chris. Don’t do the most cliché thing imaginable.”

Jack’s laughing now. Well, not so much laughing as shaking a bit silently while trying not to giggle.

“I love her, Bitty. I want to do this,” Chowder finally says after a long silence. His voice isn’t overly happy now. Now it’s nervous and soft.

“Chowder. Don’t put her on the spot in front of a bunch of strangers.”

“My family will be there,” he attempts to argue.

Bitty sighs. “That’s intimidating. Imagine being proposed to in front of a bunch of people who absolutely adore the proposer. Caitlin is a very laid back girl. She can handle a lot. But you can’t do it like that.”

There is an exhaled breath of defeat from Chowder. “I just want to marry her, Bitty. Isn’t that good enough?”

Jack makes a gesture to put the call on speaker and Bitty eyes him, wondering what’s going on in his gorgeous head. But he does it all the same because he trusts this beautifully awkward man.

“Hey, Chowder,” Jack says.

“Jack! Hey! Bitty said he was gonna visit you for a few days. I’m kind of jealous. You guys get to do so much cool stuff together,” Chowder starts rambling like he always does when talking to Jack.

Jack smiles. “So what’s going on? Proposing to Farmer?”

Chowder sighs again. “Bitty thinks it’s a bad idea.” The pain is clear. He just wants Bitty to approve of his plan.

“Well, what’s your idea?”

“I wanted to propose to her after the Sharks win the Stanley Cup.”

Jack’s face relaxes into that smirk of his that Bitty both loves and hates. “Ah. Well, I have to agree with Bitty on this one, Chowder. It’d be like proposing to her at an Epikegster. Everyone will be drunk and keyed up and she’ll feel obligated to say yes. Do you want her to say yes because she feels she has to? Wouldn’t you rather she says yes because she really wants to?”

The silence at the other end has Bitty fidgeting nervously. This is his sweet baby Chowder. He just wants the little goalie to be happy. As happy as he is with Jack.

“Yeah. You’re right, Jack,” says Chowder, his hoarse voice quiet and less chipper now.

Jack’s still smiling however. “Hey, Bitty. Mind if I take this from here?”

Bitty eyes his boyfriend with distrust. “What are you planning?” he whispers quietly.

Jack winks. Normally this makes Bitty swoon, but right now, it just makes him more suspicious. “Fine,” he stands. “But I’ll be in the kitchen. Waiting.”

Bitty scoots out of the room as Jack takes Chowder off speaker phone. His boyfriend is speaking too quietly into the electronic for Bitty to eavesdrop so with a huff, he slumps to the kitchen and pulls out the ingredients for pie. He’s too wound up to sleep so late night baking it is. To Bitty’s immense surprise, Jack doesn’t come into the kitchen until four hours later. He’s grinning and looks happy if not a bit tired since it’s now the middle of the night and Jack Zimmermann has a schedule, y’all. One he does not deviate from.

“Good Lord, babe. What did you and Chowder talk about for four hours?”

Jack shrugs. “Just some stuff,” he answers, purposely vague. He doesn’t manage to hide the slight sparkle of mischief in his blue eyes before he pulls Bitty into his embrace.

“What did you do?” Bitty mumbles, his words muffled by Jack’s chest.

“Do you think you could make a bunch of pie before Friday? Six should be good. Think you can handle that?” his boyfriend asks. Bitty glares and scoffs. Of course he can make six pies before Friday. Who does this handsome fool think he’s dealing with? Bitty ain’t no amateur. Bitty is about to make that clear, as well as grill Jack on what he’s been doing for the past several hours with Chowder, when Jack kisses him in that way he does and Bitty sort of forgets his own name.

On Friday, Jack loads the pies into his car and Bitty eyes him but he doesn’t ask. He’s been grilling Jack for days. But Jack Zimmermann is like a vault when he wants to keep a secret. Nothing, absolutely nothing (and Lord did Bitty try everything) would get that boy to talk.  Thankfully, Jack did convince Chowder not to propose after the final. The Sharks won. Farmer sent a video of Chowder sobbing with joy in front of the TV before grabbing a sparkler (from God knows where) and running through his parent’s neighborhood in full Shark regalia scream singing “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, MY FRIEND!” The whole team had a good laugh. Everyone chirped Chowder but the goalie was too happy to even care. He just sent a few “thank you” response texts.

Bitty continues to say nothing as he and Jack drive down to Samwell and pull up in front of Faber. Jack is trying to look innocent which only makes him look more guilty.

“What are we doing here?” Bitty questions, eyes narrowed.

Jack just climbs out. “You’ll see.”

They grab the pies and walk into the quiet rink. A janitor winks at Jack as they pass and Bitty just frowns. What is his boyfriend planning? Bitty is even more surprised when they see who is waiting in the benches.

“Bitty and Jack!” Shitty calls from the bench. “I’ve missed this fucking place.”

“Shitty was just telling us that he thinks you guys should have a round of naked hockey,” Lardo laughs and Shitty winks at her. She rolls her eyes.

“Dude. Naked hockey sounds way too dangerous for uh, certain parts of me,” Ransom flinches.

Holster agrees.

Dex and Nursey are arguing as usual but Nursey smiles and gets Dex in a light headlock which makes Dex laugh and roll his eyes. Everyone is happy to see the pies. Shitty especially. “OH GODS OF FOOD AND LOVE! I HAVE MISSED THIS!” he crows before immediately claiming an apple pie from the stack in Jack’s arms.

Bitty eyes the group and the bags at their feet and sides. “What’s all this?”

Ransom grins. “Jack had us grab some stuff on our way in.”

Shitty steps forward, eating his previously claimed pie with his hands. “So what now, Zimmermann?”

Jack smiles and immediately starts giving orders and the gathered team sets to work. Soon the ice has flower petals making a path to the goal beneath the massive windows. There are candles along the edges. There is soft music playing through the speakers. And on the score board, the names displayed are Chow and Farmer.

“Oh my God,” Bitty exhales once he realizes what’s happening. Jack just smiles. He doesn’t say a word. Instead, he keeps checking his phone.

As the sun is about to set, Jack’s phone buzzes. “Alright! Everyone hide!”

The group ducks behind the boards of the bench. Bitty finds himself squashed in between Holster and Shitty. Shitty takes this moment to pull Bitty into a busting hug. “Man, I’ve missed you, Bits. Say eh! Please!”

Bitty sighs. “Eh,” he says. Shitty laughs silently.

The team watches, peeking over the edge of the boards as inconspicuously as possible, as a very nervous looking Chowder leads Farmer out onto the ice. Luckily, Farmer has her back to the boards and doesn’t see the seven sets of eyes, watching silently. Farmer is laughing and making jokes. “You went to all this trouble to commemorate that time we did it on the ice? I don’t have a blanket this time. We can’t have sex on the ice without a blanket, babe.”

Holster and Ransom hear this and high five silently. “Get it, Chowder,” Holster whispers.

Shitty just smiles and wipes away fake tears. “They grow up so fast.”

Bitty just watches as Chowder mumbles and stumbles, so clearly nervous. Bitty sees Jack, hidden but still videoing the moment.

“So, I’m doing this here because this is where I realized I love you and told you and,” Chowder starts to ramble. He’s clearly terrified and Bitty just smiles. Farmer looks confused but she’s still looking at Chowder like he’s the most wonderful thing in the world. “After that game against Yale. I realized I loved you and I was so afraid because I’m well, not that cool, and you’re so amazing. And I was going to do this after the Sharks won.”

“Go Sharks!” Farmer cheers and it takes everything for the group watching not to make cute “Aw!” sounds.

Chowder beams and Bitty is just floored at how romantic this is. The first place Chowder realized he loved her. The first place he told her that he loved her. The setting sun casting a gorgeous pink and orange hue on the ice. Bitty feels a moment of jealousy. This was the proposal he thought he’d get from Jack.

“Caitlin Farmer,” Chowder takes a knee and the gasp from Farmer is loud. “Will you marry me?”

There is a long moment of silence. Chowder glances around, clearly terrified. “Um. Caitlin?” he presses.

“Yes!” Farmer shrieks finally. “Oh my God, yes!”

She tackles Chowder onto the ice and the group all stands and cheers. Lardo is wiping tears. Shitty is openly crying and shouting, “Fucking beautiful, man!”

Ransom and Holster are the first on the ice. They high five Chowder, telling him how proud they are. And impressed. Ice sex is cold and challenging. Who’d of thought that Chowder had it in him? Dex and Nursey tackle Chowder in a bear hug.

Jack turns off his camera and stands next to Bitty. They’re both watching the chaos. Farmer is asking Chowder for a long engagement. They’ll get married after they graduate, okay? Chowder agrees. Someone mentions pizza. Shitty mentions a celebratory kegster. Bitty just laughs.

“Thank you for helping Chowder,” Bitty finally says to Jack. “I love that sweet kid.”

“I know. That’s why I did it.” The admission makes Bitty melt a little. And here he thought it was impossible to fall more in love with this man. Though there is something that is still bothering him a little…

Bitty nudges Jack as they all begin the walk out. “I didn’t know you could be so romantic,” he jokes, though still sort of sad that Chowder got HIS proposal.

Jack slows his walk and the rest of the group moves on, leaving him and Bitty farther back, well out of earshot. “I learned from the best,” he kisses Bitty’s hair.

“I always thought,” Bitty begins but his voice tapers off and he can’t quite finish what he was going to say.


Bitty sighs. “I thought that you’d propose to me like that. You know? On the ice, with the sunset.”

Jack tenses. For a moment, Bitty wonders if he’s pushed Jack too far too soon. But really. They’ve been together for a while. It’s only natural that Bitty’s mind would go there. But then Jack’s eyes soften and his lips quirk up and he looks superior. He pulls Bitty into a long, drawn out kiss. The kind of kiss that makes Bitty wish they were in a much more private place. Or at least had a blanket. Good point, Farmer.

“Don’t worry, Bitty,” Jack says, his breath warm on Bitty’s mouth. “I didn’t use all my romantic cards tonight. I have something better planned for you.”

With that, Jack pulls away and begins to walk down the hallway, leaving a blushing, hot Bitty to recover. It doesn’t take long. “Jack Laurent Zimmermann,” Bitty snaps as he rushes to catch the long legged stride of his boyfriend. “You can’t just say things like that and walk away! Good Lord.”

Jack just laughs and Bitty slaps him on his glorious ass, making Jack laugh more.

Kylux Rec List #6


The Ties That Bind  by HJMoriarty and OfDarknessAndLight, @disappointed-son
E - 92,300
Hux’s shuttle is captured by the Resistance and Ben Solo is sent in to get whatever information he can from the prisoner.  Of course, things don’t go as planned and against their better judgement, they more or less fall in love, Ben defects to the First Order, and later, in a reversal of the more common direction of causality, there’s Classic Kylux (really hateful) Hate Sex™, puppet master Snoke, and the Hosnian System still meets its doom.

A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy by @lovelyorbent
M - 3050
They loathe each other and are always looking for weaknesses to use against the other, in-between moments of insulting each other in flagrante delicto.  Just chilly, hateful, canonical-style Kylux hatesex, very well written in little snapshot style moments.  That’s it.  

Murderers, Traitors, and Thieves by @atlinmerrick
E - 10,600 - updated 2/28/17
A canon divergence where the Empire didn’t fall, Hux’s military career is cut short by an injury, and they cross paths in a resort town where Ben Solo has gone a bit underground, as a belly dancer.  Hux returns night after night, getting drunk, and pining.  This author really excels at evoking a world with vividly drawn, fully realized characters.

The Apotheosis of Fox Hux by @theeascetic
E - 12,100 - updated 3/26/17
Hux disregards Ren’s advice to steer clear of a certain planet; there he encounters an ancient deity interested in teaching him a lesson - and finds himself partially transformed into a fox.  The author takes great care to detail how it feels to be physically altered in this way.  The Force is involved, too.  Hux doesn’t deal with it well.

Under the Skin  by davechicken, @sithofren
E - 7900 - updated 4/8/17
A different take on Fox!Hux.  This one nods to Celtic tales of selkies and their magical skins.  Hux is the product of a mysterious mother who abandons him at birth; Brendol farms him out to a caretaker, so poor Hux has no idea that there’s anything unusual about his biology until he finds his fox skin.  Ren is surprisingly accepting of this state of affairs, but Snoke knows a good means of control when he sees one.

Special Selection -  Recent ‘First Time’ Fics

Lay With Me by @rosierivendell
E - 5,800
A two-for-one; they’re both virgins and decide, pragmatically, warily, to help each other out.  Of course they go about it totally in-character (“Hux tries not to think of germs as Ren’s big lips move over his own”) and what follows is some spectacularly awkward sex; the author just lays a foundation and builds upon it detail by embarrassing detail - I could hardly get through more than a sentence or two without cringing, wincing, or laughing.

Pounded in the Butt by the Necessity My Poverty Affords Me  by @gefionne
E - 10,000
His original fiction isn’t selling too well (ie., not at all), so author Hux in a moment of drunken inspiration decides to follow in the footsteps of beloved (?) cultural icon Chuck Tingle; when he sobers up, 5k words of I’m Gay for My Unicorn Neighbor Dan is waiting for him in his laptop.  Many hilariously titled bizarre porn novels follow, despite the fact that Hux himself has never had sex.  He gains a following, including one very devoted fan who asks - can we meet?  A perfect mix of crack (treated a little bit seriously) and porn.

Call Me Rebel Scum by hollycomb, @hollyhark
E - 25,000
Kylo considers Hux a “poor excuse for a rival” but his constant casual mind-reading has picked up on Hux’s most common touchstone of thought - satisfaction at having remained essentially untouched sexually, which covers a deeper desire to be used and even defiled.  It’s distracting and keeps Kylo from doing his work.  Hux will have to submit for the good of the First Order.  Top-tier dialogue and insight into the ways they manipulate each other and why.  

Cede by @robokittens
E - 11,000
First time submissive virgin Ren is the subject of this fic, which lays out in knowing detail what it is that a person seeking this kind of experience wants and needs, and exactly how it feels - the blissful relief of being ‘away’.  What starts as a sort of service develops into something more, recounted in a series of tender (and very hot) scenes.


Sounds Helpful by GenerallyHuxurious (GallifreyanOmnishambles), @creepycreepyspacewizard
E - 3900
Part of a series (they are animal welfare officers, and Hux is demisexual), but stands as a one-shot.  Hux needs to turn his brain off for a bit so that he can calm down and perform well in a stressful situation.  Kylo comes in with something new to try (it was new to me, too) and proceeds to give Hux the kinky orgasm(s) of his life.  So there’s that, but it’s also intensely adoring and loving.

Against the World by Avilthenaze
E - 22,900
At the bottom of the high school pecking order, two bullied kids find strength in each other.  While we get to see into the thoughts and feelings of both, in particular, Hux’s personality and approach to dealing with his tormentors (he’s been at the very bottom, and for a long time) are  A+ canon-compliant.  Various forms of revenge are taken, but more importantly, they learn how to transcend their circumstances and the malevolent behavior of others…it’s empowering.  Beautifully described awkward and sweet first time: “Hux considered this only for a moment before yielding that it was a good point. “God I’m so glad I’m doing this with you,” he said, “and not anyone else. Because I can tell we’re going to be terrible at this.”

Because I Knew That You Would Be Alright by elfriniol, @mini-mantis
E - 19,100 - updated 3/9/17
Boxer!Ben and Hux keep having casual hookups; neither one knows any but the barest facts about the other - but facts creep in, as they will, and slowly a tentative relationship develops.  There are family and mental health issues that Hux gets drawn into not quite against his will as he discovers more about Ben’s past.  And they have LOTS of great sex.  This is much better than my summary here probably makes it seem.

It Don’t Mean a Thing by kitseybarbours, @abernathae
M - 36,100 - updated 4/21/17
Unusual AU set in the National Socialist (Nazi) period in Germany; Hux and Kylo are devotees of swing music and dancing, which is considered degenerate.  They’re also gay teens in a hidden relationship, which puts them actively at risk.  The police state presses down inexorably upon them; Hux gets nastier, and Ben really doesn’t know what to do about that.  Both the source material (the movie Swing Kids, I’m assuming) and the historical events of this era don’t augur well for a happy ending, but the writing is so evocative, I’ll go there if that’s where the author is taking us.

Your Breath Like Moonlight by @archistratego
T - 3,500 - updated 4/1/17
Poetic language and a shifting, uncertain (nonlinear?) timeline - and possibly more than one in a sort of multiverse arrangement - are the backdrop for Fae!Hux, the dread emperor of the Fae, and the Knights which Hux has gathered across the centuries for the emperor with the help of his mentor Rae.  Elsewhere/when, Ben is certain he’s seen fairies more than once, and has an old photo that shows one, he thinks.  He needs to prove it for his own peace of mind.  This is just one chapter in and already very involved and fascinating.

Neon Elegy by Anonymous
E - 7,000 - updated 4/5/17
There’s a very cinematic quality to this modern AU mobster?/assasin!Kylo fic; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang comes to mind.  Kylo is the kind of assassin who’s got the skills but also slops around in flip flops and making plans on the fly.  He has to go undercover from his own organization, run by Snoke, and hapless Hux the architect is his carjacking victim.  They drive from LA to “only Lord fucking knows where” in the desert with Phasma, among others, on their trail.

Blue by Arya_Greenleaf, @avaahren
E - 8,600
This is the first of what’s currently a series of three.  Hux finds himself at a warehouse party in Brooklyn with his coworkers, ready to watch the band whose singer is gothily attractive but annoying when they meet in-between sets.  However, the booze is flowing and aggressive edgy flirting leads to kisses and fondling on the dance floor, and more.  There’s a light touch of humor throughout.  By Part 3, there is a hint of feelings to go along with the snark and hook-ups.  

Falling From the Fifth Floor by @biffbang
E - 21,400
If you’re in the mood for more rocker Ben and snappy Hux, this fic that was completed in September delivers.  They meet cute when Hux’s cat falls from the window to the street far below, caught by Ren on his way to band practice.  Hux rushes down the stairs wearing a shirt he stole from his ex that happens to be of Ben’s band.  They have nothing in common but a strong physical attraction - which eventually grows into “they are so stupidly in love with each other”.

In Memoria by @ellabesmirched
M - 10,000 - updated 4/16/17
Harry Potter AU; Hux is the Assistant Headmaster but it’s really a Skywalker family thing at Hogwarts.  A new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is needed; Ben is the best applicant by far.  Hux reluctantly hires him - unbeknownst to Ben, whose memories have been Obliviated, they have A Past.  Sparks fly pretty much right away and enough of the backstory has been revealed thus far to whet the appetite for more.

It’s Always Winter in St. Petersburg by @harlanhardway
E - 25,900 - updated 4/16/17
Another unusual AU setting - the last years of Tsarist Russia (Tsarina Leia is on the throne).  Scrappy peasant (and child of a prostitute) Hux does what he can, at age 12, to shift for himself in St. Petersburg.  He encounters a richly dressed boy, and ponders stealing his coat.  Instead, they develop an odd friendship - Kylo comes and goes over the course of a decade.  In all that time, Hux has no idea of his real identity.  While there is plenty of historical detail and some interesting tweaks (homosexuality is nbd, for example) to make the story work, it’s the fairytale-like feeling (I thought of the stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer especially) that gives it life.  

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This is so beautifully awkward and mind blowing


Some cases are so awful that I put them away. I choose not to think about them so they don’t color my view of the world. But most of the time I believe that the truth helps the people who love these victims. I guess that makes me feel better...

Kindly Calm Me Down

I posted yesterday that I write fluff on demand for my wonderful mutuals who might need a pick-me-up. 

So, just for you @adorkablephil, have Phil comforting Dan during their trip to Singapore. Because who doesn’t need a Phil taking care of them when they’re feeling less than their best?

This might have been inspired by some of my own experiences. The title is from a the Meghan Trainor song of the same name. Because its beautiful and encapsulates this well I think.


AO3 Link
(1k, fluff, comfort, hints at social anxiety I guess?)

Singapore is hot, and crowded, and full of constant interruption. It’s seeing pictures of themselves taken at a distance in their own social media tags and posing for them every couple of hours. It’s feeling that trailing presence wherever they are and while they wouldn’t change their lives for the world, it does have a wearing effect on Dan as the day goes on.

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So, I finally finished the first chapter to my Ladrien summer contribution. It’s collectively called “The Girl Under the Mask” and it’s a series of one-shot-like drabbles of different visits Ladybug pays Adrien and different shenanigans that ensue. It’s going to have a very loose plot and mostly be centered around their relationship development with the only real “plot” at the beginning and very end. Hopefully you enjoy! I have another fic planned that has the potential to be Ladrien heavy that will have a bit more of a plot that I may go to after I get this one finished. We’ll see though.

Note: This is not edited or beta-read, so there are bound to be mistakes, but it’s late and I’m tired, so I’ll deal with that later. Maybe. 

Summary:  After his father is attacked by an evil akuma, Adrien can’t get his lady out of his head when she pays him a brief visit to ensure his safety. He entreats her to visit more often, and it sparks the beginning of a beautifully awkward relationship as Adrien discovers that the girl under the mask is just as amazing as he had hoped.

Read on FF | AO3

Chapter 1

As often as he saw her as Chat Noir, there was something more sacred about seeing the girl of his dreams as a civilian. When he was Chat Noir, he had a job to do and a city to save, but when he was Adrien…something about her made his pulse quicken and his palms clammy. He lost himself in her soft blue eyes and longed to reach out and hold her in his arms…

“Are you gonna sit there with that dopey smile on your face all night?” A blur of black fur that carried the stench of Camembert entered his field of vision, and Adrien’s nose instinctively wrinkled in disgust.

“Plagg, what have I told you about bringing Camembert in my face?” He groaned, pinching his nostrils shut and swiveling away.

“You explicitly tell me not to every time I do it,” His kwami recited, tossing the chunk of his favorite fragrant cheese in the air and catching it in his mouth.

“And yet there’s always a next time,” He sighed, rising to his feet and pacing the few steps to his bed where he fell with a dreamy moan. “Ladybug was in my house today. She was in my room!”

“If you start making out with your pillow, I’m going to throw up on your keyboard,” Plagg threatened.

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Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox/The Mess Within

“Are you a rom-com chick?”

“Are you?”

Now, this is how you write an episode. Forget the monsters and the demons - the greatest mystery of Supernatural is that they definitely know how to do the thing, and yet sometimes - 

Guys, I really loved this episode - I’d say it’s the best so far - so brace yourselves for a long, gushing review.

I loved Jody. Jody was magnificent, as always, and all the kudos to @kimrhodes4. Great job as Jody, of course, and legit gave me chills as Jael. Wow. 

Now, despite her age, Jody had begun to be coded as the Winchesters’ surrogate mom the second she had that half-fling with Bobby, but the thing has been sort of understated until last night. Even during that beautifully awkward family dinner with Alex and Claire, the Winchesters were not decisively framed as (her) kids - they could pretty much take care of themselves during the episode, Dean had stern words with a bunch of teens, and later in the evening, after that disastrous dinner, Sam and Dean actually remembered they were grown men and did grown men things (normal conversations, helping out with cleaning up, talking some sense into teenage girls). Here, however, someone decided we needed an example of what ‘real’ moms should be like to single out Mary even more, and amped up the thing so much it deafened everybody and boy, did it work. Look at Sam and Dean crashing in on Jody’s me time without even calling and basically walking into the place because they assume they’ll be welcome - look at them being embarrassed about sharing their own sex lives and also hearing about Jody’s - I loved that, and yet I’m sort of annoyed as well, because the thing is - well. Many ‘normal’ episodes still happen in a bubble, which means we never hear them mention Jody in any way, and that doesn’t make any sense - we know Sam and Dean, and we know what having someone like Jody would mean to them - not just a random hunter they can call for a pint when they’re nearby, that is (as the show sometimes lead us to believe), but an actual mom figure who loves them and thinks the world of them - someone they randomly visit, just for a chat and a home-cooked meal - because, wait, there’s actually someone like that in their lives and yet somehow it never comes up? 

Anyway, I love Jody, and thank God she’s here, because Dean’s trying, okay, but this I’ll go out in the parking lot and drink from this flask alone thing - because Dean apparently now carries a flask around, great - not to mention his utmost panic about Sam, and Sam alone, because it doesn’t even matter that Jody and Mary are in that house - because taking care of Sammy’s still coded at the core of who Dean is, and it’s what comes out in times of trouble (Take your brother outside as fast as you can and don’t look back! Now, Dean!) - that’s not a good look on him, and maybe instead of getting an episode about Hitler (because even Jody, who’s an actual character inside the damn show, knows that whole story didn’t mean anything and wasn’t important in any way and she actually got bored when Dean told her about that instead of talking about what really matters, because Jody is basically us and yay for that) we can talk about that? After all, we’re all rom-com chick flicks around here, are we not?

I loved that crowd of hunters, and how everyone was okay with everything. Most of them were burly white men in plaid, of course, but that gay (bi?) black witch twin, and how open he was about his sexuality? Wow. Not to mention this other side of hunting - not the way the Winchesters hunt, because they’re paranoid bastards who were raised by a paranoid bastard, but this happy crowd - Garth’s name coming up and it doesn’t matter he’s a werewolf (because surely, by now everybody knows? those hunters - so gossipy), and Max ‘my mother taught me to seduce men’ Banes, and Loraine Fox sneakily breaking off pieces of a Jeep engine so her son would stay home and, what?, help her clean the gutters? Also the drinking games, the Maybe you died four times and maybe you were possessed by the Devil - it’s all cool, talk about it in your own time - these are the people Sam and Dean spent their entire lives running from? Really? This is why Dean won’t come out and Sam still feels unwanted and tainted and a freak? Uh. I know we’ve talked before how this show is methodically destroying every single obstacle to Dean, especially, becoming truly and fully himself, but this was not so much a hammer blow as it was Steve Yockey coming in riding a giant blowtorch and yelling at the top of his lungs as he set everything on fire.  

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Passed by wearing a checkered parka, near Park Avenue,
waylaid by a towering shower, shared a broken umbrella,
waited for an indeterminate interlude, but then he spoke.

Toweled off at my place, pillaging potato chips and wine,
and spent a beautifully awkward few minutes debating
merits of many different kinds of music, musing over muses.

The sun a chaperone that held no sway in this sacred space,
a humble few square feet hosted a morning unlike any other.
A beginning begging to be born, and made true, with you.

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omfg ppl complainin? rly? from the chin tilt to the lift and their smiles and laughter and god the way nicole looks when wave runs her hands over her and loosening the belt, literally everything was so beautifully awkward but so real and emphasis on consent was v important, it was hot yet cute and I can't believe ppl aren't happy. I've never seen a f/f scene like that before, well maybe I have, but it's not v often at all


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If you haven't already checked out the Colorado avalanche tumblr you definitely should. I just accidentally became an avs fan.

The Avalanche is a beautifully awkward mess of a team that somehow survived the 2016-2017 season. If they have a great tumblr, then at least they win in that field. Poor babes. ♡ Also, good advice! :3c

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Dating Steve Rogers Would Include...

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  • forehead kisses
  • helping him adjust to 21st century life
  • Steve being chivalrous while still giving you your independence
  • teaching him how to dance
  • helping him help Bucky adjust
  • being best friends with Bucky and telling each other embarrassing stories about Steve
  • did I mention forehead kisses?
  • also really passionate kisses
  • and teasing kisses
  • but not in public unless either of you can see that the other needs it
  • bc face it, Steve will always be from the 1940s, much as he tries to adjust to modern times
  • your first night together is beautifully awkward yet somehow exactly what you thought it would be like with Steve
  • Steve pouting when he has to leave in the morning
  • he has to be consoled with a kiss
  • or five
  • but really… forehead kisses
Accidentally On Purpose. (Samandriel Imagine)

I love your writing style, I think you capture the characters personalities wonderfully! :) Im a little particular when it comes to fan fiction but I love yours! Can you write a Samandriel one wheres he gets super ungraceful and really clumsy and stuff around the reader because he likes her so much but she has no idea? Thank you :)

Request: Can you do one with Samandriel where you two are friends and you go to the carnival but he’s acting weird and emphasizing that you’re just friends but only because that’s what he thinks you want? Love you!

Authors Note: Thank you so much for your comments! Okay this was requested a long time ago so I’m very sorry for the wait. Also, I’m nervous because this is my first Samandriel imagine and I don’t know if I’m going to capture him the way y’all want me too…*nervously exhales* I hope you enjoy!

“Y/N? Did you hear me?”

“Huh?” You looked up from the book you were engrossed in and smiled, “Sorry. I’m almost finished with this chapter.”

Samandriel playfully rolled his eyes, the blue in them twinkling as he smirked at you, “You said that twenty minutes ago.”

You laughed and closed the book, giving your best friend a shy smile, “Sorry. Okay, I’m all ears.”

“I was thinking,” he began, walking toward you, “maybe we can-” before he could finish his sentence, he tripped over the coffee table that you sat near, sending the cup of tea that was once yours soaring and crashing against the floor.

“Oh my- are you okay?” You gasped and helped him up, holding back the laughter that bubbled in your throat, “You are the most clumsy angel I have ever met.”

Well, he was the only angel you have ever met, but still. Whenever the two of you were together, even only weeks after finding out he was your guardian a year ago, he wasn’t so graceful. In fact, his clumsiness is what revealed him in the first place. You were cooking dinner and dancing to a song that blasted through the radio, when you heard the sound of someone falling and crashing to the floor. As you turned around, you saw him there, groaning from the slight pain he only felt for a few seconds. Surprisingly, you didn’t freak out when he told you who he was. You grew up with your mom always saying that angels were watching over you, and she was right. But when asked why he revealed himself to you, he simply answered, “I fell.”

And that was that.

“Funny,” he continued, laughing under his breath, “Back in heaven, I was never ungraceful in the least.”

You cocked an eyebrow, “So why is it any different around me?”

Samandriel blushed slightly and cleared his throat, “So anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the festival down the street. There’s a Ferris wheel, and games, cotton candy-”

“You had me at ‘Ferris wheel’.” You Interrupted, already pulling on a sweater, “Let’s do this.”

Seconds later, you were just outside one of the game stands with Samandriel beside you. That was one of the many perks about having an Angel for a friend, it took no longer than a few seconds to be anywhere in the world you wanted to be. Another perk, one that you never admitted, was that he happened to choose one of the cutest vessels imaginable. You’ve always thought be was cute, but after getting to know the angel and who he was, developing feelings for him was not shocking whatsoever.

“What would you like to do first?” He asked, smiling down at you. It was already dark out but you could see the highlights of his features through the carnival attire, “I’ve never been to one of these before, I’ve only heard about them.”

You bit your lip, already knowing what you wanted to do, “We have to go on the Ferris Wheel, it’s perfect at this time.”

He smiled and nodded, intertwining his fingers with yours as he lead you to the ride. It wasn’t weird, for you two to hold hands since he was your best friend, but you still got butterflies when he touched you.

When you approached the ride, a young man who worked there glanced down at your hands, “We have a couples seat-”

“We’re not a couple.” Samandriel said too quickly, walking over to an open cage, “We’ll take this one, please.”

You furrowed your brows together and followed him, not surprised in the least when he tripped into the seat, “I need to get you walking lessons.”

He responded with a toothless grin, squinting his eyes at you when you sat across from him, “We still have a lot to teach each other.”

“Really?” You leaned back as the ride began to move, “Like what?”

“Well I have got to teach you how to fly.”

"Right, of course.”

“You need to teach me how to cook.”


“And how to stop falling all over the place.”

“Is that possible?”

“And I need to teach you how to defend yourself.”

“Why?” The ride stopped when you were halfway up, to let people off you knew, “I have you.”

He swallowed and looked down at his hands, “I won’t be around forever.”

For some reason, you felt a spark of anger, “You wont?”

“You’re going to fall in love one day. And start a family. I can’t be with you when you’re married.” His eyes still hadn’t met yours, “We’re friends.”

“Friends.” You stated, crossing your arms, “Friends?”

It was quiet for a few seconds, but you hadn’t stopped looking at him. It was so intense that you hadn’t even noticed the ride began moving again. You wanted to tell Samandriel the way you felt and you seriously considered doing it, but the words ‘we’re just friends’ stuck in your mind.

“Are you okay?” He interrupted the silence, finally meeting your eyes and leaning forward so that he was only inches away from you, “What’s wrong?”

“Samandriel, I…” Screw it, “I kind of thought that we were becoming more than just friends. I mean, we’ve been inseparable for over a year, you know me more than anyone on this earth and I feel so comfortable with you. I thought you felt the same way about me too. I mean, you’re my gaurdian, and its your destiny to protect me. To be with me. I thought that we would always be together.”

He stared at you for a few seconds, then let out a soft laugh, “Remember the day we met, when I said ‘I fell’ after you asked me why I revealed myself?”


“Revealing myself was no accident.” He moved over so that now he was sitting right next to you, gazing into your eyes, “I revealed myself because I fell, for you.

His small smile sent your heart to beat even faster then it already was, “So you-”

"I love you.” He interrupted, cupping your face, “and I would love to spend forever with you.”

You couldn’t hold back anymore, so you kissed him. It was everything you imagined, beautifully awkward, but that was him. You would have kept going but the ride jolted to a stop, causing you to look out, “We’re at the top!”

“Wow.” He followed your gaze, “It is really beautiful.”

"Yeah.” You intertwined your fingers with his and rested your head on is shoulder, stealing one last glance at him before looking back, “It is.”


0:18 EXO’s manager in the leather jacket (Taemin)
0:25 f(x)’s manager in the red striped pants (Key)
0:41 SHINee’s manager in the red jacket (Jonghyun)
1:28 SNSD’s manager in all black on the far right (Onew)
2:24 Super Junior’s manager in the white shirt (Minho)

Can we just talk about how attractive Super Junior’s manager is? And the fact that Taemin was Exo’s manager of course? And the fact that SNSD’s manager is as beautifully awkward as Onew?

Can we?


So I began reading makuroshi’s fanfic “click here to suscribe” and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I’m just so thrilled with the whole youtubers AU, and the beautifully awkward RinHaru relationship going on there and my god I didn’t know I could ship SouMako.

I just love it. I might draw more fanart for it in the near future.

If you are a fan of RinHaru embarrassing themselves with fluff and whatnot I highly recommend you read it <3

The compliment that thawed the "good girl" and the "beautifuller" Queen's love-starved and frozen heart.

I was watching “Frozen” with one of my best friends last night (she’s never seen it…que horror!) and one scene caught my attention. I’ve read an analysis about it before, but it never dawned on me how heartbreaking and beautiful it was until I actually saw it come to life again while watching it. So, here’s my take on it. And whoever did this observation before, I can’t remember who you are, so if you’re ever reading this, I want to thank you for your beautiful and brilliant mind. 

This is the scene where Anna and Elsa had like, a three minute period of catching up and Anna was just so stoked and so excited that she had Elsa’s attention. I find this really magnificent because it was Elsa who actually initiates the conversation by saying the first “Hi.” It’s so apparent that she misses Anna and…maybe even for just a while, she’ll disobey her father’s orders and try to talk and connect with Anna even though she knew it would be fleeting and temporary. 

Just look at how excited, flustered, and…beautifully awkward Anna is. I know this is supposed to be a funny and quirky scene, but I was actually pretty heartbroken because look at Anna: she’s just so eager…and so hungry for her sister’s attention. She just doesn’t know where to start. She stammers, she blurts out the most awkward things, she doesn’t know what to do with her hands, and she’s just so completely caught up in the moment that she forgets that her sister…is also the queen. She’s just in awe of this moment she has with Elsa because really, what was the only thing Elsa would ever tell her besides “Go away, Anna?” This was something new to Anna. This was all Anna ever wanted. And consequently so, this was all Elsa ever wanted as well. 

And Elsa…standoff-ish, rigid, perfectly postured Elsa– Look at that gorgeous and angelic face break into a shy smile as she looks at how excited and flustered Anna is. Look at how she looks down on the floor, just sincerely and gratefully enjoying the moment…enjoying Anna’s presence and the fact that she thinks she’s “beautifuller.” Her eyes light up, and in that moment, you can almost hear the ice crack from the deepest recesses of her broken heart. 

Anna thinks I'm…"beautifuller?“ My Anna…whom I continually shut out  thinks there's….beauty in me? The one who hurt her? She should hate me by now, after all that pain I’ve caused her. All the pain I’ve caused us. But here she is, she’s so excited to be with me. To be next to me. I want to wrap my arms around her so badly. My little sister is eighteen now. She’s so beautiful and look at all those freckles on her face! She’s grown taller! I want to hug her…but…no…Papa’s right. I need to stay away. I need to protect her. But wow…she still wants to be around me after all this time. Anna doesn’t hate me….please, don’t hate me.

Guys, this is my point:

All her life, Elsa was being prepared and trained to be queen. That was all there is for her. From long hours of lessons with her tutors, etiquette, politics…and all her other monarch duties, Elsa never really had a real childhood. Sure, there was Anna with her to lighten the load…but when that accident happened, she was on her own. Her only real company were the King and Queen who were preparing her for the throne and maybe some other staff members who were allowed to be her tutors and teachers. It would be appropriate to compliment the young heir because…well…she’s the princess who will be queen.

"Well done on your geometry homework, Your Highness.”

“You have recited that French poem marvelously, Princess Elsa.”

“You look beautiful with that dress, Your Majesty.”

“Good girl, Elsa. Be the good girl you always have to be.”

All of these praises are given to Elsa because she has done something to earn them. She did her homework. She wore the dress that was mandated for her to wear. She was a good girl because though she was tempted to open the door for Anna, she didn’t. Yes, these are really nice things to say to someone making progress and being obedient. But they were also just as obligatory and robotic because she probably heard those words numerous times on the same occasion…because she always did what was asked and expected of her. 

This is why when it comes from Anna, Elsa is always undone. Elsa is caught off guard. She doesn’t nod and say a polite and recited “Thank you.” She smiles. She throws her head back and laughs. She thanks Anna gleefully. Because Anna doesn’t expect anything. Anna is not saying it because she’s required to since Elsa is queen. Anna is just being Anna. Her baby sister who loves her and could care less if she’s a queen or not. Her baby sister who still looks up to her and adores her after all these years, in spite of the rift between them. Anna, who loves her for who she is and what she is. 

This is why “Letting Go” is so important. This scene in particular ties in to what I was saying before. She’s been called a “good girl” so many times because she has done what she was asked to do: Be perfect. Be disciplined. Do this, not that. Stay here, not there. Wear this, not that. Be the good girl you always have to be.

Notice how she wags her finger while singing the part, “Be the good girl you always have to be.” It dawned on me that she was imitating her father. She was rehearsing and remembering what her dad was always telling her to do. 

After seeing this, the lyrics were rewritten in my head like this:

“Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know”
Well, now they know

She was quoting her father.

Bottom line is: To be adored and complimented by the one person she’s been protecting and simultaneously hurting all these years meant the world to Elsa. Someone is excited to be with her not because of what she has to offer and the fact that it’s just right and appropriate to throw praises at her since she’s the queen. It wasn’t about politics or pleasantries. Someone whom she misses the most misses her back, too, immensely and desperately. Anna loves her and loved her right there and then in the coronation, when she revealed her powers, and even when she threw her out of the ice castle. Anna thinks her sister is “beautifuller” and that was enough to make the love-starved and lonely Queen know that in spite of all that happened and what else that may happen, the one person she loves the most loves her back. Always have and always will.