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~Looks like someone didn’t watch Frozen

  • Ishida: OMG I spend the whole week drawing smut Kaneki and touka... well, I will start the chapter tomorrow *leaves the drawing in his desk*
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Editor: Hey, is the chapter 125 ready?
  • Assistant: I think it´s in his desk.
  • Editor: *looks at Ishida´s fan art* Emmm... excuse me, is this supposed to happen?
  • Assitant: *Looks at all the draawings* Wha..what? this is not what we...damnn Touka!
  • Editor: I like it tho
  • Assistant: We should ask him...
  • Editor: ...
  • Editor: I wanted this since I started to work with Ishida, I´m sending it
Shy boy

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Request: Hi! Can I get a Sehun fluff? Like maybe one where he’s super shy and wants to confess to you? Thanks! I hope for you to do great things on your new fanfic blog!

Pairings: Sehun x Reader
Warnings: None
Genre: Fluff

It’s been one month since you transfered to this school. You liked it here. You made really fast friends, even though you aren’t really the social type. Everyone liked you because you’re smart, kind and pretty. Well you wouldn’t say that you are, this is the way your new friends described you. There was one person who you surely thought hates you.

That person was Oh Sehun. He sits behind you and everytime when you reached him the papers he would glare at you.

Once you were paired up to do some math exercises. He did everything alone and evreytime you asked him something that you didn’t understand he would just glare at you and say “Don’t know.” or “Don’t ask me”.

You were sad because you kinda liked him. The first time you saw him, he took your breath away. What you didn’t know is that it was the same for him. He never saw a girl as beautifull as you.

Poor guy, the reason he was acting that way towards you is because you made him too frustrated. He wanted to confess but he was to shy and he was scared that you’ll reject him.

Today was another day in your new school. Your day started awfull. First you overslept then you spilled your chocolate milk on your school skirt and you had to change. After that you had to run to school because you lost your last bus and now you realized you forgot your homework at home.

“This will be a long day” you muttered to yourself as you made your way to your first class. Fortunately you made it there before your teacher arrived.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)? Did you oversleep?” your friend (F/N) asked you while laughing with the other girls.

“Not funny.” you snapped at them. “Can’t believe I forgot my homework.” you muttered under your breath as you sat down.

“Umm… Do you w-want to copy m-mine?” you heard a voice behind you. You slowly turned around and your eyes widened when you realized that Sehun was the one who offered to let you copy his homework.

“R-r-really?” you stuttered.

“Umm yeah… The math teacher is pretty strict when it comes to homework so yeah…. Do you want to copy it?” he asked avoiding your eyes.

“Yes, please.”

You finished just as the teacher entered the room. You turned to give Sehun his notebook back.

“Thank you, Sehun. You saved my life” you said with a bright smile. This caught Sehun off guard and he could feel his heart beating harder. In that moment he just wanted to tell you about his feelings but he knew it’s not the best moment so he shyly asked:

“C-can I talk to you a-after school?”

“Yeah sure.” you answered a little confused.

For the rest of the day it was quite difficult to focus in class. You could only wonder what he wanted to talk about.

It was finally after school and you were getting nervous. During your english class he passed you a note saying he will meet you behind the school. When you arrived he was already there.




“So….. What did you want to talk about?” you tried to break the akward silence.
“Right.. Ummmm.. I.. just….” he took a deep breath.

“Ijustwantedtotellyouthatilikeyouverymuchandiwouldliketotakeyououtsometime.” he said so fast that you coulnd’t understand anything.

“Sorry, can you speak a bit slower?”

He sighed. “I just w-wanted to tell you that I-i like y-you and I would like to t-take you out s-sometime.”

You were speechless. You couldn’t believe that he liked you. Sehun took your silence as a rejection and he sadly said:

“It’s okay if you don’t want to. I-”
“I’d love too” you said surprising him.

“You mean it?”

“Yeah. I actually like you too.” you felt a blush rush up your cheeks.

He then smiled. It was your first time seeing him smiling. Your heart skipped a beat.

“Then.. what about this saturday?” he asked shyly.

“Sounds great.” you were grinning from ear to ear.

Maybe today wasn’t so awfull after all.

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If you had a whole day to spend with jackson. What would you say to him and do with him?

do with him ?! I mean you know

lol no

jokes aside

I would tell him that I really love him and respect , that  he should stop care about some haters because people will always hate, mostly because they are jealous, tell him that he  is one of the most beautifull guy I ever saw and many people think the same and that I m pround being his fan and he is my dreamy guy 

but in reality if I saw him it would be like this 

Do you have those nights when you are just like

The shield really broke up


fickity fuck