holy cow a robron fic rec

(or, the one where I pick 12 random fics that I love out of my bookmarks and share them with you)

What’s Left of Us by @escapingreality51 -10k

Robert and Aaron having that painful conversation

And All These Little Things by @capseycartwright -3.5k

robert finds a way to support aaron throughout his counselling sessions.

or, four tuesdays that robert supports aaron, and one tuesday where robert needs his husband.

Iceberg by @misswhimsy -18.2k

Future fic. Robert attends counselling to try to help with his depression and guilt.

Too Hard, Heart First by @madroxed -6.2k

Robert Sugden’s not a Hero.

Pursuit of the Whole by @portinastorm -6k

“…this becoming one instead of two, was the very expression of his ancient need. And the reason is that human nature was originally one and we were a whole, and the desire and pursuit of the whole is called love.”

Robert and Aaron find each other throughout time, though never in circumstances that it could ever stick.

Daniel in the Den (Felled in the Night) by @magicalrocketships -2k

Everything he felt was trapped in his chest, clamouring to get out, desperate to tear itself out from underneath his skin.


Aaron shows up on Robert’s doorstep in the middle of the night.

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beautifulhigh  asked:

"Can you hear me?"


“Can you hear me?”

The world narrows down to: pain.

“Rob? Rob, look at me, yeah?”

Rob. Robert. Robert’s eyes feel heavy, like lead, and it’s a struggle to open them.

“That’s it, Rob. Come on.”

The voice sounds familiar. Safe. Robert shifts. Pain.

“Shit, no, don’t do that, Rob. You have to stay still.”

It’s an effort, but Robert squints. There’s a blur of white, a face.

“I need you to stay awake for me.”

Robert doesn’t wanna do that. He wants to close his eyes, except there’s a hand on his face. He groans, throat sore, and the hand on his cheek strokes gently.

“Stay with me,” the voice urges, wide blue eyes staring down at him.

Robert looks back, throat thick with fear and emotion. Everything hurts.

“I know.” Blue Eyes looks sad, his fingers shaking against Robert’s cheek. “There’s an ambulance on the way.”


Robert panics, feels it bubble in his chest. Almost immediately Blue Eyes presses a kiss to his lips, fingers sliding down his jaw.

“No, no you have to calm down. I promise, Rob, you’re gonna be okay.”

It doesn’t feel true; Robert’s body feels like it’s on fire, every nerve ending screaming for the pain to end. He blinks, looks past Blue Eyes’ shoulder. There’s a horse box, a beaten up car. Scrapyard.


“Aaron,” Robert garbles, his fingers twitching against the ground. Even they hurt.

“Yeah,” Blue Eyes - Aaron - says, relieved, eyes wet. “Yeah, it’s me. Helps coming, Rob, I promise.”

“Hurts,” Robert says again, blinking lazily. Sleeps curling at the edges of his consciousness.

“No, no don’t do that,” Aaron says, sounding panicked. “Rob, please stay with me.”

Robert thinks he can do that. For Aaron. “’Kay.”

Another kiss pressed to his lips, the sound of sirens in the background.

Happy Birthday Robert Sugden

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: All agree to be here on Saturday at 7pm to celebrate the great Robert Sugden’s birthday.

I don’t give a shit if you’ve got work to do or Easter eggs to eat. Be here for our boy that never gets acknowledgement. Thihs fandom is boringly quiet on the weekend. I want to be so loud that my dash is filled with bisexual flags and pineapples.

Liv’s birthday was forgotten. Aaron doesn’t even like his birthday but he gets the best fiance ever. Roberts big 30th got discarded when Liv turned up. Not again.

We need to make this the best birthday Robert Sugden has ever had. Because Emmerdale are not gonna care one bit. And our boy deserves a bit of loving, before his world falls to shit.

Party List

@beautifulhigh bring a picnic blanket just in case its wet

@minglewithadingle a cute Dog. 

@dasoni a new ugly patterned shirt 

@scrapyardboyfriends plotdale script at hand 

@rocketdocket Something that’ll remind him of Mum 

@charitydinglc bring your blonde son Noah 

@smittenwithsugden Some motherly affection. lots of hugs and flowers

@trashmouthsugden something kinky for a birthday treat.

@realityisonlythebeginning pineapples for the picnic 

@victoriasugden make him a towering purple cake like Vic would

@isabellaofparma birthday text message from Andy commissioned. 

@luststricken some dorky nerdy stuff like Death Note 

@bitinglip4robert need man sandwiches, a whole picnic basket, no cucumber sandwiches. 

@gemmalou-x- the last rolo

If you want come to Rob’s party, you have to wear something nerdy and bring something along. Reblog to say what you’ll bring. Everybody is welcome. Let it be known we know how to throw a party in this fandom. 

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@wycombewanderer uff… I totally forgot to put you on the picture… cause I am useless x’D 

@beautifulhigh bring a picnic blanket just in case its wet

@minglewithadingle a cute Dog.

@dasoni a new ugly patterned shirt (YES!!! behold the TOASTSHiRT!)

@scrapyardboyfriends plotdale script at hand

@rocketdocket Something that’ll remind him of Mum

@charitydinglc bring your blonde son Noah

@smittenwithsugden Some motherly affection. lots of hugs and flowers

@trashmouthsugden something kinky for a birthday treat.

@realityisonlythebeginning pineapples for the picnic

@victoriasugden make him a towering purple cake like Vic would

@isabellaofparma birthday text message from Andy commissioned.

@luststricken some dorky nerdy stuff like Death Note

@bitinglip4robert need man sandwiches, a whole picnic basket, no cucumber sandwiches.

@gemmalou-x- the last rolo

@smugfacesuggle black hoody


@twatcitytrick (with the booze)


@aaarondingle (sorry I put your old name .__.)

I am heartbroken that I couldn’t put the whole fandom on the picture

AND I have basically NO idea how y’all look like… so just roll with it *shrug*

anonymous asked:

Which blogs are going to BSAS with you? I wish I could go.

Well there’s me, @smittenwithsugden @wellyfullofale @beautifulhigh @iwillsendapostcard and I know @longlivethefreakinme @dingleminyard @justleavemebreathless will also be there so I’ll probably see them too. I know there’s some more going too.

anonymous asked:

Which bloggers are you meeting in June?

Hello anon!

I actually don’t know exactly yet! I’m planning on going to the Robron fandom meet up organised by @beautifulhigh, so hopefully I will meet a lot of people from the fandom there, but I’m not sure yet who signed up for that? But I do know that at least @dingleminyard @longlivethefreakinme @smittenwithsugden @lizzzzoo @beyondthebridge @sapphicsugden @wellyfullofale @iwillsendapostcard @robronalways are going to the BSAs, so hopefully I’ll be able to meet some of them at the fandom meet up or else at the BSAs! :D

Oh and if there’s someone who’s also going that I have not mentioned in this, let me know! 


minimalist robron fic recs (1/?);

a safe harbour; @sugdensquad  robert struggles to cope
exponential; @beautifulhigh  robert wonders if it will ever stop
hufflepuff pride; @misswhimsy  aaron dingle heads off to hogwarts
introductions; @secondsofhappiness tell me to go if you want me to
kick; @smittenwithsugden two important bed scenes
living a decision takes a lifetime; @beyondthebridge you’re dying, aren’t you?
quiet reflections; @ robert comes home after a long day
right from under; @madroxed five christmas conversations between rob + dingles
you can avoid the fire; @robertsuggles fire has always been rob’s worst nightmare

Listen, I’ve experienced the destruction of a soap couple (Will and Sonny) where there was no coming back from the character’s shitty actions. That was because the one stopped loving the other and wouldn’t make the effort to rebuild things. Also, as @beautifulhigh and I have discussed, their show just didn’t give a shit about them and didn’t recognize what they had.

This is different. Because at the root Robert and Aaron both still love each other, and I truly believe they always will. Aaron didn’t stop loving Robert through Robert literally holding a gun to his head. He’s not going to stop now. He’s also I’m sure going to recognize his role in what happened and they’re both going to make the effort to repair the damage. Plus, despite this lazy cliched writing, I believe Iain that their plan is for Robert and Aaron to be endgame. They know what they have in Robron, and they may have deliberately misled us with The Incident™, and that was very much not okay, but I do believe they will be alright.

(tbh I equate it with Kurt and Blaine. Glee was shitty and treated Klaine horribly but they knew what they had and they gave Kurt and Blaine their happy ending.)

The plan is as soon as it hits 7pm you can drop a photo, drawing, or text of the thing you’re bringing to Robert Sugden’s wonderful birthday bash!

I absolutely adore this fandom and how creative and suppritive y’all are. Robert Sugden deserves our love though! This is an updated list of what everybody is bringing. I want your followers to be so curious about why you just dropped a random picture of a pineapple, that they want to know who the great Robert Sugden is.  I want my dash to go crazy!

I’ll reblog everything on my page with the hashtag #Sugdens Stupendous Soiree

Party List

@nooneelsecomesclose17 Americanos for everyone

@aviewfromtheclouds25 Crazy Christmas decorations (just like their wedding) you are now the resident Faith Dingle, which means you get to perv on Rob.

@beautifulhigh bring a picnic blanket just in case its wet

@robronforever a Game of Thrones fancy ass drink (we’ll entertain you from the window babe)

@likethemtrashy new anime dvds, that he can force Aaron to watch.

@broodingdane a pair of sexy overalls with dirty little grease monkey embroidered on the chest, with an Aaron inside going commando.

@minglewithadingle loads and loads of puppies

@iwillsendapostcard a book of fairytales to read from, because I doubt his parents did. 

@dasoni a cute new toast patterned shirt that Aaron enjoys munching on

@scrapyardboyfriends plotdale script at hand because we need to prove to him we love him, and care about him, even though he doesnt think so in your script.

@rocketdocket Something that’ll remind him of Mum

@smuttyrobron live up to your name and bring some ummmm adult themed toys for later.

@sapphicsugden bring your beautiful fic and teach him how to love himself.

@charitydinglc bring your blonde son Noah

@twatcitytrick put that blasted whiskey away!  he can have the black champagne bottle which he can sexily chug.

@escapingreality51 here just to watch Rob drink the champagne

@smittenwithsugden Some motherly affection. lots of hugs and flowers

@bluewinseverytime the compulsory absurd amount of bread, loaves, baguettes, toast, the lot

@klainedestinedji  cute cupcakes with mini scrapyard boys on it like Vic’s wedding one.

@sugglesmiles a nice big hamper with his fancy shower gels (specifically Hermes Epice Marine scent because this lass does her research) and maybe some naughty stuff for later.

@trashmouthsugden something kinky for a birthday treat.

@realityisonlythebeginning pineapples for the picnic

@victoriasugden make him a towering purple cake like Vic would

@isabellaofparma birthday text message from Andy commissioned.

@luststricken some dorky nerdy stuff like Death Note since its your forte

@bitinglip4robert get that big basket sorted, you promised no cucumber sandwiches

@vckaarobb the lube is a necessity, bottom Rob suffered in that cricket pavilion

@memorieswarm a luxury Americano maker for Aaron to give him breakfast in bed. (but then we’ll get no Rob/ Bob interactions so we need to invite Bob to man the machine).

@f4llen87 the Vegas sunglasses that we never got to see Rob in better come out, they;re in Mauritius after all

@gemmalou-x- the last rolo

rebuilt (piece by piece)
robert/aaron, liv, chas, vic, adam, paddy, rebecca, chrissie, lawrence

GENRE:    dubious consent/consent issues, angst, protective!aaron
WORDS:    11,826
SUMMARY:  “I’m sorry,” Robert says, in lieu of an answer. “I don’t
want you to leave me.”
 It sounds small, quiet, but Aaron can’t make his voice
work, can’t do anything except stare at Robert’s face.
“Robert, I need you to tell me. What’s the last thing you
remember from that night?”
  Robert lifts on arm in the approximation of a shrug. “She
took the whisky off me. Told me I’d had ‘nough. Told me I
was drunk, too. Told her I wanted her, but I lied,” Robert
says fast, words tripping over themselves. “I just wanted
you, but then she told me I was drunk. Don’t remember much
after that.”

it’s finally here! the consent fic.

bear in mind that this fic is extremely cathartic for me and i am a huge robert stan. if you don’t like robert, this is definitely not the place for you and you’re probably not going to want to stick around.

thanks to @beyondthebridge @robertsuggles @rocketdocket @beautifulhigh and @turquoiseterrier for beta duties, cheerleading and just all around general support during the writing of this <3

“I’m sorry,” Robert says, quickly, sounding as devastated as he looks.

“Why are you sorry?” Aaron turns, frowning at the death grip Robert has on the mugs. “Robert?”

“I cheated,” Robert says, finally looking up to meet Aaron’s eyes. “I didn’t – it’s not what I wanted, not really.”

“I’m not talking about that,” Aaron tells him, pressing, he needs Robert to understand. “We’ll talk about that when we’re calmer, when it’s not right there. Robert, I’m talking about what Rebecca did.”

Robert frowns, confused. “She didn’t do anything.”

Aaron raises an eyebrow. “She didn’t have sex with you when you were drunk?”

The grip Robert has on the mugs is starting to concern Aaron; his knuckles are white, his fingers trembling around the porcelain. Robert swallows. “Yeah, but it wasn’t anything I wasn’t asking for.”

rebuilt (piece by piece)

@glorysun replied to your post: .
OMG I’m glad that I’m not the only one who feels like this. Here in the states a drunk person can’t legally consent to sex. It would of been cheating if Robert had been sober. However, he wasn’t and Bex took it upon herself to sleep with him. Why couldn’t she just of been the person who made sure he was safe and reassured him that everything would be ok. Why did she have to cross that line?

I’m pretty sure in the UK it’s illegal too. @beautifulhigh would know better, but we’ve talked about it and under any circumstances a sober person sleeping with a drunk person is assault.