holy cow a robron fic rec

(or, the one where I pick 12 random fics that I love out of my bookmarks and share them with you)

What’s Left of Us by @escapingreality51 -10k

Robert and Aaron having that painful conversation

And All These Little Things by @capseycartwright -3.5k

robert finds a way to support aaron throughout his counselling sessions.

or, four tuesdays that robert supports aaron, and one tuesday where robert needs his husband.

Iceberg by @misswhimsy -18.2k

Future fic. Robert attends counselling to try to help with his depression and guilt.

Too Hard, Heart First by @madroxed -6.2k

Robert Sugden’s not a Hero.

Pursuit of the Whole by @portinastorm -6k

“…this becoming one instead of two, was the very expression of his ancient need. And the reason is that human nature was originally one and we were a whole, and the desire and pursuit of the whole is called love.”

Robert and Aaron find each other throughout time, though never in circumstances that it could ever stick.

Daniel in the Den (Felled in the Night) by @magicalrocketships -2k

Everything he felt was trapped in his chest, clamouring to get out, desperate to tear itself out from underneath his skin.


Aaron shows up on Robert’s doorstep in the middle of the night.

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beautifulhigh  asked:

"Can you hear me?"


“Can you hear me?”

The world narrows down to: pain.

“Rob? Rob, look at me, yeah?”

Rob. Robert. Robert’s eyes feel heavy, like lead, and it’s a struggle to open them.

“That’s it, Rob. Come on.”

The voice sounds familiar. Safe. Robert shifts. Pain.

“Shit, no, don’t do that, Rob. You have to stay still.”

It’s an effort, but Robert squints. There’s a blur of white, a face.

“I need you to stay awake for me.”

Robert doesn’t wanna do that. He wants to close his eyes, except there’s a hand on his face. He groans, throat sore, and the hand on his cheek strokes gently.

“Stay with me,” the voice urges, wide blue eyes staring down at him.

Robert looks back, throat thick with fear and emotion. Everything hurts.

“I know.” Blue Eyes looks sad, his fingers shaking against Robert’s cheek. “There’s an ambulance on the way.”


Robert panics, feels it bubble in his chest. Almost immediately Blue Eyes presses a kiss to his lips, fingers sliding down his jaw.

“No, no you have to calm down. I promise, Rob, you’re gonna be okay.”

It doesn’t feel true; Robert’s body feels like it’s on fire, every nerve ending screaming for the pain to end. He blinks, looks past Blue Eyes’ shoulder. There’s a horse box, a beaten up car. Scrapyard.


“Aaron,” Robert garbles, his fingers twitching against the ground. Even they hurt.

“Yeah,” Blue Eyes - Aaron - says, relieved, eyes wet. “Yeah, it’s me. Helps coming, Rob, I promise.”

“Hurts,” Robert says again, blinking lazily. Sleeps curling at the edges of his consciousness.

“No, no don’t do that,” Aaron says, sounding panicked. “Rob, please stay with me.”

Robert thinks he can do that. For Aaron. “’Kay.”

Another kiss pressed to his lips, the sound of sirens in the background.

beautifulhigh  asked:

So, who worries more when the other is sick/hurt: Robert or Aaron?

i feel like aaron is a low key worrier - he won’t say much aloud but he worries all the same, he just doesn’t want to encourage robert who is the worst patient ever. robert thinks he’s dying when he gets a headcold (but refuses to go to the doctor if something is actually seriously wrong with him because he’s a sugden and sugden’s don’t get sick, rob is a walking contradiction lets be honest here.)

robert definitely worries more, because aaron doesn’t get sick very often, but when he does, he gets really sick (you know one of those people who never gets a cold but has the flu for three weeks instead? thats aaron.) robert definitely worries more about aaron getting hurt too, because he’s always covered in cuts and bruises from hauling stuff around up at the scrapyard! 

send me a ship and i’ll tell you…

beautifulhigh  asked:

The day Robron get back together, the day we get a Robert centric storyline, the day Ryan gets a chance to shine and not prop up someone else's scene. The day we get reference to The Lost Years. They day... oh. You meant Robert week. Whoops. 😉

Jen, all those things. Can you imagine Robert getting his own SL? Having it be about him, not just them saying it’s about him but really about another character. 😂 😂  I mean if we ever got anything about the “lost years” I’d die. I want to know so bad. So bad. 

“I love you.” “I love you more.” becomes a thing without them realizing it, replacing for the most part their “You know.” “I know."s. (Though, of course, those happen once in a while still.)

Mostly, it’s Robert who says "I love you more” over the years, still and always grateful and amazed Aaron has forgiven him for The Incident™, as they call it when they must discuss it, if they do at all. Even just in the morning, when they’re both setting off for work, and Aaron says in passing that he loves Robert, Robert says it.

When Aaron has his bad days, about prison, most often and violently about Gordon, Aaron clings to “I love you.” like a lifeline and Robert answers “I love you more.” just as firmly, affirming and reaffirming that he has been and always will be right beside Aaron no matter what.

And when Robert has bad days, about The Incident™, about Jack, about Sarah, about Andy, Katie, his sexuality, not as often as Aaron’s bad days, but just as bad when they hit, Aaron makes sure to let Robert know he loves him. When Robert clings to him, buries his nose in Aaron’s shoulder or hair, and mumbles “I love you.”, Aaron returns the “I love you more.” with so much sincerity and conviction, it floors even Aaron himself.

It’s a comfort to them both, a reminder of what they almost lost, and a reminder of their new beginning.

beautifulhigh  asked:

I'd love to see Rob diagnosed with depression. There are so many things they could do with it and it would be the kind of thing that ED do so well when they're on the ball. Ryan would be able to shine and it would be amazing to FINALLY see the effect of everything on Robert.

Jen you nailed it. A depression SL, could be so interesting portrayed on a character like Robert. His not the usual type of character in my opinion to get a storyline like that, and that’s why I think it could be so important. And ofc Ryan would smash it.

Come tell us a SL, you’d love ED to give to Robert.

Emmerdale Big Bang Round 1 Schedule

It’s here! Here’s the posting schedule for Round 1 of the Emmerdale Big Bang:

Friday, 18/08: Neighbours AU (@aarobron + @iamarobronniffler)
Saturday, 19/08: Rumours (@beautifulhigh + @thisissirius)
Sunday, 20/08: maneuver one into place (@robertjacobsugdens + @justleavemebreathless)
Monday, 21/08: Love Never Fails (@nooneelsecomesclose17 + @xlozx)
Tuesday, 22/08: we’ll meet again (@littlelooneyluna + @smugfacesuggle)
Wednesday, 23/08: Fool’s Gold (@strongboyfriends + @minglewithadingle)
Thursday, 24/08: The Country Squire (@misswhimsy + @zippywafflebuns)
Friday, 25/08: Separation Never Suited Us (@wellyfullofale + @vaticanchameleon)
Saturday, 26/08: A Tail of Two Worlds (@geena-rae + @minglewithadingle)
Sunday, 27/08: find somebody (like you) (@kayceecruz + @dasoni)
Monday, 28/08: Midnight in Paris (@capseycartwright + @robertjacobsugdens)
Tuesday, 29/08:  Front Page News (@realityisonlythebeginning + @inloveamateursatbest)
Wednesday, 30/08: the insubstantial shadow (@thisissirius + @likethemtrashy)
Thursday, 31/08: Magical AU (@halethesourestwolf + @likethemtrashy)
Friday, 01/09: Forged in Fire (@escapingreality51 + @scrapyardboyfriends)
Saturday, 02/09: Asking The Moon To Stay (@softrobertsugden​ + @dingleminyard)
Sunday, 03/09: All In (@godamnarmsrace + @iwantmessedup)

If you don’t want to wait that long here are some teasers for the forthcoming fics! If you’re one of the participants then let me referr you to the Posting Guidelines.

anonymous asked:

whats your favourite robron fic?

i am going to pretend this said fics, and not fic. tbh, we have a supremely talented fandom and there is so much great #content out there, but these fics are my go to, read over and over again fics!

ice swans and dry-cleaning by @persiflager is just the most amazing fic. it’s hilarious and amazing and i must have read it about fifty times, at this point (mostly when i’m sad in work, ngl.)

surprise surprise is the most gorgeously romantic and sexy fic and i’ll never send it anyway literally broke me as a human being, so wildly different but both amazing. @wellyfullofale is ridiculously talented. 

have i told you lately (aaron being all soft and complimenting robert, bless) and til the stars go blue (the most heartbreaking and wonderfully hopeful fic about the aftermath of robert having a breakdown) are both by @vckaarrob and like. i know i say it all the time but im obsessed with vic. 

side effects may include is the most amazing fic about robert going on antidepressants, and treading water literally ruined me as a person, it’s about robert’s mental health deteriorating and robert being diagnosed with bipolar and it hurts every time. its amazing! both are by @lastgoldsun and like, katie is stupidly amazing, pls read all her fic. 

i cry about a virtue of the brave by @sapphicsugden on the daily. everything siri writes is gold, but this one just resonates with me more than i have words for, i adore it. also, siri wrote my favourite fic verse ever, the deaf au, and i cannot tell you how many times i’ve reread every single fic in a different language. it’s spectacular!

iceberg by @misswhimsy is the best robert goes to counselling fic i have honestly ever read. i can’t even tell you how many times i’ve reread this absolutely incredible fic! if you’re going to read one fic about robert and mental health, make it this one, pls.

grounded by @beautifulhigh is insanely good. it’s one of those fics i had to read like, four times before i even really processed it. i mean, jen is ridiculously talented and way too good at breaking by heart anyway, but grounded is special. i read it when i need a good cry!

still i call it magic by @softrobertsugden is the hogwarts au of my DREAMS. i’m not trying to be funny, but i’d probably sell my soul if it meant i could have some more of this ‘verse. its just incredible - and magical (ha.) so but seriously its the best thing!!

i’m in awe of how insanely talented @littlelooneyluna is, honestly. every fic nicole has ever written has been #unreal, but please don’t take my sunshine away had me in floods of tears. post natal depression is not an easy thing to write about and nicole just smashed it, as per. 

anyways i read a lot of fic and i bookmark lots of amaze ones here, and my fic rec tag is here, but those are some of my favs!

Happy Birthday Robert Sugden

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: All agree to be here on Saturday at 7pm to celebrate the great Robert Sugden’s birthday.

I don’t give a shit if you’ve got work to do or Easter eggs to eat. Be here for our boy that never gets acknowledgement. Thihs fandom is boringly quiet on the weekend. I want to be so loud that my dash is filled with bisexual flags and pineapples.

Liv’s birthday was forgotten. Aaron doesn’t even like his birthday but he gets the best fiance ever. Roberts big 30th got discarded when Liv turned up. Not again.

We need to make this the best birthday Robert Sugden has ever had. Because Emmerdale are not gonna care one bit. And our boy deserves a bit of loving, before his world falls to shit.

Party List

@beautifulhigh bring a picnic blanket just in case its wet

@minglewithadingle a cute Dog. 

@dasoni a new ugly patterned shirt 

@scrapyardboyfriends plotdale script at hand 

@rocketdocket Something that’ll remind him of Mum 

@charitydinglc bring your blonde son Noah 

@smittenwithsugden Some motherly affection. lots of hugs and flowers

@trashmouthsugden something kinky for a birthday treat.

@realityisonlythebeginning pineapples for the picnic 

@victoriasugden make him a towering purple cake like Vic would

@isabellaofparma birthday text message from Andy commissioned. 

@luststricken some dorky nerdy stuff like Death Note 

@bitinglip4robert need man sandwiches, a whole picnic basket, no cucumber sandwiches. 

@gemmalou-x- the last rolo

If you want come to Rob’s party, you have to wear something nerdy and bring something along. Reblog to say what you’ll bring. Everybody is welcome. Let it be known we know how to throw a party in this fandom.