Fic: Fantasy (1/1)

Title: Fantasy

Author: slayerkitty

Genre: Angst, Smut, Hurt/Comfort

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Blowjob

Spoilers: Through 5-30-13 though this actually takes place in the near future, there are no spoilers, just assumptions

Pairings: Will/Sonny 

Disclaimer: Days of our Lives and its characters are not mine, no matter how much I enjoy playing with them. :) 

Word Count: ~1,500

Summary: “Tell me your fantasies,” Sonny says, his head pillowed on Will’s chest. 

Author’s Note: I was in the mood to write some porn and the shower scene popped into my head and this was born. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest while I was writing. Also, lots of feels here. I apparently cannot write smut for these two without it. 

Huge thanks to beautifulhigh for the beta. <3

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Fic: Silence (1/1)

Title: Silence

Author: slayerkitty

Genre: Angst, Smut, Hurt/Comfort

Rating: R

Warnings: Blowjob

Spoilers: Through 3-1-13 (to be safe), though this really takes place after the 2-26-13 episode. 

Pairings: Will/Sonny 

Disclaimer: Days of our Lives and its characters are not mine, no matter how much I enjoy playing with them. :) 

Word Count: ~800

Summary: He gets it. Sonny’s made his point. He’s worth something. Sonny loves him. 

Author’s Note: So this fic is a product of a few things. It wouldn’t exist if not for seeleyboothfan and unproductivepeanut. The first one suggested that I try and write angst and/or porn to help with my writer’s block, and the second indulged me in a discussion of how hot Sonny is when he’s being protective of Will and even gave me one Sonny’s only spoken line in the fic as a kind of prompt that jump started this fic. 

Huge thanks to beautifulhigh for the beta. <3

“Sonny, what am I going to do?” Will says, slumped over at the edge of his bed. “I’ve got no choice. Nick’s got me dead to rights.” He sniffles, getting more and more worked up. “I’ve got to walk away from her, from the baby. I mean, it’s what I was going to do before anyway. I thought it was best then, and maybe it’s what’s best now.” He laughs but it’s wet and thick with emotion. “After all, what kind of father would I be anyway? I shot someone and covered it up.”

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KBl Reversebang: Collision - imaginentertain & volsura - PG-13

Title: Collision
Artist: volsura
Author: beautifulhigh / imaginentertain (my writing journal)
Rating (art/fic if different): G / PG-13
Word Count: ~26,000
Warnings (if any): minor desription of a graphic injury, some meta when it comes to the power of fans and social media, and some liberties regarding a few medical situations
Fic Summary: sometimes you need to face up to the consequences. Or how Kurt and Blaine’s lives collided in the most unusual of circumstances

Link to Art: Talent be here
Link to Fic: Fic be here
Art Thumbnail:
Fic Rec: Vows by imaginentertain

Summary: Blaine wakes up in Vegas with a hangover, a husband, and no memory of the night before. He’s now facing a road trip, more questions than answers, and discovery of what it means to not only be himself but a husband.

Rating: M

My Notes: Yet another one I’ve read multiple times already. I love how they try to work to try to figure out just what the heck happened, and of course their road trip. :) And then the sequel! Which is perfect. :) 

A CrissColfer Fanfic: Like A Satellite Trapped In Orbit (Around You)

Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Overall angst
Summary: Continuation to Gravity Thou Art A Heartless Bitch. Since Darren ended their relationship, Chris has been trying desperately to move on. But it’s not that easy. For either of them.
A/N: Please read these notes because I have important things to share. Firstly this is a sequel so if you haven’t read Gravity I advise that you do. A lot of people asked me for a sequel but I really had no idea what to do until help arrived in the form of Jen. She read Gravity and had this amazing idea for a sequel which she pitched to me and I loved and agreed to write it with her input. She then brilliantly halved my workload by taking on the Darren Companion piece (Chasing Daylight) which will be posted on her journal imaginentertain.
This is just a little prologue to get both stories started but from now on the two fics will be posted side by side, I do advise you read both (because they’ll make a lot more sense) but it’s up to you :P So this was born mainly from Jen’s idea and then sort of grew and developed as we both wrote so now we’re at roughly 45,000 words per fic. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

Like A Satellite Trapped In Orbit (Around You)

beautifulhigh  asked:

If you're doing one-shots, I'd love to see something about the first time that Kurt gets recognised. Bonus points for it being somewhere really insignificant, like when he's out shopping or at the garage or something. Additional bonus points if he tries to convince them he's not THAT Kurt Hummel, which then fails miserably.

Kurt’s virtually alone in the garage (all but one guy are out for lunch), when he hears a female voice calling out.

“Is anyone here?”

Kurt rolls out from underneath the car he was working on to see a blonde girl about his age standing nearby.

“How can I help you?” he asks, getting up.

“My check engine light came on about a half a mile from here, so I thought if I pulled in, you guys could maybe take a look at it?” she answers, sounding hopeful. It’s been a slow day, so Kurt nods.

“I just gotta finish this oil change and then I can give it a look over. Anything happen when the light came on?”

The girl shook her head. “No, just the light.”

“Could be a bad sensor or something. I’ll know more when I look at it.”

“Thanks,” she smiles, looking grateful. He smiles back and fluffs his hair out of his face. Something about the action makes her mouth fall open in shock.

“No way,” she breathes, staring at him.

“What?” he wants to know, feeling nervous.

“You’re Kurt Hummel,” she says, looking at the name over the shop and then back at him.

“How did…” Kurt lets himself trail off.

“You’re the Kurt Hummel who’s dating Blaine Anderson, oh my God.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Kurt mutters, sitting back down on the rolling board. “I’ll get to your car after I finish this oil change.”

“You are!” she crows. Kurt sighs.

“Please, just let me finish this, okay?” he pleads. Her gaze softens.

“You know, I don’t know if you know this, but among most of Blaine’s fans, you’re kind of beloved.”

Kurt stares at her in shock.

“We just want him to be happy,” the girl says. “You make him happy.”

“Thank you,” Kurt replies, oddly touched.

“Can I ask one favor?” the girl continues. “Can you sign my Dalton Live program for me? It’s in my car.”

Kurt smiles. “If you keep where you found me between us, sure.”

“You really are the best.”

Kurt wore a smile for the rest of the day, and even enjoyed the good natured ribbing he got from Blaine when his autograph turned up on Tumblr.  


I have been digging for some fic inspiration for Beautifulhigh (and LAauthor, because I see no harm to try to put her into some inspiring mode too). I’m not even going try to put into words what these scenes do to me except that they give me a happy feeling, because they are really talking to each other. But most important, for me, Will is open about his feelings.

So with these gifs I want to nudge the inspiration towards a fic where we can see more of Will open himself up to Sonny.

omfg, I JUST HAD A THOUGHT!!!!!!

Remember a few months back, before the drama of Chandler leaving the show happened, when Freddie and Chandler were both asked “Who would propose, Will or Sonny?” on Twitter, and Chandler said Will would and Freddie said Sonny would and WHAT IF THEY BOTH KNEW SOMETHING WE DIDN’T KNOW IN LIGHT OF RECENT SPOILERS?

there I go again. 

Fic: You're My Sweetest Downfall

Title: You’re My Sweetest Downfall, or, Come Give Me Your Sweetness
Author: Rosie
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Based on this prompt by heartwolf. Baker!Blaine AU!

1 rainy day
1 cheesecake cupcake
2 eyes like honey
A friendly politeness, to taste

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Chris Colfer. A signing word vomit.

First off, sorry if this is flail-y and full of grammar and spelling mistakes. Chris Colfer has stolen my words. I swear I have a decent vocabulary but it seems to have eluded me right now (I am typing this in word so hopefully that will help me a bit!).

Firstly there has to be a huge shout out to Jen and Katy for a) being awesome, b) driving us and letting a total stranger sleep in her lounge respectively and c) making a day go so fun-ly and mad-ly. There are not enough words in the world (even if Colfer hadn’t nicked them all) to express my gratitude. There is no way I would have managed to get there in time for the signing without you guys. THANK YOU.

After work Saturday I headed ‘up north’ (I’m sorry, I’m a Southern girl at heart, that is NORTH for me!) to meet up with the girls and crash at Katy’s. Original plan was to set out about 4-4:30 I believe. Broken sleep led to Jen checking messages etc at 2:30 and finding there was already 200 people there. We were out the house at 3am for the road trip. The Glee playlist, and a lot of hysteria got us down there. Highlight HAS to be greeting the sun with the opening bars of Circle of Life. Arrived some when around 5am, found the queue, or more to the point, found out how to get up to the queue and joined. Numbers 232-234. Resisted immediately starting a queue outside Starbucks. Barely.

Time between then and Starbucks opening (7:30am), was spent wrecking my journal and being constantly made to squish up by security. Every move took us further away from coffee. Which was a bad thing. By the time we got to 7:25 I decided YES I AM NOW GOING TO QUEUE. Spotted Sophie in the queue and then, as per usual at Fandom things bumped into Nic on the way back to our space. Coffee helped, a lot. A LOT A LOT! By this point we were all chatting to people around us, as usual in an awesome fandom queue (Jen, I’m going to have to get all those URL’s off you at some point!).

Time definitely seemed to go faster before the centre’s shops were open to the public. Felt a little weird and draggy after that. Properly hit the wall around 11am. Another coffee and some random excitement and I went through it. Second (third? FOURTH?) wind hit and we were getting proper excited.

1pm rocked around and we started going in. By 2pm we were about 10 people back and it stopped. Eventually someone said he had gone for a break. We were sent in and realised we would be there when he came back which is when I got the pictures of him. He is simply GORGEOUS. I think before I would have said beautiful, but no. Gorgeous. Tall and lean…

Jen spoke to him a bit then I had a Hogwarts ticket I’d got him at the HP shop in Kings Cross on the way up on Saturday. Which led to some “I’ve been trying to get there” geeking out. WAAAAH! There was actual talking. Might not be like some people had, but damn it, I ain’t a brainy sort with reason’s to talk. Had to go with what I had! Geekery!

I’m proud to say we all got round the corner and out the way before we freaked out. It was then I realised my words had gone. I honestly don’t know how I got home. Especially given it took me FAR too long to remember the name of my town and which travelcard I have while stood at the ticket machine!

Given the amount of people there I had a couple of small world moments. Chatted to girls on the train who I had met in Starbucks at 7:30 this morning and one of the girls behind us knew a girl I had chatted to in the HP shop the previous day.  FREAKY!

Tl;dr? Chris Colfer is perfection and Jen and Katy rock. Oh and I’m really tired and am lacking the wordage of normality.