natzakakawaiicookie asked:

I ship Sniper/Scout and i feel very dissapointed about the fact that i can´t find many NSFW fics of that beautifull ship ;-;

Where are you looking?? Cause they’re soooooooo many! So so so so many!!!

There’s so many I can’t even begin to include them all here, but I’ll list a few favs

Anything by sillyscrunchy

unicornsandbutane has a couple of real good ones

je-suis-le-petit-lapin has a few

TypingatLightspeed has stuff 

Here’s teratomarty’s fic master post, I know they’ve got a few 

Snuff by Toxo, Sniper/Scout, Sniper/Spy, Sniper/Spy/Scout, Medic/Scout, Medic/Sniper, Medic/Sniper/Scout, choking, cross dressing, rough sex, existential dread

Lecture by Charms, Sniper/Scout, spanking

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Faps by Kate Matty, Sniper/Scout, rough sex, verbal degradation, use of gay slurs

A Nice House by Anonymous, NSFW, Scout topping Sniper while Sniper tries not to think about how he has a wife and kids back home

Five Times that Scout and Sniper Definitely Weren’t Friends by AlexKingoftheDamned (Super nice slow build OTP fic, last chapter is NSFW)

Here’s the Sniper/Scout tag on the Fic Blog full of tons of authors and links

And of course, I’ve written tons of Sniper/Scout<3

Seriously, there’s so much out there, I’m positive I’ve missed dozens of authors and fics. Explore the TF2 Chan and you’ll find some crazy stuff, AO3 has a pretty great tagging system. Each author above has written quite a few fics, of different pairings too, check them out!

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happyolive99 asked:

How could you not be wifed ?you are beautifull on the outside and probably inside aswell😍😎

Aww thanks but I don’t really fuck around in relationships and everyone is either emotionally unavailable or is in/was recently in a relationship.

I’ll stick to getting nudes