Etymology & History explain languages, and that’s beautifull I think :)

Here, for example, we clearly see the link between Latin and it’s culture and mythology (Martis, Saturni, Mercurii…) and the different Romance languages who - when the Roman empire fell - were isolated and grew appart, but still are closed.

But we also see the christian influence, Solis, refering to the sun, change for Do- or Di- refering to Dieu, Dios, etc. and Saturni change for Sab- or Sam- because of the Shabbat day, important day in the old testament.

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Andrew and Thea are two very important people in Kevin’s life and at first they hate each other. They are both possessive and competitive and when thhey are made to compete against each other for Kevin, things do not go great But after Kevin is free and Andrew has gotten together with Neil, they find a new spectacular common topic. 

They like to go out and talk about how dumb their boyfriends are. At least it starts out this way. In reality it starts out by Thea visiting the Foxes more often after everything in King’s men and both of them rolling their eyes at every single thing their boyfriends do. It evolves to coffe dates, so they can be frustrated together, and then it becomes friensdship. They are too alike to not be friends. Thea is one of the very few people that can make Andrew smile. 

When they all play together in court, their friendships is one of the weirdest things the team has to deal with. Their boyfriends are very uncomfortable by this turn of events. Also someone definitely asked which one of them could bench press more weight which turned into a competition that would just not end, so now national champions can walk into rooms to find Thea and Andrew bench pressing their own or each other’s boyfrieds. 

On that note, double dates!!!! Heated exy debate on one end and affectionate but exasperated eye rolls on the other.

Also how dead would the person that mocked them, a 5′0 smol and a woman, both of which could most definitely kill almost everyone?

*Neil and Kevin being horrified, in awe and proud of them for beating such guys up all at once* 

Andrew and Thea go against each other in court one on one at some point and their boyfriends have the biggest and most obvious heart eyes coupled with boners that the team has ever seen