I do not have a TON of followers. But I desperately want to get this word out. I’m beginning a new project called BeautifulBlackBombshells. I’m creating it to do a lot of different things. But mainly I am creating it to honor the beauty of the black woman. So in short, can y'all just follow ya girl? The page is @BBBombshells on Instagram. Tumblr will come soon. It’ll kind of be like a 24/7 black out on an IG Page. Please reblog this just to get the word around and don’t forget tag me in pics of you or your girls or whoever you feel is a beautiful black bombshell. I will have a more in depth post but I don’t want to bore y'all right off the back. Thank you so much. bonitaapplebelle blkproverbs dynastylnoire trillaryclinton loveandjealousy lovelyandbrown magnolia-noire