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I have come to give you the flirtations. You are a beautiful specimen and way less annoying than many others of your kind. I love making your acquaintance and I hope this has been a successful venture. By the way Dean also told me to say you're as sweet as pie, which if so I'm concerned that he has tried to eat you, which I'm hoping he hasn't, but if he has then I might just smite him for you... anyways have a lovely day. smiley emoticon -Cas


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You have permission to flirt with me anonymously. Starting now.

BTS react to holding a crying baby

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A/N: this is such a sweet one, BTS + children melts my soul. also lov u too JJ! -Amelia

Seokjin: OUT OF NOWHERE. Jin is astonished. He is a beautiful specimen and he doesn’t understand how he could make any creature cry. He shows no signs of sadness or agitation he’s simply, shocked. It’s so ironic that this child is crying he can’t begin to fathom. 

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Yoongi: He is deeply offended that this child has started crying. He was merely playing with it. How was peek-a-boo that scary? Walks away half laughing half shocked, hoping the rest of the boys won’t tease him for his ‘hard personality’ which obviously made this kid cry… 

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Hoseok: OMG WTF. They were having such a fun time, and all of the sudden the baby started crying… He tries to get it to cheer up, but he fails and his smile falters, upsetting the baby further. The mother has to pry the crying baby out of a crying Hoseok’s arms.

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Namjoon: Oh yes. Ohhhh yessss. Namjoon being as gentle as ever disturbs this baby and very quickly it becomes oh no up in here, OOOOH NOOOOO. Th mother hurriedly takes the baby from Nams causing him to sit there petrified. What happened?

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Jimin: “Oh my gawd.” He doesn’t know what to do with the crying baby. He hates confrontation, specifically ‘abrupt confrontation’. The mother peels the child out of Jimin’s arms and he’s sat there like a deer in headlights, unable to move. 

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Taehyung: Ummmmm, no. Babys don’t cry because of Kim Taehyung. Babies fly because of Kim Taehyung. Literally, he plays airplane with them all the time they love it why doesn’t this one? He’s just confused. Even with more sensitive babies, he still makes them smile with his games and quirks. A gentle airplane ride does the trick. But not with this kid. Taehyung, defeated.

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Jungkook: ahahahhaha, Jungkook is such a baby so naturally they are getting along great. He’s tickling the baby and both of them are laughing and playing until the tears start coming. Oh fcu k, here comes mom. Seokjin is fucking pissed lecturing him on being more sensitive and careful… even though it was spontaneous crying.

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Mental Health and Stability Sigil

“You know what a supernova is? It’s a dead star. And yet, it is the most beautiful specimen in the universe. Lots of people are supernovas but don’t know it, they think that they’re dead; they don’t know that they’re beautiful.” -  C. JoyBell C.

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Wakabayashilite on Calcite

Locality: White Caps Mine, Manhattan, Toquima Range, Nye Co., Nevada, USA

This is one of the most rare and strange of old USA mineral species, not found since the early 1900s here, and almost legendary among collectors of such old and esoteric minerals. This is a beautiful and important display specimen that has an INCREDIBLY RARE cluster of bright orange Wakabayashilite on a showy, display-sized specimen of contrasting massive calcite! A piece such as this dates back over 150 years and is so rare that I have only seen 2 other genuine old pieces like this in my life, for sale. The last time I saw one was ten years ago and in the collection of Andrew Carnegie (the industrial magnate). It was not recognized at the time as a new species and was always labeled as “hair orpiment.” This is a significant rarity in museum quality. I am sure that the cluster has been stabilized with a glue, a long time ago, as it is not as wiggly and fragile as it looks, and can be touched.


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