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Name: Ania

Birthday: March

Relationship status: single & not really in need to change it

Zodiac: Aries

Favorite colours: green, violet

Pets: currently none :c

Love/Lust: love.

Cats/Dogs: cats cats cats

Coke/Pepsi: pepsi, but i’m not very fond of any of them

Day/Night: night

Calls/Texts: texts

Meet a celebrity: ha, I wish

Sense of humor: bad. let’s say history and polish tv commercials crossovers aren’t the worst i can do

Favorite things to do: reading, asking really stupid questions

Last song i listened to: i’ve just came back from church so… okay i’m gonna ignore it, according to my mp3 last thing i listened to was beautiful mess by jason mraz (but i was half asleep at the time probably)

people I tag: @yesimweirdgetusedtoit, @still-intrepid, @taki-kawaii, @vihmakass, @belkittykelly and @delusionalsvnset

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1) Spell your name in songs:
J- Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars
A- All The Joy by Moonchild
L- Let It Ride by Robert Glasper ft. Norah Jones
I- I’m Yours by Jason Mraz
A- A Long Walk by Jill Scott
2) Why did you choose your url?
I heard that this guy I knew called me basic so I made up that name and put it as my url.
3) What is your middle name?
4) If you could be a mythical creature, which would you be? A mermaid
5) Favorite colors
Purple, Black, and burgundy
6) Song you like right now?
Bad Blood by NAO
Rather Be by Clean Bandit
Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz
7) Top four fandoms
Teen Wolf (only have one I can think of rn)
8) Tag people
@artblogchic @somedaywhenyouleavemee