This scene is so heartbreaking, but also a bit sweet when you think about it.

Chibiusa treasures her relationship with Pluto and, in a way, it’s sacred to her. With Pluto, she isn’t constantly measured up against her mother. With Pluto, she isn’t pressured to be her mother’s daughter. With Pluto, she can talk about whatever she wants and Pluto will provide a sympathetic ear. This last one is particularly important, as we see that Chibiusa is hesitant to talk to her parents, especially her mother, about how insecure she feels; although she loves Serenity with all her heart, Chibiusa idolizes her mother way too much to allow her to think that her daughter is a failure (in Chibiusa’s eyes, at least). Pluto acts as a sort of second mother to Chibiusa, providing all of the reassurance and sympathy that Chibiusa is too embarrassed to go to her real mother for.

And most of all, Chibiusa’s relationship with Pluto is special. She’s the only one who visits Pluto, the only one who gets to see Pluto’s face light up when she arrives, the only one who can make the stoic Time Guardian smile and laugh. So when she sees her father doing the exact same thing, only even better (”I’ve never seen her look so happy…”), she’s understandably hurt. Throughout all the turmoil she’s been experiencing, Pluto has been her rock. And not only that, she’s had a special role; she’s been Pluto’s only friend (as Pluto is hers). She’s always been able to make Pluto happy. So once she’s not even needed for that anymore, she’s devastated.

This is what ultimately leads to her transformation into Black Lady. But her love for Pluto (and vice versa) is what snaps her out of it. This is why I really wish their relationship got more attention from the fandom. There’s something so beautiful about these two lonely people who found each other and fulfilled what the other needed. To me, Sailor Moon is primarily a show about the beauties of friendship, and the one Chibiusa and Pluto share is one of the best examples of that.

*Joker and Harley kill literally thousands of innocent people. Joker kidnaps babies and just kills them all. Harley blows up thousands of children via Gameboys she gave out for free*

“Look at these two lonely beautiful people with just a drop of evil <3″

You're too beautiful

When people (mostly strangers) say, “Oh, honey you shouldn’t smoke.  You’re too pretty to be a smoker.” “Don’t cry, darling.  You’re too beautiful to cry.”  Or someone once told me, “Why can’t you just be happy?  You’re too beautiful to be miserable”

No one is too beautiful for anything.

Beautiful people get incurable diseases (i.e. my boyfriend’s mother). Beautiful people die out of unfortunate circumstances they had no control over (i.e. John F. Kennedy).  Beautiful people get lonely and self-destruct (i.e. Edie Sedgwick).  Beautiful people do terrible things and never apologize (i.e. myself).  Beautiful people are everywhere and all around. So, why are we constantly giving or being given a purely aesthetic excuse to not be able to feel anything that is natural to human existence or do something that we want to do?