You Are Not Your GPA: An Open Letter to the Stressed Student

By: Brian Z.

We’ve both been there: It’s two in the morning and you’re up studying for that big exam tomorrow. You would much rather be sleeping, so why are you up?

If you’re like me, it’s because your professor piled on the material and your notes look like hieroglyphs. Then, your teacher tells you, “Before the day of the test, make sure you get a good night’s sleep.” Sleep? Yeah, like that’s going to happen. I have an exam to stress out over!

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a fat person: damn i wish majority of society didnt mistreat me because of my size
a skinny person kicking through the wall like the fucking kool aid man: ok but skinny shaming happens to and i dont think its fair that we only talk about body positivity for fat people im a size -6 and forever 21 never has my size were all beautiful in our own ways #LoveEachOther #SkinnyPeopleHurtToo

what the descendent signs hate in other people (themselves)

Aries descendent♈/♎: there is more to life than being strong and getting things done on our own. it’s ok to rely on others and be seen as someone accepted and likeable. it doesn’t make you less of a person. compromise is key. most never heard of it. their happiness is mine too.

Taurus descendent♉/♏ : people are over indulgent and lazy. they will never realise anything cause they’re too busy feeding their senses and pleasures. they are victim of their own habits and ways. sometimes shit needs to hit the fan.

Gemini descendent: ♊/♐everyone seems so distracted with media. you’re all busy on your phones and arguing about miniscule things. none of this shit matters. no one wants to talk about the bigger questions of life. i want to know what’s out there beyond my small circle of friends.

cancer descendent:♋/♑ people seem to be so emotionally responsive, but we would all be better off if we kept our emotions to ourselves.keep that shit at home. i dont need anyone to kiss my wounds.

Leo descendent: ♌/♒people seem really self centered and dont realise theyre stepping all over others. if you took the time to understand them maybe you would step off your pedestal. most people are missing the point. no one is better than anyone. we’re all beautiful in our own way.

Virgo descendent♍/♓: everyone seems so obsessed with pleasing eachother. i will not sacrifice my truth to be accepted because i already accept myself. no one can tie me down and put me in a box. love shouldnt be conditional and confined in a box anyway. structure and rules are so lame.

Libra descendent♎/♈ : why would i waste my energy on people who don’t get me ? other people seem so caught up in what others think of them while im way ahead because i learned to let that shit go. i know who I am. anyone who has a problem w that can gtfo. bye Felicia!

Scorpio descendent♏/♉: y'all need to find some middle ground. life is too short to be so tense and upset about something all the time. it’s not good for your health to freak out like that !! relax dont worry, have some coffee and a cigarette. put on your favorite movie and cuddle with your dog. while everyone around me is falling apart im over here finishing what I said I would…like years ago. but im getting there. stop beating your own self up guys jeez.

Sagittarius descendent♐/♊ : so much can be resolved if we just communicate and articulate carefully what we need to say. people are often committed to their beliefs to the degree of ruining relationships. that is just crazy. why not take the easy way out, not out of laziness, but for convenience. people are too passionate about silly things. learn to have a sense of humor and play!! a lot of people are way too serious. anything can be learned through a book.

Capricorn descendent♑/♋: why do people really want success? everyone is so concerned with their image ,but how does your home look when you come home? everyone is focused on their future but now is important too. being comfortable and having time to care for yourself seems obvious. other people are so demanding and deliberate. but they don’t pick up on the subtle changes happening in the room. i make people feel at home because the world can be harsh.

aquarius descendent♒/♌ : I’ve learned that in order to get anywhere , you have to be amazing. being amazing is something i can’t help. i dont know why god made me this way , but here I am. I’m here to be seen and noticed by what I can do. everyone seems so detached and distant. Not everyone can light up a room,but they should learn to. it would make the world a better place.

pisces descendent♓/♍:dont be wishy washy. make very clear distinctions people, or nothing will get accomplished. i can see why people want to rely on something beyond and sometimes i do as well. but if you would just fix your ways and get your ducks in a row you wouldn’t need to meditate and cry so much. get it done. chop chop.

everyone is beautiful in their own way, don’t let anyone tell you different. scars, no scars. stretch marks, no stretch marks. chubby, skinny. we are all beautiful and unique in our own way, be proud of who you are and be proud of your skin you’re in

Paris in October - Part 3

Part 1 I Part 2 

You were sat next to Harry on a private jet that was taking you to London and you couldn’t believe that just two weeks ago you were sitting on your couch in your tiny apartment in Sydney considering cancelling your trip to Paris all together because you were afraid you’d get lonely by yourself.

After the show the other night you had gone back to your hotel room completely buzzing from what had just happened.  You found it hard to believe that not only had Harry asked you to go to his show in Paris, but he had now asked you to go back to London with him.  He had a show in Germany on Friday which gave you time to pack all your stuff up before he came back to Paris to meet you.

It was only a short flight, but it gave you more of a chance to get to know Harry, which you were grateful for considering you were going to be spending the next week or two with him in a place you’d never been before. You were excited to see the UK, you’d always want to spend more time there, but you could never bring yourself to miss Paris in October and you never had enough time or money to do both. But here you were, on a private jet, with an incredibly handsome, down to earth guy that wanted to show you around his home country.

“So, this ex of yours sounds like a dick” Harry said in attempt to get to know you a little better

“Yeah, we were together for like 9 years, and when I got a job in the city and had to move away it got too much he dumped me”

“*whistles* wow 9 years”

“Yep, I was 14 when it started, I always saw myself marrying him” you admitted “apparently not”

“You’re better off without him, a job in the city is way more interesting than a home town boyfriend”

“You’re not wrong there, I don’t particularly like Sydney, but I’m so glad I moved out of my hometown, I love my job”

“What do you do?”

“I’m a play therapist, I use play to help sick kids understand what they’re going through”

“Now that just sounds like the best job ever”

“Not as great as yours” you said gesturing around the plane

“I’m very lucky to get to do all this” he nodded

“You sure are” you smiled “I should let my friend know that I’m going to London with you, She’ll freak” you said, searching through you bag for your phone. Once you found it Harry took out of your hand

“Let’s send her a photo of the both of us” he said, opening the camera app and leaning in close to you to take a selfie. You took the phone back, looking at the photo

“I look like shit, but you look good, and that’s all she’ll be looking at anyway”

“Are you kidding Y/N, you look incredible”

You giggled, enjoying the compliments, while it had only been a month since you and Mike had broken up, it had been a long time since you had felt beautiful around a guy, and Harry definitely made you feel beautiful.  

On our way to London!!!






Hahaha no! I didn’t sleep with him! I was backstage at his show and I met his band and we drank champagne that was probably worth more than my entire life, and I said I didn’t really have anything planned for the rest of my trip, so he asked me to come back to London with him

And now we’re here, on a private jet, about to land in London

What did I tell you about getting onto private jets with strangers?!!?!

If I’m to quote 17 year old you correctly “life’s too short to pretend you don’t like Harry Styles” and I’m on a private jet with Harry Styles, so I’m taking your advice

Omg you didn’t tell him I used to say that did you?!?!?!


I hate you

You don’t

I don’t you’re right, but please be careful, I know he’s pretty and famous and you’ve been listening to me talk about him for years, but you’ve just met the guy and if you end up dead in a foreign country I’ll have to kill you

There was a car waiting for you and Harry outside the airport once you’d made it through security. The car took you back to his place and you spent the majority of the journey looking out the window, admiring the city.

“I can’t believe you’ve been coming to Paris for the last five years and the most you’ve seen of London is Heathrow airport”

“It’s a great airport”

He laughed as the car pulled up outside his house, thanking the driver and helping you out of the car, making sure to grab both yours and his luggage out of the boot.

“I can carry my stuff Harry”

“Now I wouldn’t be much of a gentleman if I let you carry your own bags, would I” He said punching the code into the security gate, struggling to hold all the bags “My keys are in my pocket, you mind grabbing them out?”

“Sure” You giggled, reaching into his left pocket, getting dangerously close to his crotch but getting hold of the keys quickly “Which one is it?”

“The big one” he motioned towards the biggest one that on the key chain, and you grabbed it and unlocked the door and walked in “don’t go too far, the alarm will go off” and you stopped dead in your tracks not wanting to set it off. He put the bags down and punched the code into the alarm turning it off

“Go free” He chuckled, and you walked ahead, looking around, feeling very out of place in such an incredible house. Your apartment was nice, but nothing like this. He watched as you looked around, a little in awe of how beautiful you were when you were so unaware of it.

He took you upstairs and showed you were you would be staying for the next few days, he had offered to pay for you to stay in a hotel if you didn’t feel comfortable staying with him, but you’d spent enough time by yourself recently and thought it would be nice to stay in a real house for a few days and he was more than happy to have you. The room was beautiful, with a king-sized bed and a window overlooking London, you were glad to be here, and excited to see what Harry had planned for you over the next few days.

That afternoon, after you’d both had a chance to rest a little, Harry decided to take you out for a walk in the park that was down the road from his house. He’d always loved it there, in the summer it was so green and luscious, the trees that lined the path provided much needed shade from the sun and it was always filled with people, out enjoying the warm weather, usually with their pets, and if it was possible, the park was even more beautiful at this time of the year, filled with orange leaves and almost bare trees. Harry took your hand as you walked down the path, the park was almost empty, expect for a few people walking their dogs.

“It’s a squirrel!” you stopped walking and let go of Harry’s hand so that you could point to the squirrel. He chuckled at how excited you were and watched as you moved closer to the edge of the path.

“Never seen a squirrel before love?”

“Shhhh, you’ll scare it away”

Harry laughed at you some more “They’re used to people love, he’s not going to run away, unless you get too close”

“Look at his little paws Harry, look how cute he is”

“Honestly love, have you not seen one before?”

“We don’t have them in Australia, oh my god, look at the way he runs, look at him go, I love him”

The squirrel ran back up the tree and you put your phone away while Harry grabbed your hand again, leading you off the path towards the pond that sat opposite the deserted playground. You stayed there for a while watching the ducks and chatting about Harry’s tour, before he noticed that you were starting to get cold. The sun was setting, and the wind had picked up a little and what had started out as a lovely afternoon stroll, was beginning to turn miserable as it got colder.

“Should we head back?” he asked, pressing a kiss to your hand “Your hands are freezing”

“They’re always cold, but I wouldn’t mind heading back now”

“I make a mean hot chocolate, if we stop by the corner shop on the way past, I’ll grab everything, and we’ll warm up with those before we have dinner”

“I’ll never say no to chocolate”

The store looked like it was getting ready to close when you walked in, but Harry quickly grabbed the milk, cocoa powder and a bar of chocolate, knowing exactly where everything would be and took them to the counter to pay.

“Harry!” The shop assist said, “Long time no see, where have you been?!”

“On tour” He flashed that dimpled smile at the old man “Got a show in London tomorrow night, you coming?”

“Me?” the man laughed “Sorry H, not really my cup of tea”

“You don’t know what you’re missing” you chimed in, winking at Harry, hoping that he would notice

“New Friend H?” he winked at Harry

“This is Y/N, I met her in Paris, but she’s never been to England before, so I thought I’d show her around”

“I’m George” he said reaching his arm out to introduce himself, you shook his hand “H has been coming here since he moved to London, he’s my most valued customer, disappears a lot though”

“I bet” you laughed as harry took his wallet out of his pocket

“8 pound 50” Harry handed over a 20-pound note

“Keep the change, that’ll make up for my absence” he took the bag off the counter and you grabbed your hand “Cya George”

“It was nice to meet you” you said as you walked away. The walk back to Harry’s wasn’t long but it had gotten much colder outside, so you were glad to see house appear when you turned the corner. Once you got inside, Harry took your coat off for you and hung it up on the hook near the door, and doing the same with his own and making his way to the kitchen and filling a pot with the milk he had just bought. You sat down on one of the stools that sat under the island bench and watched as he chopped the chocolate up.

“This better be good Styles, I’ve got high hopes”

“Maybe lower your expectations a little, it’s good, but not that good”

“Chocolate’s chocolate” you admitted “Where can I find the mugs?”

“Top left” he said adding the chocolate to the milk and stirring until it melted, while you took two mugs out of the cabinet and placed them on the bench beside the stove. He turned the stove off and poured the milk into the mugs, topping it off with some marshmallows and cocoa powder.

“All yours” he said, handing you a mug “Let’s go sit in the living room, I’ll put the heater on”

You followed him into the living room and sat down on the couch, and he sat down right next you, after turning the heater on.

“You’re right, you do make a mean hot chocolate”

He smiled, taking a sip “I told you”

“So I’ve told you about my ex, it’s your turn to tell me about yours, and don’t try and pretend you’ve only got a few, Suze has given me the rundown ”

He looked at you for a second, contemplating what he could say next, not wanting to make himself look bad “How much do you know?”

“Taylor Swift, Kendell Jenner, and a few others, you don’t have to tell me everything, just give me something, so that I don’t feel like I’ve over shared”

He nodded, staying quiet for a minute “Taylor was a long time ago, so was Kendell really, it’s been a long time since I’ve dated anyone”

You nodded, edging a little closer to him “Have you ever been in love?”

“I don’t think so, have you?” he asked without really thinking “Sorry, that’s a stupid question, you were in a 9 year relationship”

“I don’t know if that was love or convenience though, it was easier to stay together than it was to break up, until I moved”

He put his mug down on the coffee table and put his arm around you “It must be hard to move on from something like that, even if you weren’t in love with him, he was a big part of your life”  

You leant your head on his chest, this was the first time in weeks that you’d let yourself think about it properly and you were glad that Harry was here to comfort you. You turned you head and looked up at him “Thank you, for being so understanding” you said, “I’ve known you for less than a week but you’ve made being on the other side of the world a little easier”

He leant down, brushing his lips against yours “It’s been my pleasure love” he pulled back a little, so that he could look into your eyes and placed his hand in your jaw touching it softly “You deserve more than what he gave you.” His eyes lingered on your lips for a second and then he kissed you tenderly, cupping your face with both his hands and slowly pulling back to pepper little kisses along your jaw before returning to your lips and kissing you deeply.

The rest of the evening was spent stealing kisses from one another while you watched movies that you’d both seen before. You both called it an early night and went to bed by 10, knowing tomorrow would be a busy today.


The next day was spent exploring London with Harry. He made sure to avoid all the tourist spots, instead taking you to all his favourite places, most of them private enough for him to stay hidden from prying eyes, but still out and about in the city. You were quickly falling in love with this city, and Harry was quickly falling in love with you. He was completely in awe of you, he appreciated the normalcy of your life but saw a side of you that was far from dull. Your light hearted, and relaxed personality was a nice change from the intensity of women he had previously dated, and your shared sense of humour meant that spending time together was a lot of fun.

That afternoon, before he had to head to the venue for the first of the two London shows, you found yourselves sitting on a bench at Primrose Hill, overlooking London sipping on two warm cups of tea, enjoying a moment of peace before things got crazy tonight.

“I want you to meet my Mum tonight” he said as he took a sip from his mug

“It’s a little early isn’t it?” you weren’t expecting Harry to introduce you to his family yet, ever really. You were really enjoying what the two of you had, and as much as you liked him, you couldn’t see it lasting much longer than your trip “I only met you four days ago”

“I really like you Y/N, I told you last night that I haven’t dated in a long time, but I can see us being together, I want this to work, I want it to be more than a Holiday fling”

“I live in Australia Harry, it’s a 23-hour flight”

“That’s why I want you to meet my mum tonight, I’ll make it work with us, I’ll be there in a couple of weeks anyway with the tour and if things are still working between us, I’ll make sure I come visit whenever I have time off, and I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to introduce you to her again”

“This is all moving very fast H” you said finishing off your tea

“I know love, but that’s kinda how things are with me, if things don’t move fast then they don’t move at all”

“I do really like you Harry, please don’t think I don’t, but I hardly know you”

“You’ll get to know me, just give it a chance”

“It’s a lot of pressure meeting you Mum”

“It’ll just be a quick introduction tonight, and if you come to Manchester with me in a few days, you can talk again”

“I can deal with that” you said resting your head on his shoulder “and of course I’m coming to Manchester with you, I’ve got nothing else to do”

He laughed, planting a gentle kiss on your head. Hearing Harry tell you that he wanted this to be more than a holiday fling had you excited, you liked him a lot, but everything that’s happened since you met him had been so surreal but, you couldn’t imagine a world where you dating Harry Styles would actually work. You were, however, going to give it chance, because you liked him a lot than you expected you would. In the last four days you had felt more special than you had in the nine years you had been with Mike. You were falling for Harry and as fast as it was going, you didn’t want it to stop.

And that’s part 3! I hope you’re all enjoying it so far, it’s looking like there’s going to be two more parts, and if there’s anything you’d like to see happen, please let me know 

Master List 

You truly think you don't need men?

You truly think you don’t need men?
Who’s going to war?
Who will teach sons to be men of honor, and daughters to be ladies of distinction?
Who will adore us and our daughters?
Who will protect our beauty & feminine ways?
Who will bring yang balance into our homes?
Who will remove us from crashed vehicles?
Who will perform search rescues?
Who will collect society’s dead bodies?
Who will have the deep voice at home that calms its energy?
Who will happily work long hours, without enough sleep?
Who will be out working when we take maternity leave?
Who will wash our hair when we are old?
Who will hold us in strong, masculine arms at night?
Who will read fables to the grandchildren?
Who will show up for father-daughter dances?
Who will happily mow our lawns?
Who will deliver our water?
Who will row a rescue boat across an ocean?
Who will build and repair short & tall buildings?
Who will build and repair our roads?
Who will defend our borders?
Who will fly our planes?
Who will teach our sons how to play rough sports?
Who will hunt for food if we are stranded?
Who changes the snow tires or chains?
Who checks for intruders at night?
Who responds to a 911 murder call?
Who hunts for escaped killers?
Who takes away the garbage from your curb every week?
Who carries light and heavy items through our precise mail system?
Who causes boys to respect our daughters?
Who teaches boys to respect women?
Who defends you in an attack?
Who carries your body out of a burning building?
Who farms for all the food you eat?
Who fertilizes our eggs to bring our children?
Who wipes our tears, when other women hurt us?
Who would & should risk their life to save yours from a bullet or a rough wind?
Who will dive into ice to save you, if you fall in?
Who will pry your body from a collapsed building?
Who makes your children safe at night?
Who defends us from other men?
Who drives the 18 wheeler trucks & goods cross country?
Who brings us flowers?
Who carries us into the emergency room?
Who sends electricity through our cities?
Who connects and reconnects the wifi you’re using right now?
Who carries our old bodies from bed?
Who shows up to take away dead animal bodies?

You’re ungrateful and you deserve what you put out. Men are great! Truly great! Even if you want to lie and say that women can do all of these things, they would refuse most of these things listed. 

Still, some woman (or even another man) has to babysit your bad, non fathered children somewhere! Lady, WE NEED MEN! You would simply not be able to live without men, and hopefully you do care what they think, as they literally hold your life in their loving hands! WIFE SCHOOL or stay fooled!

Panic Attack (JoshxReader)

This may be triggering and this writing involves a fight between reader and Josh. Josh then gets a panic attack but I left out as many details out as possible not clearly describing how josh was feeling as I know this could be a touchy subject . This also involves strong language. This was also a bit rushed as some of you may tell.

Readers Point of view

 We were coming back from a performance and Josh was acting a bit different all day. He would barley make eye contact with me or anyone else for that matter and he would barley even be talk to me.

When I was in the same room he was in he would leave. Josh did this thing where he would purposely ignore me and just talk to someone else when I’m around, making me feel left out. He did that because he wanted me to know he was mad without telling me he was mad.

So, all in all he was acting like an ass. But, I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to fight when he was about to go on stage. I didn’t want to fight at all for that matter.

Josh and Tyler were on their phone while I was looking out the window. They played  in a small but well know city. The show was sold out and I couldn’t be more happier for them. I looked out the window again only to be greeted by the warm sun. The sky was like a painting. The mix of orange and reds filled the sky. Clouds lightly covered the sky. It was beautiful.

We were on our way back to the hotel. Everyone was really tired and just wanted to sleep as soon as we got back. Josh looked nervous for some reason so I took a mental note and would ask him when we got back to our room. I looked at Josh and he was tapping his feet rather fast, a common way to cope with an unsettling feeling or just a habit.

Josh looked at his phone and started shaking his head. He looked sad, his eyes not shining like they were before. That’s one thing I loved about Josh. His eyes, they were so easy to get lost in yet so hard to break away from. If I could i would look at them for hours.  We got back and everyone went their separate ways.

Everyone went straight to bed. Josh and I were heading to our room. Josh wore the same facial expression as he did in the car but this time there was a hint of anger.

As soon as we opened the door I felt like I could pass out at that moment. My eyes were fighting for consciousness. Suddenly I feel Josh pass by me roughly.

“Okay, rude.” I mutter under my breath.

Josh just rolled his eyes and went  back on the bed. As I go get my night clothes I notice I didn’t have any clean shirts left so I simply went over to Josh’s suitcase and grabbed a shirt, thinking it wouldn’t be a problem.

“What are you doing, Y/n?” He asked  a bit harshly.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Josh hadn’t said a single word ever since you got back.

“Don’t call me that and nothing. I just saw something online that bugs me. I don’t know if it’s true or not but I really hope it isn’t.” Josh was hinting at something rather then just saying it aloud.

“Okay, then. Do you want to talk about it?” I say trying to help him out. I gave him a soft look and grabbed his hand. He pulled away almost immediately. Not gonna lie. That kinda hurt.

“Okay, why are you being such a fucking asshole? Just tell me what wrong.” I raised my voice, not in the mood to fight. All I wanted to do was sleep and he was making this hard.

“What’s wrong is that you cheated on me.” He yelled.

“What the hell are you talking about? I never cheated on you. How could you even think that?” I was in shock. I never cheated on him and never will. I love him way to much to do something like that.

“Okay, then how do you explain this?” He pulls out his phone and shows me a picture of what was supposable ‘me’ and some other dude ‘kissing  me’.

“Josh, that’s obviously fake. You should know better because I love you and only you.” My eyes were tearing up but I refused to let the tears fall.

“Well, it sure doesn’t seem like it, now does it.” Okay, wow. That hurt like hell. I just turn away and start to pack my things.

“I love you, Josh. How could you say that?.” I was angry and when I get angry I tend to throw things. So, I grabbed the picture of us that I packed and smashed it. Glass went everywhere but I didn’t care. It was the heat of the moment. (That phrase will never be the same, thanks to Asia and Supernatural. Okay, continue.)
“What are you doing, Y/n?” He grabbed my arm knowing exactly what I was doing. I look up at him and his face is filled with tears. All I wanted to do was hug him and tell him it was going to be okay but I had to leave.

“Please, please don’t leave. Fuck, I’m so sorry Y/n. Just please stay.” I was leaving I was actually leaving.

 I never thought I would leave him. But, trust is a big thing in a relationship and if he couldn’t trust me then I don’t know if this is even going to work out. I really hope that this was just a small fight and I would be back tomorrow and just cuddle all day. I looked at Josh one last time before I walked out the door. His head hung low and his once glowing eyes were dull and clouded with tears. He was fiddling with his hands. I walked out the door disappointed that he didn’t yell at me to stay.

I heard a faint 'I love you’ barley above a whisper but I still caught it.

I went to the nearest hotel possible and stood there for the night. It had been about an hour and I couldn’t sleep. My body was tired but my mind was rushing with thoughts. I could only think the worst at this possible time. Happiness was not my main priority right now. All I wanted to do was go back to the hotel room and sleep with Josh without a care in the world. I loved him. I loved him so much to the point that it started to hurt.

Times where we fought were always the worst but it was harder when you where so in love. It felt like you weren’t able to breath and when ever you tried to talk you would always choke up.

I was so deep into thought when my phone started ringing. I picked up the phone and sighed seeing that it was Tyler. I answered the phone just assuming that he wanted to  know that I was okay and where I was at. But, things turned out differently.

“Y/n where are you? You need to come back now.” Tyler’s voice was worried and rushed.

“I’m at another hotel. Tyler what’s wrong?” I said softly.

“Josh is having a panic attack and he’s asking for you. He wont say anything but your name and asking you to come. Please Y/n.” Tyler was still rushing his words but I understood him. I grabbed a coat and left everything else there. I knew how bad things could get when Josh had a panic attack so I rushed back to the hotel room where Josh was.

When i got there I was out of breath barley noticing how far I ran till now. I opened the hotel room to find Tyler and Jenna trying to calm Josh down but failing. 

“Hey, guys umm, could you guys please leave? I’ll tell you guys later, I promise.” I say not trying to sound rude. They understood and left the room. I go up to Josh with a glass of water and sit next to him. He was in the corner of the room with his knees brought up to his chest.

“Y/n? I thought you left me and I’m r-really sorry that I-” He was choking up on his words and his eyes were as red as could be.

“Hey lets not talk about that right now, okay? Let’s get in bed.” I cut him off and grabbed his hand leading him to the queen sized bed. I wrapped my arms around him as he took small drinks of water. His breathing started to slow down and less tears were coming out of his eyes.

“Listen babe. Lets lay down and go to sleep, okay? I never cheated on you and I never will. As, for me leaving you. Never, I would never leave you even if you wanted me too.” I say as I peck his lips. His lips tasted of salt due to the tears but I didn’t mind as long as he was with me.

“I love you, Y/n.” Josh whispered calming down almost completely. “And I always will.”

This was requested by @slowtownwhore Sorry it wasn’t very good. :/

anonymous asked:

I don't know how but Alec makes the most ridiculous lines sound so sincere and beautiful. Normally, I anything like “I don’t think I can live without you” would make me cringe, but somehow it sounded so honest and sweet that I was deeply moved instead

Honestly tho!

TBH these lines work for him because they fit him as a character. He doesn’t say them in flowery ways, he doesn’t purple prose it, he just says it. It’s a fact.

“I love you.”

“You never have to prove yourself to me.”

“There is nothing ugly about you.”

“They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.”

“We always find our way back to each other.”

“I don’t think I can live without you.”

Honestly people get on Matt about how stiff Alec can be but it’s part of who Alec is. And that, to me, actually is what makes these lines work. He’s not being over the top. He’s always just stating a fact.

You don’t need a man who doesn’t speak your language or isn’t from your country, to say that they “like black girls” to make you validate that you are beautiful. You ARE beautiful. Beauty is never, and should never be based purely on the physical. Yes you may have cellulite and moles and stretch marks and whatever you look and the mirror with disdain for, but I’m telling you the truth that most humans do as well. Don’t aspire to be your biases’ ideal types or even that IG ‘model’. We all have our flaws. We are all beautiful in our own ways. If everyone looked the same, fashion and makeup and beauty and art and music and love and life would be BORING.

Don’t let some kpop dude’s standards define you. Ideal types are just made up to please the 'general’ (cough they mean east Asian cough) fanbase because that’s who they market to more (cough despite international fans boosting them more and pouring in more money cough).

God made you perfect! Yes, every single detail is perfect, because it’s you! If you want to exercise, do it. If you want to drink more water, do it. If you want to be happy, do it.

Don’t hold yourself back because the world doesn’t see you as 'ideal’. You don’t need surgery or makeup to be beauty. But if you do choose those routes, make that decision for yourself! You define your own standard of beauty. You fine wine baby, don’t forget it! You can define and refine your image as many times as you want! (Flashback to my emo days in the 6th grade)

Love yourself! Love others! Eat good food! Wear cute clothes! Cry about stuff! Get really determined and change a bad habit! Get up and yell to your music! Stretch and breath! Be happy and enjoy life, because once this life is gone, there’s no turning back.

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Hey Drew, do you think you could go into detail and explain your feelings on the recent Harry Potter debacles (The Cursed Child and also what Pottermore has become)? Your opinions usually mirror mine but I'm having a hard time putting it all together. Cheers! Hope you're doing alright (I think you live in Florida?) watch out for that nasty, nasty weather.

Hey there! Let me see here. I’ll try to express my feelings, I’ll be eager to hear from you to see if you agree!

So basically the current expansion of J. K. Rowling’s wizarding world breaks down into three categories: Pottermore, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and the Fantastic Beasts series. I’ll take them one at a time.

Pottermore started out as this amazing addition to the Potter fandom. We were all so excited to be officially Sorted into our houses, learn what kind of wands we might receive, and delve deeper into the world of Harry Potter. Pottermore was excellent at the start when we were learning more about Jo’s writing process and fun facts. Why were Hufflepuff’s colors yellow and black, for example. Even the character biographies we got at the start were thoughtful and creative and felt like an extension of the universe that was already there. Pottermore has deteriorated as we’ve moved further and further away from what Jo already had written down and we’ve gone deeper and deeper into material invented for Pottermore. Ilvermorny is obviously the biggest example here. The American copy-and-paste version of Hogwarts is so clearly an afterthought developed for a quick name-drop in the Fantastic Beasts movie. It truly makes no sense as an actual American school for reasons that plenty of people smarter than me have expanded on – the trivialization of Native American culture, the absurdity that one school would suffice for the entire United States, the dismissal of the canonically established Salem Institute. The inclusion of “houses” is particularly frustrating for me. I’m sure we have private schools in the States that have houses but in general it’s an extremely British concept that doesn’t translate here. More importantly, the Hogwarts house system is so incredible. The house mascots and colors, the association with the four elements, and the values prescribed to each category all come together in a truly beautiful way. Our generation in particular has come to adopt the Hogwarts houses as core elements to our personality. It’s our way of discussing our values – the morality of ambition, the importance of loyalty, the discussion of mind versus heart or knowledge versus instinct. The Ilvermorny houses belittle the brilliance of the Hogwarts houses and it honestly infuriates me.

As a tangent to this, I think Jo also insults her own system by continuing to sort the “good guys” into Gryffindor and the “bad guys” into Slytherin. Celestina Warbeck would have been a great good-Slytherin but Jo says she’s a Gryffindor. Dolores Umbridge would have been a fascinating bad-Hufflepuff but Jo says she’s a Slytherin. Remember that meta about how Hagrid’s house is never identified in the books and how it makes way more sense for him to be a Slytherin than a Gryffindor? The houses have so much depth to them, Jo even talks about how Hufflepuff is her favorite house, but she treats them in such a superficial way.

My frustration with the Fantastic Beasts series is not dissimilar to my frustration with Pottermore. Mostly my feeling with Fantastic Beasts so far is a lot like my feelings for Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: it’s beautiful, it’s amazing, but who cares? I don’t care about Newt Scamander and I don’t care about Gellert Grindelwald, especially if we’re going to continue to avoid Albus Dumbledore’s sexuality in telling this story. I wouldn’t mind all of this extra history if I had the history I want. I want Marauders! I want Founders! We know more about the founding of Ilvermorny than the founding of the school we actually care about! If we already had the stories that we’re all deeply fascinated by, I think we’d be more invested in these additional stories. Instead, the Fantastic Beasts series feels like a distraction so that Jo doesn’t have to tell the Marauders and Founders stories. Plus, including the abuser Johnny Depp in the cast is disgusting and infuriating.

Now we come to the ultimate insult to the Potter fandom: Cursed Child. I almost don’t know where to begin with this one. It is unfathomable to me that Jo, who cares so much about her characters, signed off on this and said it can be considered canon. There is just so much wrong here. The characterization of our existing characters, particular the Golden Trio, is so off. Hermione is a shadow of her former self; Ron seems to be based on the film interpretation rather than the book; and while portraying Harry as a misguided father is certainly an interesting choice and could be argued as a plausibility given the fact that he grew up without James and with Vernon, it is certainly the sadder choice, especially considering the wonderful father figures he’s had in Lupin, Sirius, Hagrid, Arthur, and even Dumbledore. It seems like this character choice is only there to serve up drama with Albus.

Next up, perhaps the most absurd piece of the Cursed Child puzzle, is Delphini Diggory. She might as well be named Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way. Delphi is the worst part of the entire Harry Potter universe. Her very existence makes no sense - not only would Voldemort have absolutely no need or want for a child and no need or want to have sex with Bellatrix, it also doesn’t fit into the timeline as far as I know. On top of that, she is so illogical as a character, underdeveloped in every way and uncompelling as a villain.

The story itself is aggravating because it seems to be entirely manufactured as fan service while simultaneously letting the fans down. The time turner storyline is clearly all about allowing the play to show us scenes and characters from the original books, yet the scenes we go to are the Triwizard challenges where very little actually happens to advance the Potter story. It’s such an odd choice. And so much centers around the Diggory family, who we hardly know anything about and it’s not like we really learn any new information about them except that apparently if Cedric hadn’t died he would have become a Death Eater, which is so absolutely ridiculous. They clearly just wanted to show us some of the old characters and that’s where this story came from. Even in the present story we see how fan service affected the writing - Jo has said the McGonagall wouldn’t be headmistress by the time Albus got there, and yet here she is. I haven’t even touched on the concept of returning to the night James and Lily died and forcing Harry to watch this trauma or the various stupidities of the alternate timelines like Ron and Hermione’s loveless fates if they aren’t married to one another. 

Also, I have to mention that Jo establishes some very clear laws of magic that this story just decides do not apply. If we all just believe hard enough, we can make Harry look like Voldemort! I know there were other cases of this, but it’s been a while since I’ve read the play so I can’t quite remember them off the top of my head. I could say though that this is probably the aspect that makes the whole thing feel so much like fanfiction (along with Delphi). The Potter world has rules and Jo sticks to them very carefully. The play’s disregard for these rules is sloppy.

The final issue I have to discuss regarding Cursed Child is, obviously, the relationship between Scorpius and Albus. It’s been discussed to death, I know, but any criticism of the play is incomplete without mentioning it. These two boys are great characters on their own. Albus living in his father’s shadow is compelling. Scorpius in particular is a wonderful character. I also have to applaud the choice to sort these two protagonists into Slytherin, finally breaking the mold I talked about earlier. But the queer baiting in this play is blatant and painful. Honestly, it wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t forced Scorpius into asking out Rose at the end of the play. I get it, fourteen-year-olds don’t always understand their sexuality, and maybe you could even say attaching Rose to Scorpius is part of that, but the play certainly doesn’t imply it that way at all. It’s particularly hurtful because Jo is amazingly progressive in her politics and actively talks about LGBT rights, feminism, Black Lives Matter, and so on, but she does not demonstrate all of these powerful values in her books, especially when it comes to LGBT characters. The only character she has identified as anything other than straight is Dumbledore, and even that is never mentioned in the literature, and if you know it’s there it’s still  only implied as a tragic barely-there subplot. The wizarding world struggles with diversity across the board. Jo’s made steps. Casting black actresses as Hermione and Rose is absolutely incredible. We’re starting to see characters of color appear in the Fantastic Beasts series, although way too slowly in my opinion. But despite all of her politics, Jo is dragging her feet when it comes to LGBT representation, and denying us even an implied future relationship between Albus and Scorpius is just… frustrating. I could go on and on about the details of their relationship throughout the play and how the writing clearly indicates feelings between them, but others who know the text more thoroughly have already been there and done that.

Basically it all boils down to this: Jo is giving us an overload of information that we either don’t want or don’t care about and denying us the stuff that we do. Maybe she should have quit while she was ahead. Goodness knows the Potter fans have enough creativity to fill in their own blanks. I can only hope that as Pottermore and the Fantastic Beasts series continue to grow, maybe she can do better. 

When Blue Meets Red Meets Blue

Sypnosis: Just your usual boy meets mermaid tail tale (heh.).
A/N: For our resident Dragon Queen and Koi Goddess @redhothollyberries, her beta-ing skills, her bewitching head canons, and her beautiful art that’s coming our way. Inspired by her headcanon here (x).

Tobirama remembers a time when great beasts flew in the sky to disrupt the calmness that engulfs him.

Lithe bodies spanned the sky, the force of their flight tickling his hairs when he dares to venture above the surface. It would always be worth it; to see their iridescent scales, darker than his own, breathing in the daylight and shimmering with the undulations of their leathered tails and necks. Trailing behind them, like an entity of their own, are long wisps of whiskers, shaping their path for all to admire.

And when they breathe their ire, the sky glows with their wrath. Tobirama had no name for it, only a bated breath. The heat would travel with the waves, and touch his soaked skin. It would be years later that the reverent whispers piercing the murky depths of his home would give acknowledgement of these divine creatures.


Tobirama is tranquillity embodied in all its glories and its curses. A still gradient ranging from the shallows pierced by blades of light to the darkness that skims the core of their land. Tobirama is serenity incarnate, a frozen line that has never bent high enough or low enough to taste the heady relief of catharsis. Trouble won’t touch him, excitement won’t find him, and he’s never ventured at the right time to earn the privilege of meeting a storm. The silence of the deep sea is his only constant companion.

Despite that, he closes his eyes and sketches the sky with the same glow that he saw from long ago. Time hums on and he refuses to forget.

Then he meets a boy.

A boy who dives into his merciless home to capture a brother lost to him. A small cretin against the endless sea, gasping and reaching with small hands for another body that’s jerking and clawing at his own throat. Their hands strain to grasp each other.

The boy struggles, but his intent does not falter. Tobirama can see that glint in his eye, burning impossibly bright like a little koi fish swimming against the current of the Yellow River.

Tobirama tilts his head. He has perseverance, one that will be wasted in his home.

With a billow of his tail, he surges forwards, jerking the boys in surprise. He sweeps them into his arms – tiny critters compared to the creatures that lurks under – and swims towards the aimless boat floating on the surface.

Once their heads break the sea level, Tobirama is gone. At least from their sight.

Down below, he watches them scramble onto their tiny boat and closes his eyes, sketching behind his eyelids the glimmering intent of the boy that dared to dive into the sea.

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First of all, I want to say that them, as everybody should do, WOULD NOT CARE ABOUT THEM because, come on, we all have stretch marks and not having a normative body is just Great™ we’re all humans and beautiful on our own way<3


  • If he ever found you watching them with disgust he would Back Hug™ you
  • And like, tell you loads of pretty things
  • And how much he loves you and your curves
  • Seriously, would not matter
  • Why should him?
  • He loves you from who are you and not your looks
  • Curvy is just great
  • There’s more he can hug


  • He’s the first one who knows that looks aren’t important
  • In case you don’t like your curves
  • He will compliment you 25/8
  • “omg babe you look so nice in that shirt”
  • Even if you’re wearing a chicken costume or a cat one


  • Being a woman herself she understands the pressure society puts on woman
  • And about stretch marks?
  • She knows what is like to have them 
  • bc boobs
  • She would just don’t care about them
  • in case someone says something bad remember she has a black belt in judo


  • “Ok, and what about that?
  • Gives 0% fucks
  • secretly he’s worried over if you don’t like your body
  • I can see him being a fan of curves 
  • 1# Body Worshiper
  • will buy you tight dresses because he loves they way you look in them
  • or without them


  • This boy likes curves and that’s a fact
  • he honestly likes every bodyshape
  • Always gives you his jacket bc you look Cute™
  • You have stretch marks?
  • It 
  • just
  • doesn’t
  • matter
  • He loves every inch of you just as it is



  • and loves cuddling  so why being curvy is a problem

  • Just like Zen

  • Compliments all day every day 

  • ‘Cause he doesn’t want you to don’t like your body

  • Because he finds you just perfect

  • Curvy or not he loves you

darylswifey88  ||  “Claimed. Rules are rules.” Loool, who gets shipped now?!😝 The first time I went up to get my pic taken he said, “Hey honey, what do you want to do for the pic?” I wanted to do a special pose for my photo op but it was a quick moving process. I answered him, “Let’s do something romantic.” & he said, “Something romantic? You’re adorable. You’re so cute.” They let me come back for a retake & after I took my retake picture he said, with a flirty smile on his face, “Did you open your eyes this time?” It was the happiest moment of my entire life! It was so beautiful! Now we’re on our way back to NJ & I’m sad cause I did not want to leave him! 😭 I’m going back tomorrow for my autograph session. He’s now officially “My Daryl.” Hmph! ❤️🏹

"Woman?  Is that meant to insult me?"

Happy International Woman’s Day!!  Celebrating women everywhere, not just the “badass” ones, but all of us unique individuals.  We are all strong in our own way.  We are all beautiful in our own way.  We are all intelligent, proud, and fierce.  We are amazing.

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Exploring on a sweltering July
We strolled along the Riverwalk one day.
Captivated by a floral display
Nature eager to attract butterflies.
Curly tendril vines under the blue sky
Spreading purple beauties along our way.
Enchanted by passion flower bouquet,
We seized photos that include fuzzy fly

We took a reprieve from the heat outdoor.
He held tickets for museum of art.
We rejoined the sun upon its descent
Still spellbound we made a beeline for more.
Each bloom was closing as it clutched our hearts.
In love with nature and the time we spent.

My Track By Track Review of The Script’s Fifth Album Freedom Child
I’m a casual fan of The Script, I don’t have every song of theirs. But I love that The Script always manage to bring a solid record whenever they drop an album. They’re one of those few artists that don’t settle for anything other than quality. So I’m really excited to listen to their brand new album “Freedom Child”. Let’s get right to it!.

Track 1 - No Man Is An Island

What a fantastic start to the album!. The beat isn’t complicated, nor is it over the top. It fits perfectly within the rhythm of the song, which I like. The chorus is infectious and gets you tapping your foot. This song definitely gets you interested in what the rest of the album will be like. Great opener for sure.

Rating: 8/10

Favourite Lyric: She said all hearts break, don’t lost faith, you can’t live life that way

Track 2 - Rain

The first single off the album, and honestly it was a newish sound that I wasn’t quite expecting. However The Script nailed it and delivered. Bits of the song remind me of Ed Sheeran, but other than that it’s not a bad song to sing along too when it comes on.

Rating: 7/10

Favourite Lyric: It’s such a shame we fucked it up, you and me

Track 3 - Arms Open

This is a beautiful song that holds so much emotional, and I may have teared up just a little. The message of this song, the lyrics, the production really is on point. This is simplicity at it’s best and The Script just know how to deliver meaningful songs. Arms Open is another one of those songs and I really hope it doesn’t become underrated, because this song doesn’t deserve that.

Rating: 8 and a half/10

Favourite Lyric: So when you feel like you can’t take another round of being broken, my arms are open

Track 4 - Rock The World

This gives me Hall of Fame vibes, and I think it’s amazing that The Script wrote a song like this. Because nowadays on the charts they aren’t a lot of songs about believing in yourself, and I applaud The Script for this song, it’s amazing. Very classic The Script I’d say, and I can actually see this as a future single.

Rating: 8 and a half/10

Favourite Lyric: You and me are human beings, pushing harder, smashing ceilings

Track 5 - Mad Love

It’s a cute song, different style to the last few songs that I listened too and you know what, it works. Not as memorable as Rock Your World or No Man Is An Island, but it has a nice, laid back beat to it. And after Rock Your World, I think it was the right choice to have Mad Love as the next track.

Rating: 6 and a half/10

Favourite Lyric: I’ve got mad, mad, mad, love for you

Track 6 - Deliverance

Okay, interesting. It’s got sorta the same vibe as No Man Is An Island mixed with Rock Your World, but in a way it’s completely different. I quite like it, I had my head bopping all throughout this song. I was more focused though on the beat, then the lyrics, but I’ll most likely go back and listen closely to the lyrics later. But for the first listen it’s the beat that definitely hooks you.

Rating: 7 and a half/10

Favourite Lyric: Oh, you can’t ever know what it’s worth, if it don’t hurt

Track 7 - Divide States Of America

Like Pink, The Script has brought a song about unity and what’s going on in America right now. While some will get bored of these songs, and think that they’re quite overdone. I actually don’t mind them. Besides, The Script has been one of those artists that don’t shy away from being brutally honest in their music, and this song is no different. Lyrically it’s a strong song and has a powerful statement. And I think in a time like this, having songs like this are quite important.

Rating: 7/10

Favourite Lyric: Another time to speak less, listen more

Track 8 - Wonders

The way it started I was ready to cry, but The Script pulled a 180 and completely stunned me with the transition of this song, and I’m in love!!!. I was smiling while listening. Even though I’m not in a relationship, I appreciate the message behind in this song. And you don’t really have to be in a relationship to really be able to relate to this song. It makes you think if you’re actually living life to the fullest, and you can go and catch a plane and go do all the things you’ve always wanted. And after Divided States of America, which is such a heavy song it was nice to have some of that emotional heaviness lifted.

Rating: 8 and a half/10

Favourite Lyric: I’ve got so many questions to ask

Track 9 - Love Not Lovers

This was a promotional track that I listen too a few days earlier, and like all the other songs on this album it holds a message that I’m sure we or someone we know can relate too. It has like I said in another song above, that classic Script vibe and while this album is different to their previous sound, it’s nice to listen to a song and get that nostalgic feeling of a previous sound.

Rating: 8/10

Favourite Lyric: Oh, the harder you chase it the more love will run

Track 10 - Eden

This starts a it funky and then goes into a catchy beat. I honestly not sure what to think about this song. I feel like this the type of song that’ll need multiple listens to really get into it. By all means there isn’t anything bad about it, but in my opinion it isn’t as strong as the others I’ve heard.

Rating: 6 and half/10

Favourite Lyric: Blinded my temptation, you gave me salvation

Track 11 - Make Up

If you only listen to a handful of songs from this album, please, make sure this is one of them. I’m a person that doesn’t wear make-up, but this song hit me hard. I think everyone needs to hear this. Because we so quickly forget, thanks to the pressure of society, that we’re all beautiful in our own way. What I also think is important about this song, is that it isn’t gender specific, it talks about girls and guys. I give a huge round of applause to The Script, their songs are so lyrically beautiful. Whether that be upbeat ones or slow ballads.

Rating: 9/10

Favourite Lyric: She’s locked up in a prison made of thoughts // Never happy with who she is, that’s the saddest fucking thing

Track 12 - Written In The Scars

This is the first song I heard from the album, and I don’t mean the full song but a small snippet that was posted by The Script on twitter. And my god, it just made me want to hear the whole song. When I did, I wasn’t disappointed. Lyrically this relates closer to Rock Your Word, and I think those songs go quite perfectly hand in hand. The favourite lyric I put underneath, really was something that I needed to hear and I cannot thank The Script enough for making a song like this. Because we are all fighting our own silent battles, and it’s important to be reminded that what you’re going through isn’t going to last. When you reach that light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll come out stronger. Beautiful song, no doubt.

Rating: 8/10

Favourite Lyric: If it’s hurting right now, If it’s burning right now. It’s gon’ make us who we are, it’s written in the scars

Track 13 - Awakening

Okay, I thought this was going to be a track but it’s just a interlude of instrumental. I’m not sure why they put it on the album though. Not going to lie am actually disappoint that it isn’t a song.

Rating: Not going to rate it, because it isn’t a song just instrumental

Track 14 - Freedom Child

So the same feel as Rock Your World, which seems to be The Scripts signature style. After the heaviness of Divided States of America. The emotional impact of Arms Open and Make Up. I can see why The Script decided to end the album with this song. It radiates a positive message, saying be who you are, don’t let anyone tell you how to live, stick to being your true self and spread love.

Rating: 7/10

Favourite Lyric: Say your peace, free your mind

Rating: 70/100

Worst Track(s): Mad Love, Eden

Best Track(s): Make Up, Wonders, Arms Open, No Man Is An Island, Written In The Scars, Arms Open, Rock Your World, Love Not Lovers

Strong single choices: Rock Your World, Wonders, No Man Is An Island, Written In The Scars


I honestly did not want this album to end. I said in many reviews before that an artists greatest challenge is delivering an album of quality, that is lyrically strong but also musically catchy. There are some artists out there that have no trouble with being able to deliver both lyrics and music quality. The Script are one of those artists that don’t disappoint.

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of them. I only like a few songs from every album, but this one is the complete opposite. Each song that their own unique appeal. This album flows from song to song, but also each track manages to have their own distinct sound.

All I can say if you are buying music this year make sure that The Script’s “Freedom Child” album is on that list. Trust me you won’t regret it, this album is full of jam packed songs that will make you cry, dance and think about your life. This right here is what music is about!. If you want quality, deep lyrics, catchy beats then listen to this album!