english bios camila cabello

oi meus povo minhas pova here i am pra postar bio desse demonio de nos todos conhecido como camila cabello enfim deem like ou creditem @fucklouisbutt

camila cabello is the most beautiful human being 

omg sometimes i just look at camila and want to FUCKING SMASH HER IN THE FACE SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE

in brazil we don’t say “hey camila i love you” we say “PORRA CAMILA FODE MEU CU” and i think that’s beautiful

someday i will met camila and we’ll live in a beautiful house full of rabbits and rainbows and pics of lauren jauregui

omg look at camila she’s so fluffy it would be so perfect if i could like watch an hour of camren sex 

that’s it bjsssssssss

I feel like Luke is incredibly secretive, like unless you know him well then you really don’t know him at all. We see him as a lead singer, quite shy and mysterious, happy to let ash or Michael take the lead, but behind the scenes I can just imagine him being so fun and laughable and silly. He’s like an enigma; I just have this need to figure him out and know what’s going on behind those eyes. I’d love to be friends with him so I can experience what so very few people get to see. The real Luke, away from cameras and microphones, the Luke his closest friends and family get to see because I know he’s such a beautiful human being and omg I’m turning into Luke trash.

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"Heya, Jack-in-the-box, what'cha doin'?" //it done

He couldn’t stop himself from giggling like a mad man at the name. That was a new one, a bit strange but it was cute. “Hey there Skipper, I was looking at one of your cook books but now I’m crying to much to even read.” he said in between gasping for air and wiping tears from his eyes. “Where did that nickname come from?”