Okay i never made a fanfic appreciation post

So here it goes days latee lol after reading an amazing chapter of one of my favorite ffs I decided it must be done. These ffs must be read like now lol cause they are so amazing and beautiful and just freaking wonderful okay lol theres no particular order btw cause i wouldnt be able to choose whose is the best.
1. Make your heart race by @fergus80 -i just finished the chapter that was put up today and i loved it so much i couldnt even its so freaking beautiful and made me emotional cause Killian is so happy and Emma is happy and its just perfect okay!
2. Between Heaven and Hell by @alexandralyman - i love all the fics she has written they are so good and when i first saw she was doing a angel/demon au i was like yas!!! Sign me the fuck up!! Lol its truly amazing i get excited everytime it updates and then try to read it slowly because i wanna enjoy it lol I mean Killy as a demon so evil but yet when hes with Emma hes a different person cause hes Killy ofc lol. Emma as an angel..i love her as an angel shes tryna do the right things and looking out for others but also badass at the same time ;D.
3. Take me to church by @optomisticgirl- Priest Killian…hot as fuck!! Lol everytime we get an update or sneak peak its like water to a person in the desert. Seriously cant get enough of her chapters..i know i have to wait a while but its worth it :D. Im still not over the fourth of july it will keep happy until next update xD.
4.Everything by @seriouslyhooked -im sorry i cant pick a specific one lol cause she writes a lot of ffs and ive read pretty much every one of them xD and they are all freaking fluff!! Its so amazingg and comforting and beautiful lol im always like yay my happy ball of fluff fic updated :).
5. Love in the time of Gods and other ffs by @captainswanismyendgame i love the gods ff its so interesting and i love how killy is so sweet with emma and the fanart for that ff is so amazing. I just really like the ff and hoping for an update cause something important and exciting is gnna happen! Lol also love the other ffs she writes cant really remember right now but check it out :).
6. Forbidden and We own tonight by @totheendoftheworldortime - This is a new favorite of mine like i was seriously so blown away of how much i liked this ff even though i love most of the things the author writes hehe.but still i love emma being a badass amazonian princess :D. Killian also being a fighter…for a lack of a better term its soo hott lol. The second fic by the same author is also my favorite cause it has Frozen Jewel!!!! I ship them so hard it’s unbelievable lol but anyway i love innocent naval lieutenant killy and Princess emma tryna get him to be less proper its so cute..n funny and ofc Frozen Jewel interactions and how that develops just warms my heart and makes me cry at how far they have gone in the fic.
7. Bloodlust by always-been-a-pirate on ffnet- sorry i cant remember the tumblr name. She was just fulfilling my killy as a vampire fantasies. Hehe i just loveeee the idea of him as a vampire😍😍.
Lastly some other people from ffnet that i dont know there names on here and deserve some credit too: bisexual-killian-jones
@jdmusiclover (ffnet)
@InMyEyes2014 (ffnet)
@headoverhook (ffnet)
@always-been-a-pirate (ffnet)
Sorry if i missed anyone!! But i still love you lol


i made it again! I MADE IT TO MAH BEAUTIFUL SHIP!! 

Freaking I remember as a child i got myself some sailor moon dolls. like those barbie dolls. And I had Mars, Black Lady, Pluto, and freaking Uranus. and holy shit!!!!

Haruka (Uranus) she was my favorite so much. and even though in the english dub that i grew up with said that Neptune and Uranus were cousins. I did NOT believe that one bit XD Like. Haruka was a big inspiration to me. And she was one of the dolls that i dressed up in tom boyish clothes. TT TT and I was a tomboy when i was in middle and elementary school. So she really meant a lot to me. Especially since she dressed up however the hell she wanted to. 

And she was my favorite sailor guardian for a long time. I actually think i still have the barbie doll. tomorrow I’ll ask my sister if my niece has it or if she has it somewhere safe hidden. If i get my hands on it XD I’ll take a picture to show you guys.

But out of all the outer senshi Haruka is my favorite <3

but venus tops all on my list XD even though Haruka is my other love <3


Beautiful, angry Sammy  (¬‿¬ )

  • Novocaine For The Soul
  • The Eels
  • Beautiful Freak

Life is hard
And so am I
You’d better give me something
So I don’t die

Novocaine for the soul
Before I sputter out

Life is white
And I am black
Jesus and his lawyer
Are coming back
Oh my darling
Will you be here
Before I sputter out

Guess whose living here
With the great undead
This paint-by-numbers life
Is fucking with my head
Once again

Life is good
And I feel great
‘cause mother says i was
A great mistake

Novocaine for the soul
You’d better give me something
To fill the hole
Before I sputter out