Do the world a favor, go thank @yliseryn for this marvelous art and check out their commission details here. I’m so incredibly pleased with how this commission turned out; I honestly can’t stop looking at it. It’s so warm and gentle and tender. Shiro and Allura deserve this. :’) Thank you again yliseryn for making my wishes come true!


at that moment it was too much pressure for tweek and he accidentally hit the no button.


This is going to sound corny af.  But I just got my first commissioned Sherlolly piece from @artbylexie  (one goal for this year down!)

I’m not ashamed to say I might have teared up and squealed.  It is so freaking beautiful and I just want to hug it.

Edit:  Okay in the time I was squealing over this and posting this, Lexie sent me the watermarked picture for posting. 

LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!!!!!!!  My heart!  

@artbylexie is the sherlolly art goddess.  

anonymous asked:

i'm seeing jensen hate going around as usual and it's making me oh so sad :((( jensen is so beautiful inside and out, do you mind talking about the perfectness that is jensen ackles pls?

oh gosh, I can talk about the perfectness that is Jensen Ackles forever and ever and ever and ever ❤

Jensen Ackles is amazing. I mean, he’s so incredibly amazing.

He’s been the most beautiful person since the moment he was born, so heartachingly beautiful

and he’s grown up to be even more beautiful than anyone could have ever dreamed

and even when he should have been going through the incredibly awkward moments of adolescence that all of us normal humans went through, he was still perfectly beautiful

but not only is he beautiful, he’s so freaking talented

he’s a magnificent actor

and director

he’s so so so so good, and he deserves so much recognition for how good he is

he’s not only beautiful and talented though, he’s athletic and strong

and he’s kind

and so very soft

and he’s an amazing friend

and he’s so supportive

and even though he’s shy and reserved, a lot more than a lot of the people he is around every day, he still goes out of his way to make fans smile

and oh his smile

and he loves coffee (trust me, that’s a sign of a good person)

and he simply loveslovesloves

he’s overcome stage fright right in front of us

and sings for us, sings so incredibly

and plays guitar

and he’s just…..he’s perfect

and he doesn’t think he is because he’s too humble to think so

Jensen Ackles is so wonderful, so so so so so wonderful

and we are so lucky and undeserving of him

but he’s still here, for us and for Sam and Dean and for Jared

and I’m so grateful and in awe that a person as amazing as him exists

When I go see Beauty and the Beast today...
  • Me: (holing my ticket outside the theater) I want adventure in the great wide somewhere...
  • 6 year old behind me: Excuse me.
  • Me: (more dramatic)I want it more than I can tell!
  • 6 year old: Lady come on, could you move?
  • Me: And for once it might be grand, to have someone understand....
  • 6 year old now pushing by: Freak