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Peach Galette with Honey Vanilla Pistachio Brittle & Cardamom Rose Whipped Cream.

Last summer, when peaches were at their peak, I decided to dive headfirst into the sweetest flavors I knew: Peach with rose, cardamom, honey, vanilla, and pistachio. I played with texture and scent: The heady aphrodisiac of vanilla bean, spicy cardamom, tender rose, and mellow, grounded pistachio. This galette is my dream playground of flavor and edible perfume.

I couldn’t resist sharing it again this year—the perfect jumping off point for all your stone-fruit galettes, flavored whipped creams, and nutty brittles. Remember, too, that your farmers market is the perfect place to bond with your local fruit farmer. Not only will they help acquaint you with the stunning varietals of stone fruits now in season, they also often sell “pie bags” or fruit that’s slightly bruised and best for baking. To me this is basically mecca. I love loading up on pie bags—either for baking or jamming—throughout the season.

Get the recipe and awaken your inner summer fruit synesthete right here.


🙆🏻💧🌿Flat Tummy Detox Water🙆🏻💧🌿

This water is simple to make, delicious and hydrating.

1 cucumber
1 lemon🍋 or lemon juice
1 hand full of mint leaves 🌿
1/3 cup of ice❄️
A water bottle (any bottle works)💧
Measuring cup or large cup

Step One: Empty the water into a measuring and set aside

Step Two: Cut cucumber and lemon into slices or chunks (whatever you prefer)

Step Three: Add both the cucumber, lemon and mint leaves to your water bottle

Step Four: Add the ice and slowly add your water back in

Step Five: Shake up and enjoy

(Headcanon) Octavia Walk, Colored

See, she looks fine. Was there ever any doubt?

As you can see, a few things are different. Mostly her muzzle and her brand-new belly stripe. I also got rid of the ground line because nobody likes that! Unless you do. Then, well, bad for you.

I might go in and shade it, but as far as I’m concerned she’s done.