You probably think that they are going to fall in love or something.

They don’t. They make a podcast.

My second novel, RADIO SILENCE, is a YA contemporary coming-of-age novel about the extreme pressure schools place on young adults, future choices, YouTube podcasts, friendship, and being just a little bit weird. It comes out in the US on March 28th 2017! I just got these absolutely beautiful proof copies of the book and I’m in love. 

And that blurb isn’t clickbait. The boy and the girl really don’t fall in love.

The UK edition is already out!

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Ready to Believe You [2/2]

Emma Swan doesn’t believe in ghosts, or magic, and she sure as hell doesn’t believe in true love, but when things start going bump in the night it’s up to three enterprising (and under-worked) members of Storybrooke’s sheriff’s department  to save the day, and hopefully find a little belief along the way.

(A “Ghostbusters” AU inspired by the 1984 movie.)

Still for @annaamell, still all credit to @trueloveswanjones for the beta and @jemmingart / @shadiestfairyaround for the beautiful cover art. Thank you so much to everybody who commented / tagged / reblogged the first part, I hope you enjoy the ending! And tagging @lenfaz because she asked and her commentary made my life complete.

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They end up at Granny’s, mostly because there’s not really anywhere else to go, and anyway the grilled cheese is genuinely good. Emma does warn Killian away from the lasagne though, just to be safe.

To Emma’s intense surprise it’s actually, really, really nice.

He makes her laugh, makes her feel young and flirty, makes her want to bat her eyelashes and play coy like the girls she saw in high school. It’s a weird feeling, maybe even a bit uncomfortable, but she’s mostly shocked by how much she likes it. By how much she likes him.

(She still tucks a twenty in his jacket pocket when he goes to pay the bill. There are some things she doesn’t compromise on, and one is being able to buy her own damn lunch.)

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Where There’s Smoke

Chapter 5: Burning Down the House

San Francisco, California - AM

“Rebekah! What did I tell you about showing up here?” Klaus hissed, pulling her aside as the wolf whistles from his not so subtle colleagues sounded out.

His sister always had that effect on his fellow firefighters but every time they asked for a setup he had to remind them if they didn’t have a country club membership there was no point in trying. He also liked to mention that looks could be deceiving and high maintenance really wasn’t that alluring.

“Not to show up here because I cause supposedly grown men to act like an immature pack of hyenas,” she replied, rolling her eyes for extra effect. “Also, you know how I feel about being told what to do.”

“What are you doing here?” He asked, choosing to ignore her hyena comment.

“I have urgent business.”

“What have I supposedly done now?”

“Elijah tells me you’re not coming to the party tomorrow night,” she replied, her blue eyes narrowing. Typical, bloody Elijah, he didn’t want to go so decided to rat out his own flesh and blood.

“It’s just not my thing.”

“Not your thing? I am the god damn best party planner this town has seen so excuse me if I’m a little offended by that remark.”

“And I’m sure everyone will love it Rebekah, just not me.”

“I can’t believe you’re turning down an opportunity to mix with some of San Francisco most eligible bachelorettes to what? Pick up the easiest girl at some seedy pub and drag her back to your man cave?”

“If you’re trying to get me to come to your little party, you have a strange way of showing it,” he drawled. “Now, if that’s all, I need to get back to the real life and death emergencies.”

“You realise this isn’t just any party, right?” She asked to his retreating back. He stopped and bowed his head knowing she wasn’t going to give up easily. “It’s actually a surprise party for Kol.”

“Last time I checked his birthday wasn’t until December,” he replied, turning around, stupidly taking the bait.

“He’s new to the city; I thought it would be great to throw him a surprise party. Actually, all your little firefighter friends are coming, so it would look pretty callous if his own brother didn’t attend.”

“You’re really going to use blackmail on me right now?”

“It’s the only way with you, Nik,” she smiled, deviously. “So should I put you down as an acceptance then?”

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Tattoos And Tickles

Pairing: Jack Maynard X Reader 

Request: Yes

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt:  Jack is dating a girl with lots of tattoos


Jack couldn’t name a flaw on your body, he loved everything about you. He loved your smile, your eyes, your hair, the way you dressed, your cute little habits, the way you got cuddly when you were tired, but one of the things that Jack admired the most about you was your body was covered in beautiful artwork. 

He had his own tattoos, a few small ones but your body was a masterpiece. One of his favourite things to do with you was to sit down with you, choose a tattoo on your body and have you explain the story behind it. If it meant anything to you, what your life was like when you got it, little questions that you loved answering for him as he used his finger to trace the outline of it. 

Today was no different, you were lying on the couch, your head on his chest whilst he traced a tattoo on your upper arm and you talked about its story. That was before Conor went into the kitchen, you heard him rummaging round before he let out a sigh and turned to you guys. 

“I have to film soon, would you and (Y/N) please go buy some food?” Conor asked, you rolled your eyes and sat up. 

“Conor, I bought food three days ago.” You said, knowing for a fact the boys were capable of eating a weeks worth of food in two days. 

“Pleaseeeee?” He said, dragging out the ‘e’. You sighed and nodded. 

“Okay, fine. But you owe us.” You said, grabbing Jack’s hand and pulling him off the couch. 

“Thanks guys, I’ll catch you later!” He said, giving you both a smile before he ventured back to his room. You grabbed your keys and slipped on your shoes, before Jack and you headed out to Tesco. 

“Wow, I wish it was always this nice in London!” He said, you nodded enjoying the fact you were only in a white t-shirt and some shorts. 

“I agree, sun like this all year round would be perfect.” You said, lacing your fingers through his own and starting the short walk to Tesco.

Once you arrived you grabbed a basket and followed Jack around the snack isle, grabbing things like biscuits and other junk food the boys could pick at throughout the day. 

“Here, catch (Y/N)!” Jack laughed, before throwing some noodles. You moved the basket and used it to catch them, earning an applause from Jack. He continued to browse through the food, you walked ahead just slightly before an older woman came next to you. 

Minding your own business you continued to look through the food before she shook her head at you. “Oh dear, you know I’d hate to think what your children are going to think of all of those tattoos. A pretty girl like you as ruined her lovely skin with all of that ink.” Her words took you back, you stood gobsmacked before Jack came behind you. 

“Our kids aren’t going to care that she has tattoos because we’re not going to raise them to judge people based on things like that. Our kids will be respectful of people and learn to appreciate beauty in every form. If you want to put us down you’ll have to try harder than that.” He said, before putting his arm around your shoulder and escorting you away. 

“Are you alright?” He asked once the woman was out of sight, you’d long forgotten about her words and were beaming at the thought of your and Jack’s kids. 

 “I’m perfectly fine, now that I now you want kids.” You smiled, he blushed as you pecked his lips. 

“Of course, and we’ll raise our kids the right way.” He smiled, kissing you again before you paid for the food and walked home, your hand laced in his. 


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