[COVER] 승관 - Beautiful Tomorrow (원곡: 박효신)


Famous Last Words! I had to learn some parts by my ear and my timing is offin some parts but i dont give a flying fuck.

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Tailor In Love

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Requested?: Nope! This was supposed to be for the hamwriters writeathon actually BUT I did not finish it on time! Better late than never????

Prompt: Solo adventures can bring some incredible things (and people) into your life.

Words: 1.2k+

A/N: I finally remembered to fucking post this, jesus christ. Well yeah, HERE YOU GO! #WriteForOak (I love Oak)

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Being in a new town meant endless opportunities for adventure. So, of course once you throw down your bags in your hotel room, you head out into the heart of the city and search for some fun. You passed the essentials; Forever 21, Nike, Adidas and a few drugstores but nothing called out to you yet. You decided to cut through a park, watching the kids play and the adults chat with each other. The leaves crunched under your feet as you made you way down the path, a beautiful shade of orange covering the grass around you. The slight chill of Autumn was a relief from the blistering Summer days.

For some reason, you decided to take this trip on your own; wanting to embrace the world for what it was and do some soul searching. You exited the park onto another street, surveying your surroundings and noticing the most elegant red satin dress on display in a window. You slowly approached the store front, imagining yourself slipping the dress on for a night out and feeling like you owned the world. You looked up to see the store’s name.

“Hercules’ Tailor Shop.” You read before looking back at the dress.

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My Reaction to Seventeen's Seungkwan “Beautiful Tomorrow” cover

First of all I see Seungkwan lookin dapper as FUCK, I mean them cheekbones are on POINT my eyes might get cut from staring at them they’re so sharp

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But then he starts singing and as soon as he gets to “Because of you” I’m already a puddle of feels and emotions 

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and finally me at the end because JUST SO MUCH T A L E N T 

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YOU FUCKING GO SEUNGKWAN, SO PROUD OF YOU SO MUCH LOVE!!! This cover is so beautiful and I have always love how even though his voice already is beautiful he’s always strived to be better. We love you our Boo from Jeju!

If you haven’t already check out the video!!!!


[COVER] Seungkwan - Beautiful Tomorrow (Park Hyoshin)

Irisco: Couple’s Costumes

“But baaabe,” Iris said pouting at Cisco.

“Absolutely not,” Cisco repeated as he crossed his arms.

“But if you don’t dress up too I’ll look stupid,” Iris pleaded.

“I’ll dress up with you, I have no problem with matching for Halloween. It’s actually a dope idea,” Cisco told her dropping his arms to push himself up off the couch. “But you’re crazy if you think I’m gonna cover this beautiful, healthy, hair that I’ve worked years to attain with some fugly wig.” With that Cisco strode out of the living room.

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