Arrow Ficlet: Caught Daylight, Goddamn Right

post-5x23. Because the comms.

Title from “22 (OVER S∞∞N)” by Bon Iver.

Caught Daylight, Goddamn Right (AO3)

He watches the bombs go off, and he thinks about throwing himself across her in the back of a limousine.

That’s the last time he had been this terrified of losing her. It was also the last time she had kissed him with a lifetime’s worth of promises on her lips. It shouldn’t have been this way again. (It should have been at a wedding.)


He’s desperate on the comms as he watches the forest smolder, and it doesn’t escape him that, to send her name across the airwaves, he has to keep pressing his hand to his heart.

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Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend saying “you're mine”


 “Jisung is mine.”

 *looks weird at you for a second* *smiles*

 “Did you just said that I am yours?”


“I’m flattered,but don’t say it when the kids are here.Look at that little shit with small head looking disgusted at us.”*turns to Jinyoung* “Don’t give me that look,kid.At least I have a girlfriend,not like you.”

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“You’re mine stop flirting with that girl.”

*looks surprised* 

“I’m yours?”


“First,that was my cousin,stupid.second,I’m happy being yours.”

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-when a girl is really close to him-

“I’m sorry to disturb you,darling,but this man right here is mine and you’re staying too close to him.”

*relieved that your jealousy is not aggressive* *happy that you said he is yours*

“Yes I’m hers.”

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“Seongwoo is mine.”

*not surprised at all* *already knows it* *still a bit proud of you saying this*

“And she’s mine.”

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You’d be fighting over Jaehwan with Minhyun,you wanting to go eat something with Jaehwan while Minhyun wants to go bowling with Jaehwan.

“You spend all the time with him,Minhyun.Jaehwan is mine so he’ll go with me.”

*satisfied Jaehwan*

“Sorry bro.My lady is calling.”

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“Daniel,I’m jealous.I never been so jealous,maybe when you go on dates with Seongwoo,but still.You keep hugging that cat all day.You’re mine ,you need to give me attention too.Please~”

*amused Daniel*

“You’re getting jealous over a cat?”


“Just as you said,I’m yours.Don’t worry over my cats.”

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You’d be walking around the town when a girl winks at him.

“Did she just wink at you?Doesn’t she knows that you’re mine?”

 *happy and proud Jihoon*

“Babe,calm.I’m yours anyway.A wink won’t hurt.”

“The first time you winked I got killed by it.It does hurts,a lot when it comes from someone like you.”

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“This boy right here is mine.”

*surprised Woojin* *more surprised that you said that in a room where all the members are* *shy baby* *but proud baby too*

“Isn’t that too bold?”



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“The ‘Bae’ in Jinyoung’s name stands for ‘it’s my bae,stop hugging him Daehwi,I need my boyfriend back’.”


“I didn’t knew that my name stands for that,but I’m always your bae.”

(Daehwi’s bae)

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“How can you say that my man is ugly?He’s the most beautiful boy ever.Don’t even look at him with your ugly eyes,he’s mine.MINE.”

*scared Daehwi* *hopes that you won’t kill that girl* *slightly happy that you said that he is yours but more scared that you might commit murder*

“Calm down.It’s nothing.I’m yours,yeah?It doesn’t matter what she says.”

*happy bean when he remembers about it*

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-when a girl wants to talk with him-

“This kid is mine.Why do you want to talk with him?”

*surprised at your sudden words* *happy that he’s yours* *hating that you said he’s a kid*

“This MAN is hers.”


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Imagine being Tig's daughter.

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Tig wasn’t surprised when you were standing hand in hand with Jax at Abel’s coming home bash, he had nothing but joy actually, the smile never leaving his face as you cradled that beautiful baby boy and looked at him with all the love in the world, as you sat on his father’s lap, whose eyes were never leaving you.  

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It didn’t surprise him either when at Donna’s funeral your face lit up when you saw Jax walking over, and you walked away to hand him his cut. You looked like you were gonna go back to your spot but his hand grabbed your hand as you turned and you stopped. Seconds later you both were walking toward your childhood best friend’s grave, leaving your father with nothing but a smile on his face as he watched you leave. 

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 He was never prouder then the time you told him about flipping Ima off as Jax fucked you in a bathroom and how later that night you actually punched her in the face for calling you a biker whore. As you recounted the story to Tig he couldn’t stop thinking about how proud he was that his little princess grew up to be a person who was not going to take no shit from no one. 

 His heart broke when you ran away crying because you found out he was the reason Donna was dead. He figured you would never speak to him again, your words still ran through his head when he thought about it. 

“Daddy, how could you, you are by far the worst person I have ever met, and I never want to see you again, unless it’s because you are in a fucking wooden box." 

 You stormed off as Tig’s eyes watered, he found himself just sitting at the bar, drinking until the pain went away. The pain didn’t go away though for hours and it wasn’t the alcohol that made it go away. 

"I get it ok, you were acting on orders. As much as what you did was a dick move you at least tried to make it right. And I’m sorry I reacted like that, I love you." 

 When your arms wrapped around him he felt as though he would never experience that kind of heart break from you again. 

 Until right now, as he sat at the end of the metal pit, the smell of burnt flesh filling the air as he sat there defenseless. He could still hear your screams and the sound of Pope laughing as you slowly died. He managed to call the guys and at the sound of the engines he knew it was his fault, you were dead because of him and as Jax ran up behind him all that could come out was, "they killed our girl Jax, and now we gotta kill him.”

The Midnight Angel

Will couldn’t stop staring. And sure maybe he looked creepy as fuck, but right now he didn’t care. He was positive someone had managed to glue his eyes to the boy across the library, and he was torn between punching them in the face and giving them a medal.

The sketchpad in his hands started trembling.

Will Solace was a university art student and he had a final project coming up. He’d spent the best part of his morning banging his head against his desk in frustration because there was literally nothing to draw for this huge assignment. It was due in a week, too, and he hadn’t even started.

The object of his task was to create a character log folder, complete with portraits from all angles, drawings in various styles, a canvas painting and an evaluation. It had sounded easy enough when he’d gotten it, but as soon as Will had sat down to start drawing, he’d hit a wall and then hit the table.

But now he’d seen this guy, Will could genuinely visualise the curves of pen lines he’d use and what shades of colour he’d splash onto the canvas he needed to do.

Or more accurately, what shades of black.

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battlships  asked:

I like to believe he followed Cora and that they're happy together (and that Stiles will follow once he finishes high school).

Definitely. Derek and Cora just couldn’t stay in Beacon Hills, not after everything they’d lost, with ghosts of their family and Derek’s betas haunting them at every turn. Derek tried to stay, returned time and again for reasons he couldn’t quite explain to himself. Even when all his family was gone, even when he had family actually waiting out there somewhere else, there was this indefinable pull that kept dragging him back to Beacon Hills time and time again.

To Stiles, he admits finally, while he lies bleeding in the dirt down in Mexico. To this beautiful boy who’s looking at him like his own chest has been torn open, who Derek wants to beg to stay with him even while he tells him to go.

But he can’t stay here any longer, not after Kate Again, not after Peter’s Betrayal Again. Not even for Stiles. There have been too many losses, and this place has hurt him too many times, and he’s terrified that he’ll just become something scared and bitter and hateful if he remains any longer.

Leaving is probably the first good thing he’s just done for himself in years.

Staying in touch with Stiles is the second.

And after high school, Stiles doesn’t waste a second coming to find him and Cora, and together they start to form the pack (the family) they’ve all been wanting for years now, happy and loved and away from the nightmares of Beacon Hills.