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We glamerize moving as fast as possible through life. We often emphasize that we must find our soul mate, our career, a house and pet and achieve everything as soon as possible. That everything must be in order. Everything must be perfectly put together right now. But where would the journey be in that? The beauty of the process? The anticipation of this current moment as it leads onto the next? It would be absent. If we were to achieve absolutely everything right now in life, how much excitement would be left? Where would we move next?

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I am half 
asleep on the train, 
all the yellow lights, 
oh my black and blue
beaten heart.
When it misbehaves
nothing can forgive it.
And it forgives no one either. 
I think of my mother,
and her mother and
I wonder about their
youth and tears. 
I walk in talking on the phone, 
with the heaviest accent,
the passengers marvel at
it. But they don’t understand 
how much pain it takes to 
design this language I am speaking.
To forget theirs, 
to put my hand in the mud 
dig the dead latin up and call my mother. 
I speak with her about crossing borders,
about my temper, 
about my bad cooking. 
That’s the thing about 
my heritage 
it makes me love a man to 
to the point of exhaustion.
Women like me 
have nothing to offer 
but love. 
And when that’s not enough
you call your mother 
for home remedies,
advice for bruised hearts
and aloof husbands.
—  Lessons From Romania from The Immigration Series by Royla Asghar 

There are so many people out there who don’t believe in soulmates. Truth be told, I was one of them too. How can there be someone who just finishes your sentences? Who knows you like the back of their hand? Who would love you for all your flaws and shortcomings? How?

But then I found him. He was me- at least, at the places that mattered. We found the same things lame, made the same stupid jokes, lazed around on the same days, loved the same movies. There are differences obviously- he sleeps more, I cry more; he loves gadgets, I love books; he is a man of few words, I am garrulous- but we like the same colour of the sky. And when we touch, I swear I’ve seen the sun sparkle.


one thing i can never get over is that our thoughts are literally just ours, just in our heads, never to be known if they’re not shared. i can think about someone all i want and they’ll never know, there isn’t any proof, nothing. they’ll just be living their own lives, doing their own thing, unaware someone’s thinking about them, someone’s complimenting them in their head, someone’s fantasizing about them. how amazing and cruel at the same time.

With my arms wrapped around your waist.. I never want to let go. You bring me so much joy and happiness.. and that waist of yours feels so good in my hands.. please lord.. don’t ever let this moment end.

I hope it never ends - Eugorilla aka Eue

10 beautiful Italian words
  1. scrosciare (vb.): the action of rain pouring down heavily or of waves hitting rocks and cliffs
  2. meriggiare (vb.): to rest at noon, more likely in a shady spot outdoors
  3. lapidoso (adj.): full of stones, said of roads or of the bottom of a river.
  4. innaffiare (vb.): to water something, especially a garden, a plant, a flower, etc
  5. cruore (n.): it literally means “flowing blood”
  6. nottivago (n.): of a person who wanders at night; night-roamer
  7. terrificante (adj.): terrifying
  8. ansare (vb.): to hardly breathe, to be out of breath
  9. nequizia (n.): wickedness, evilness, iniquity or evil action
  10. morituro (adj.): of someone who is next or destined to die
the ocean
can calm itself,
so can you.
are both
salt water
mixed with
—  Nayyirah Waheed
the Signs as German words ♡

ARIES — Pioniergeist

literally: pioneer-ghost ☆ translation: pioneer spirit ☆ meaning: the desire to be a pioneer of a new development.

TAURUS — Genussfreude

literally: pleasure-joy ☆ translation: the pleasure of joy ☆ meaning: the ability to be open-minded for any sort of pleasure.

GEMINI — Freisinn

literally: free-sense ☆ translation: free spirit / liberalism ☆ meaning: the noun for a liberal and free thinking mind.

CANCER — Phantasie

literally: fantasy ☆ translation: imagination ☆ meaning: the ability to think creatively and imagine wonderful things.

LEO — Edelmut

literally: noble-courage ☆ translation: gallantry ☆ meaning: the noun for a very generous and noble-minded trait of a person.

VIRGO — Pflichttreue

literally: obligation-loyalty ☆ translation: dutifulness ☆ meaning: a positive word for the trait of being very conscientious and ambitious.

LIBRA — Seelenruhe

literally: soul-silence ☆ translation: tranquility / ataraxia ☆ meaning: a positive term for a deep calmness and peace of mind.

SCORPIO — Leidenschaft

literally: suffer-creation ☆ translation: passion ☆ meaning: fierce word for passion which ironically includes both suffering and the creating aspect.

SAGITTARIUS — Freiheitsliebe

literally: freedom-love ☆ translation: love of liberty ☆ meaning: the strong desire to live a self-determined life.


literally: glory-greed ☆ translation: ambition ☆ meaning: trait which says that someone has a honorable ambition to be operative.

AQUARIUS — Ideenreichtum

literally: idea-wealth ☆ translation: creativeness ☆ meaning: a beautiful word to picture the abundance of imaginativeness and individuality.

PISCES — Sanftmut

literally: soft-courage ☆ translation: gentleness ☆ meaning: the noun for a very mellow and tender trait of a person.