beautiful young woman with flour on her face

Happy Birthday America

I literally just remembered that it’s America Singer’s birthday and I had written this thing last year as a birthday gift to my best friend so in honour of the protagonist of my favourite series, here’s this thing.

The King of Illea stared in annoyance at the burnt cake on the kitchen counter. It was the third failed attempt at a birthday surprise for his wife.

“Daddy this one’s not good either,” his five year old daughter stated, looking rather distressed.

“I know princess,” he sighed.

His son sighed as well, mirroring his sister’s expression as he also stared at the newest monstrosity. Even though they were twins, Ahren looked up to his sister as if she was the older sibling. Technically she was, by a couple minutes and she often took great pleasure in reminding them of it. But lately, he had taken to mimicking all of her actions, something she clearly enjoyed.

Eadlyn, ever the little enthusiast shouted, “Let’s try again!”

“I think you’ve done enough,” a voice said from behind them.

They all whirled around to find a very amused America standing in the doorway. She gestured at the mess they made while Maxon smiled sheepishly.

“It was supposed to be a surprise. It was supposed to be the best birthday ever,” Eadlyn said disappointedly, already looking near tears.

“Oh sweetheart,” America said, wrapping her arms around her daughter. “I just need you to make this the best birthday ever,” she said, gently planting a kiss on her forehead. “You and Ahren and daddy,” she told her, pulling her little prince into her arms as well.

“Okay,” Eadlyn smiled, the dark brown eyes she inherited from Maxon, staring into America’s blue ones.

“Do we have to clean up the mess now?” Ahren suddenly asked.

“Yes we do,” laughed America, causing both her children to sigh and grumble until she shot them a look that made them immediately quiet down.

As they all began to work, America smirked at Maxon, “Three burnt cakes? Really?” she grinned at him.

Her husband merely glared at her before grabbing a handful of flour and throwing it in her face.

“Maxon!” she shrieked as he collapsed into a fit of laughter.

She huffed before proceeding to fling some right back at him. It was her turn to laugh as he slowly blinked, caught off guard for a moment. Soon they were all throwing flour at each other and screaming at the top of their lungs.

America and Eadlyn faced off against Maxon and Ahren as Eadlyn declared that girls ruled and Ahren instantly retaliated that boys were better. Loud giggles and shrieks echoed off the kitchen walls and it was surprising that no one had come to see what on earth was going on.

Finally, they all collapsed on the floor, trying to catch their breaths.

“We made an even bigger mess!” Eadlyn shouted.

“We did!” her brother repeated, rather joyously in fact.

“Yes we did,” Maxon echoed, wrapping an arm around his wife to pull her closer. He held their daughter in his arms and she had their son and he smiled as he took in the sight of all of them huddled together.

“A beautiful mess,” America murmured into his shoulder.

Maxon gently kissed the top of her head, causing her to look up. An immense rush of love filled him as he stared into the piercing blue eyes of the woman he absolutely adored. Flour covered most of her face and her hair was dishevelled but god she was stunning.

He raised a hand to cup her cheek and she leaned into his touch, a content sigh escaping her lips.

“Beautiful,” Maxon mumbled before closing the distance between them and capturing her lips with his.

They quickly pulled away, before their young children could begin to protest and call them gross.

“Just a little taste of your present tonight,” Maxon said with a wink.

America laughed as she leaned against her husband.

“Happy birthday my darling,” he whispered in her ear before she looked up and kissed him one more time.