beautiful wedding brides


so uh guys crying when seeing their bride is my weakness (pics are hq if you click them, tumblr previews are just lq) insta upload


Nerd weddings are the best

Seriously, you get:

  • A bride walking down the aisle to Lord of the Rings
  • The minister beginning with “Marriage is what brings us together today”
  • Readings from Neil Gaiman and Walt Whitman
  • Star Trek references in the vows
  • The bridal party exiting to the Star Wars theme
  • A playlist that includes more LoTR, the Cantina song, and the Firefly theme song

You also get amazing cake toppers like this


memorable moments from Eric’s wedding .. To see Eric glowing with happiness & surrounded by all of his Shinhwa brothers is so heartwarming ♥
They’ve knows each other since they were teens & now they’re marrying off their leader ~ .. Congrats dearest Eric, you deserve happiness you keep trying to give everyone else ♥
This wedding is goals~