beautiful traditions

Oh boy what is this trash! Sometimes you just gotta draw two of your favorite villain designs, but you can’t decide what so you default to angry unexpected cuddles. Speaking of unexpected, because of the new fabulous brushes, this only took roughly 5 hours to illustrate. It was very therapeutic and enjoyable. Character styles were heavily referenced from their respective movies. Lady Tremaine / Maleficent ⓒ Disney!


I’ve never spent so much time on any royai art before, and I’m really happy with the outcome! Tisiphon might have recognized the scenes, since they’re all from the wonderful fanfic she wrote FOR ME almost two years ago! Ever since then I’ve been wanting to honour it with fanart and I’ve never got around to doing it. Until now! I hope you like them, Tisi, there’s one drawing for every section in your story, and they all express moments of intimacy I really appreciate in fiction ´-` with that fanfic you literally fulfilled my fanwork wishes and I am so, so grateful for that <3